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Abandoned Scrap Vehicles

We are among the many of who purchases junk cars in Ohio for cash. Are you thinking that it may be time for you to contact us for old car scrap? Our sound environmental processes insure your car is properly handled when you scrap a car for cash. When you choose to sell a car for scrap to Cash 4 Cars you are choosing a viable eco-conscious option. Many of those in Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga Counties weren’t aware that we buy junk cars.

In a recent article posted on The Triplicate by Heidi Graham titled ‘130+ vehicles abandoned per year’, we were made aware of the following: “An abandoned car or truck is an unwelcome sight and a violation of the local law. Tedd Ward, the director of the Del Norte Solid Waste MA says that he estimates the volume of abandoned vehicles in Del Norte County is over 130 vehicles a year. This is based only on the vehicles they know about; there are many abandoned vehicles that are hidden and not reported. These old and beat eyesores can be expensive to remove. The process may require the cooperation of a couple agencies working together to provide the staff, tools and skills necessary. Laws regarding disabled vehicles, those that are immobilized since they lack an engine, tires, doors, or other needed equipment, require that they are put into an enclosed garage or behind a fence.  CA code 9.57.020 defines a vehicle as abandoned if left on a street or highway in an inoperable or neglected condition, or left for a period of 72 hours without being moved and it appears deserted.

The removal of such vehicles in Del Norte County isn’t fast or easy. Once the vehicle is located, a culmination of agencies have to determine the most efficient & economical demolition. Next, they must figure out if they could tow it, or if it needs to be hauled away. They also have to find a contractor and determine the fees involved. Working closely with Ward to rid the community of these vehicles is the Smith River Alliance (SRA). Grant Werschkull, their director, says it takes a team to handle the clean-ups — and they need more volunteer partner. The Del Norte resource committee has made yearly clean-ups possible through grants. The last cleanup sponsored by the SRA netted 14 tires and a mattress found at different locations, as well as a water heater. Over 40 volunteers collected tons of trash and materials. The processing of junk vehicles and large items is challenging.

Other significant partners working with SRA and the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority include the Trash Dogs, California Highway Patrol (CHP), and The Home Depot. Supplies, mileage & dump fees are funded through the Forest Service grant from the Secure Rural Schools and Community Act. Towing and scrap companies, Curry Transfer & Recycling, heavy equipment companies, local landowners and citizen donations are critical to the Trash Dogs success. The Del Norte County Abandoned Vehicle Abatement (AVA) program gathers $1 from each vehicle registered in the county to support these junk car removals.” The story is available in its entirety at this link: http://www.triplicate.com/News/Local-News/Waste-director-Over-130-vehicles-abandoned-per-year

A solid option for old car scrap

Typically, junk cars in Ohio are worth a small amount of cash to scrappers. To scrap a car for cash is quicker and easier with us. We give you a price over the phone and come out to haul it away. Sell a car for scrap now and you get fast cash and a free tow. Do you need a junk vehicle removed? We buy junk cars with same-day pickup.  Automobile wastes are kept from contaminating the local environment; therefore, we strive to be sure that we have a positive environmental influence for the preservation of the resources.