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Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit

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The following is from the IRS site regarding the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit (AFVRPC): “The credit was extended; in fact, you might be able to take the credit if you placed qualified alternative fuel vehicle refueling property into service during 2016.  Qualified alt fuel vehicle refueling property is any property (other than a structural) used to store or distribute alternative fuel into the tank of a vehicle propelled by the fuel, but only if the storage or dispensing is at the point where the fuel is delivered into that tank. An alternative fuel is a fuel made up of over 80% hydrogen.

For business uses, the credit is generally the lower of 30% of the property’s cost or $30,000. For other property, it is generally the littlest of 30% of the property’s cost or $1,000. To take advantage of the credit, you must sign Form 8911 and attach it to your tax filing. Include the credit from Form 1040, line 54. Check box c and enter “8911” on the line adjacent to that box.  Receivers of these credits that are partnerships or S corps must list the amounts on line #8 of Form 8911. The full details are available here.

Natural Gas Vehicles for America tells us the following: “The Energy Policy Act (EPAct) of 2005 offers income tax credits of to 30% of the cost of installation of new natural gas refueling equipment. Credits are worth up to a max of 30K in the case of business property and 1K for home based appliances. The incentives are intended to broaden availability for natural gas refueling sites and heighten the use of natural gas as vehicle fuel, and limit demand for petroleum-based motor fuels. To qualify, the fueling apparatus must be new, and the original use must begin with the individual claiming such credit. The tax credit is a replacement for a tax deduction that was under the Energy Policy Act of 1992. To qualify for the credit, the fueling equipment also must be used to refuel motor vehicles, as defined which have been manufactured primarily for “use on city streets, roads, & highways.” When such equipment is leased, the lessor (i.e., leasing co.), not the lessee, gets the incentive. If the infrastructure is acquired by an entity that is tax-exempt, the entity that sold the fueling equipment may take the credit, but must provide the customer with a written notice of the credit value. The seller might—but isn’t required to—forward any related savings associated with the tax credit.

For depreciable property (i.e., business property) the credit value is $30K or 30% of cost (lesser of either). This is for equipment put in service after Dec 31, 2005 and prior to Jan 1, 2009. The income tax credits are subjected to alternative min tax guidelines those taking credits for must limit their basis in the costs listed relative to the equipment. Also, individuals carry over credits; therefore, if AMT excludes a person from getting the complete benefit of a tax credit in a given year, and cannot forward portions. Businesses may execute a carry forward on unused amounts of the credit.” The full story is available here.

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