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Auto Industry Expansion

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with our latest installment. We are one of the scrap yards that buy cars in Northeast Ohio. There isn’t a reason to leave a non-running vehicle sitting around—sell you junk car instead. Even a totaled car will have some sort of salvageable value to us. Our same-day vehicle removal service is available if you contact us early enough in the day. Are you wondering who scrap cars for quick cash in the NE Ohio area? Many auto scrappers disassemble vehicles to recover fluids & components for many uses. Our vehicle scrap and recycling processes help to limit global warming and its detrimental environmental effects.

So today’s news from the auto realm is actually encouraging! New jobs are available in Michigan. In an article titled ‘Auto maker hiring up to 125 in Battle Creek, MI’ by Matthew Dolan, we learned the following: “A maker of automotive air conditioning & cooling systems is expanding in Battle Creek, MI with financial support from the state’s economic fund. The expansion for Denso Manufacturing is expected to invest $37M and hire up to one-hundred-twenty-five new employees, according to the Michigan Economic Development Corp. MEDC CEO Steve Arwood says the company is an important employer in BC and its decision to grow here versus some other state underscores Michigan’s business-friendly climate and our position in automotive manufacturing. The company was founded in in 1984, is a subsidiary of Denso International America. The Michigan location is the lead production site for their Thermal Systems NA Center and the largest employer in BC. The plant makes auto air conditioning & engine cooling components, including condensers, radiators and HVAC units.

The company’s campus span nearly 1.4M square feet of mixed-use industrial and office floor space in (6) buildings on 100+ acres of land. In 2014, Denso announced plans to invest $10M at its U.S. headquarters in Southfield & add 176 jobs. The investment was part of an announced $1B investment in North America, company officials said at the time. Michigan has doled out incentives to keep the company investing in the state. The parent company received a $1.54M state business development grant in January 2013. The MI manufacturing operation also received an incentive $1.46M grant in MI during the same month. In 2015, it also received an additional $640,000 state-based grant.

As a result of the exciting plans announced y, the project was awarded a $687,500 MI Business Development Program grant. Michigan was chosen over various sites in a number of locations. The company has (3) other North American thermal plant locations in Arkansas, Canada & Mexico that could have handled the work. To seal the deal, Battle Creek Unlimited, a local economic development organization, will assist the project through $125,000 worth of training & relocation assistance.” The full article is available here.

This is a great example of the state government proactively directing their attention to valuable regional companies. We need more of this type of thinking to retain decent jobs for our workforce. It somewhat reflects the type of thinking that we have heard from the presumptive GOP presidential candidate.

Who scraps cars in Cleveland?

Give us a call 6 days a week to receive a price, as we are among the scrap yards that buy cars. To sell your junk car fast, contact us and you will understand how we are among the best in the junk car business. Often, a totaled car that is over 10 years ago is simply better off going to the scrap heap. Do you need scrap vehicle removal? Give our junk car purchasing department a call today. Junk vehicles may often contain nasty chemicals that we process in an environmentally sound fashion to protect from contamination. More and more businesses should consider progressing in their steps to be more environmentally friendly.