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When you sell a vehicle to a buyer of junk cars in Bedford, Berea, or Tremont, you are doing the best for the environment. Did you know that a cars for cash program in Avon, Geauga County, and Macedonia, begins the recycling process. Those trying to decide how and where to get cash for a damaged car in Aurora, Westlake, and Shaker Heights are in luck. In case you were not aware, we now buy cars in Solon, Walton Hills, and Streetsboro, paying cash for scrap vehicles.

In the November 25, 2016 edition of Tucson Business, Sarah Beaudry composed an article with this information: “That car out outside is a junker, who can you call? You reach someone who picks this junk up. Roger McCrone, of Scrap Metals Recycling has been welcoming scrap to his family-owned business site for two decades. When business was booming, semi-trucks filled with cars lined up to be weighed, leaving piles of vehicles ready to be processed. A big sign with blue lettering marks the entrance to the site. A big old bus that once transported school children now stores old files. Back in the 1990s you could get $300 for a car now it’s merely $50. It depends on the scrap market. Weather-torn areas need materials to rebuild, and when copper values spike, so does theft. A rash of robberies in Tucson brought back proper checks and balances in place with local authorities.

McCrone purchases metal from scrappers like Otting, who sell small scraps, or from the general public, body shops and groups recycling aluminum cans. Anyone can drop off big household items, including boats that sit at the fray of the shop. The owner insisted it just go into a dump, so they take it. The yard handles copper, aluminum, brass, steel & other materials along with cardboard & plastic. His relics include the very beginning of the recycling food chain. McCrone’s employees remove & separate metals from other stuff including cars, water heaters, refrigerators and televisions. They use an excavator with a 20-foot bulldozer that can handle a 3,000 pound of car. The machine zeros in on metal car components and tears and separates the many components. Although it appears to be chaos, the place is systematically organized to execute the recycling processes.” The article can be seen in its entirety by visiting:

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Residents with junky cars in Fairview Park, Bentleyville Village, Mentor should reach out to our buyer of junk cars. Local owners of non-running vehicles in Willoughby, Lyndhurst, and Ohio City should be aware of the cars for cash option. Our cash for a damaged car program includes free towing from Highland Heights, Maple Heights, and Middlefield. Those who truly want to obtain cash for scrap vehicles in the regions of University Heights, Warrensville Heights, and Pepper Pike, should call us.