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Car Titles Absent in Akron

Car Titles Absent in Akron

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with the latest in auto and recycling related news and information. What is our primary business? We pay money for a junk car and act as a scrap vehicle buyer. There are many ways to refer to people that buy junk cars, but essentially we are a salvage car buyer that will purchase a wrecked, damaged or totaled car or truck. To sell us your car the first step is to determine its value by calling for a quote. Our salvage car buyer can inform you of the amount of money for a junk car that can be paid. Many vehicle owners are unfamiliar of the existence of people that buy junk cars and are delighted to know that a local scrap vehicle buyer is available.

Our next topic involves a used car lot that abruptly closed in Akron, OH. Many people who recently purchased vehicles from this now defunct business have yet to receive the vehicle titles. On December 31, 2015 Nick Glunt posted an article titled ‘Missing owners at Akron used-car dealership leaving customers stranded’ on with the following report: “Customers of an used-car dealer are struggling for answers after buying vehicles but haven’t received the auto titles — even weeks later, in some cases. The Ohio AG’s Office has received at least (7) complaints from customers of Phoenix Indoor Auto Sales, in Akron’s north side. The dealership’s owners, Dave & Lisa Severy, failed to complete the auto titling process for a few cars leaving customers without proof of ownership.

There have been many complaints filed against the dealer since 2011, primarily for failing to uphold warranties. A phone message indicates the dealership has closed & prompted callers to leave a message. A reporter approached the store and the owners’ son Austin said he didn’t know where his parents were and that he has no control. He said they was going through a transition to new ownership, but declined to disclose information. Customers said they received a similar lack of answers. Steve Smith of Louisville said he traded the dealership a 2005 Nissan Altima for a 2001 Chevy Silverado on Dec. 9. Smith kept calling and got no answers. Next, he received word that he owed a payment on the Altima that he had traded in. The truck was still registered to a man in Mantua, meaning the registration hadn’t been transferred from the old owner. This isn’t the first time David Severy has faced accusations of failing to transfer a title. In 2007, he was charged with (7) similar offenses involving motor vehicle titles, most of which were dismissed in a plea. When the temporary tags expire customers can’t get the auto title. The full story is available at this link.

This dealership, (PIAS) has a seemingly well done website boasting over (200) vehicles in inventory and at least (5) employees. It is difficult to speculate; however, as with most business outcomes, the situation is influenced by financial factors. More than likely either a legal process resulting from insolvency will surface unless there is in fact a new owner assuming control.

The presence of a vehicle title is needed to fully register a vehicle. The same document is also needed when selling it to people that buy junk cars. In order to receive money for a junk car, any salvage car buyer must determine and verify ownership. Our scrap vehicle buyer, in accordance with Ohio law, will require you to present the title and matching ID to sell us your car. Even a totaled car is someone’s property and must be verified before being hauled away.