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City Makes Environmental Improvements

Lousy vehicle owners retaining cars in Linndale Village or Collinwood should call us at (216) 359-1010 today for cash for wrecked cars. We abide by EPA based precautions when you sell your scrap car in Sagamore Hills, Middleburg Heights, & Glenwillow, OH. There is no mystery where to junk a car in the towns of Parma, Beachwood, & Bedford Heights—contact us today! The instruction manually on how to scrap my car in Bratenahl, Mantua, & Moreland Hills is only one paragraph long.

The city of Long Beach is setting an example for cities throughout the country in adherence to environmental standards and taking “green” initiative where possible. At their airport they have implemented the usage of solar-powered technology in numerous ways. This airport is using solar trees that follow the sun’s movements to generate electricity. They are also reducing carbon emissions by encouraging transportation by bicycle. (Note: They have a clear advantage in this regard because it is a virtual impossibility to ride a bicycle here in Cleveland during the winter months!) They have added bike lanes, signage and other infrastructure to support the efforts. Even their fleet of taxis are now operating on hybrid technology and using natural gas. The city buses are also no “e-powered” through employment of a hybrid system for operating.

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland strives to have a positive impact on the Ohio environment for the preservation of the resources. Before the spring arrives here in Highland Heights, Maple Heights, or Middlefield, you can receive cash for wrecked cars. Sell your scrap car in University Heights, Pepper Pike to us today.  We are where to junk a car and receive complimentary towing from the regions of Euclid, Garfield Heights, & Eastlake.  Can you explain to me how to scrap my car for fast cash in Twinsburg  or Lakewood?

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Recycling Facts from Cuyahoga County

When I get cash for my car in Aurora, Westlake, or Shaker Heights, do I need the keys? We want to get the word out that there are scrap yards that buy junk cars in North Randall, Solon, & Walton Hills. Why look any further then Cash 4 Cars Cleveland for quick vehicle scrap services in Brooklyn, Streetsboro, or Fairview Park, OH?  Dial us up @ 216-359-1010 and ask who buys crashed cars in the areas of Bentleyville Village and Mentor.

Did you know that reducing junk mail could save approximately 100 million living trees per year? If each individual house switched to one recycled roll of paper towels we could save over 800,000 trees and millions of feet in landfills. People are encouraged to use post-consumer recycled paper in your home and/or office. Many people overlook that you can reduce your usage of tap water by turning off the water while brushing teeth. Another way to conserve water is through installation of aerators. Every time you recycle 48 cans you are essentially conserving a gallon of fuel. Each ton of paper that is recycled save over 16 trees and 460 gallons of oil. Typical bag lunches contain nearly 8 ounces of trash per day, with yogurt containers, plastic baggies, drink boxes and other stuff. Between Thanksgiving and the new year in the U.S. an extra million tons of trash is generated each week.

Environmental contamination stemming for junk cars can occur within the scope of scrap car operations. Those seeking out cash for my car services in Willoughby, Lyndhurst, or Ohio City, should call us at (216) 359-1010. Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is one of the local scrap yards that buy cars in the surrounding areas of Highland Heights and Maple Heights. Are you still pondering whether to fix that old car or to simply convert it to vehicle scrap in Middlefield, University Heights and Richmond Heights? Vehicles needing repair in Pepper Pike or Euclid should seek out who buys crashed cars.

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Update on Automobile Scrap Recycling

We buy junk cars and other vehicles 6 days a week now in Middleburg Heights, Glenwillow, and Parma, OH. We have been working with junk cars in Beachwood, Bedford Heights, and Bratenahl, OH for several years now. Are that beat up old car that desperately needs scrapped still sitting there in Mantua, Moreland Hills, or Chagrin Falls? The phone just keeps ringing with people from folks in Mayfield Heights, Lake County, and South Euclid seeking to find out who buys scrap cars.

An article by Maura Keller in American Recycler tells us the following: “During 2016, the auto scrap material market was really volatile. The year ended on a positive note; however, with the average flattened auto body pricing did climb to the highest mark in a year, settling at approximately $160 overall. This was a 14% rise from November, and approximately a 43% better than the prior year.  The factor having the largest impact on the U.S. auto scrap industry is the global trend in auto sales that has expanded with the Internet.  There is far more competition as global evolution continues. Scrap cars that U.S. companies could once buy very affordably are now much higher since other countries with less regulation on remanufacturing junk vehicles bid these cars. China is a large player in the U.S. auto recycling market.

The government has placed some tariffs which has helped the prices to recover. The dip in the market led to many to close or even move to compete.  In the U.S., nearly 12M cars are recycled each year. In Europe, almost 8M cars are recycled, and that figure continues to climb. Recyclers can’t wait for consumers to call them like in the past, they must seek new sources. The increased competitive market has also made auto recyclers look at their sales strategies – directing funds to more Internet ads, since the majority of consumers look there. It is important to pay closer attention to the market and manage inventories closely. Slimmer profit margins are a reality and keeping a large inventory is not good in this now global market.

The smaller U.S. businesses in the market are looking to establish strong relationships with along the supply-chain. Turkey’s initial car recycling site was propelled in 2011 and can handle an estimated 100K cars annually. This country is seeking to comply with the EU’s 95% auto recycling goals.  With the now global initiatives and challenges, the auto scrap market presents substantial opportunity for the industry. With a spike in world population and a sizeable number of vehicles globally out there, it is time to get more progressive in our efforts”. The complete story is available here.

We Buy Junk Cars

Did you know that most of the resources that comprise your car can be reclaimed or remanufactured? When we buy junk cars, free scrap vehicle pick up is included throughout University Heights, Richmond Heights, and Pepper Pike. Typically, junk cars in Ohio areas such as Euclid, Garfield Heights, and Eastlake; they are worth a small amount of cash to someone. Processes associated with scrap car removal in Twinsburg, Lakewood, and Linndale Village, are sound from an environmental perspective. In the auto scrap and recycling business in Newburgh Heights, Collinwood, and Sagamore Hills, the guy who buys scrap cars can get you a quote.

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Scrap Prices Relating to Auto Steel

Paying cash for cars in any condition in Bentleyville Village, Mentor, and Willoughby–if you have the title we have the cash. All those procrastinators with junky cars sitting should convert them to auto scrap in Middlefield, University Heights, or Richmond Heights.  Those with junky cars in the regions of the Pepper Pike, Euclid, or Garfield Heights should contact the office for a price for scrap cars.  It is quick and easy—you simply need the title in your name to sell a car to a scrap vehicle buyer in Chesterland, Seven Hills, & Northfield.

A recent Market Realist story provided the following update: “The process of making steel is obviously dependent on the raw material pricing. U.S scrap steel prices are also driven by a host of additional factors. Nucor is a steel company that has been around since the early 1900’s. The Chief Executive is John Ferriola explained recently that scrap prices have trended downward. Iron ore has impacted the steel prices. Over the longer term periods the changes in raw materials that are considered to be alternatives play a role on the marketplace.

Turkey is many mills which purchase scrap product from the United States. Industry analysts say that if demand is reduced in Turkey, it will have a negative effect on pricing. Declines in scrap pricing do have an impact on overall U.S. pricing.  It appears that the initially boost that many markets enjoyed during the beginning of the new federal administration post-election will continue to recede. It is yet to be determined how this administration will approach the importation of foreign steel.” The full article is available here.

Cleveland Cash for Cars

Our auto scrap and recycling processes help to alleviate global warming and its environmental effects. Cash for cars is available to provide you pricing over the phone, via email or text in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights, or Collinwood. Why put it off further when we are buying auto scrap 6 days a week throughout Middleburg Heights, Glenwillow, and Parma. When your vehicle is ready to retire in Cuyahoga Heights, Oakwood Village, & North Olmsted–call us for a price for scrap cars. Our scrap vehicle buyer will provide you money for a junk car and even pick it up for you in Eastlake, Twinsburg, & Lakewood, OH.

Reviewing Economic Benefits of Recycling

We are now one wrecked car buyer that is proud to service the areas of Warrensville Heights, Richmond Heights, and Pepper Pike. If asking the question of who buys crashed cars for cash in Euclid, Garfield Heights, or Eastlake, contact us for the answers. The guys who by scrap vehicles and who junks cars in Twinsburg, Lakewood, and Linndale Village are available 6 days a week. We are a solid option for where to scrap my car for cash in Newburgh Heights, Collinwood, and Sagamore Hills.

On January 18, 2017, Robin Wiener posted a story regarding recycling in the Johnston Sunrise as follows: “The recycling marketplace has been known as among the world’s first green industries, beginning out of needs to recover and conserve valuable assets. People recognize the basic values of recycling & the positive aspects associated with using and reusing current materials to create newer ones. The U.S. auto & scrap recycling industry is a $100B industry which supplies 50% of the world’s raw materials. In 2016, the recycling market became more than 130M metric tons of outdated materials from residences, and industrial sources. Those commodities included: 67M metric tons of iron & steel; 47.2M metric tons of paper product; more than 8M metric tons of aluminum, copper, and other nonferrous metals.

Recyclable products can be valuable and tradable. Globally recognized specs for industrial buyers throughout the world – such as steel mills, metal refineries, plastic makers, foundries, and mills – to satisfy raw material needs. Recycled materials are regularly used in of new commodities because they tend to be less costly. The scrap and auto recycling industries are vital economic drivers and are good for employment. Studies shown last year by John Dunham & Assoc. tell us that recycling directly employs well over 100,000 individuals across the U.S. Recycling offers great solutions for leveling economic growth and environmental protection.” The complete article is available here.

Wrecked Car Buyer East Cleveland

Those looking for a quick price from a wrecked car buyer are encouraged to call 216-359-1010 in Middleburg Heights, Glenwillow, and Parma.  If you have wrecked your vehicle and not going to fix it in Beachwood, Bedford Heights, or Bratenahl, we are who buys crashed cars. We are a scrapper who junks cars that can provide a simply price over the phone for those in Mantua, Moreland Hills, and Chagrin Falls. The solution is simple for where to scrap my car today in Mayfield Heights, Lake County, and South Euclid.

Auto Recycling Insight

When you sell a vehicle to a buyer of junk cars in Bedford, Berea, or Tremont, you are doing the best for the environment. Did you know that a cars for cash program in Avon, Geauga County, and Macedonia, begins the recycling process. Those trying to decide how and where to get cash for a damaged car in Aurora, Westlake, and Shaker Heights are in luck. In case you were not aware, we now buy cars in Solon, Walton Hills, and Streetsboro, paying cash for scrap vehicles.

In the November 25, 2016 edition of Tucson Business, Sarah Beaudry composed an article with this information: “That car out outside is a junker, who can you call? You reach someone who picks this junk up. Roger McCrone, of Scrap Metals Recycling has been welcoming scrap to his family-owned business site for two decades. When business was booming, semi-trucks filled with cars lined up to be weighed, leaving piles of vehicles ready to be processed. A big sign with blue lettering marks the entrance to the site. A big old bus that once transported school children now stores old files. Back in the 1990s you could get $300 for a car now it’s merely $50. It depends on the scrap market. Weather-torn areas need materials to rebuild, and when copper values spike, so does theft. A rash of robberies in Tucson brought back proper checks and balances in place with local authorities.

McCrone purchases metal from scrappers like Otting, who sell small scraps, or from the general public, body shops and groups recycling aluminum cans. Anyone can drop off big household items, including boats that sit at the fray of the shop. The owner insisted it just go into a dump, so they take it. The yard handles copper, aluminum, brass, steel & other materials along with cardboard & plastic. His relics include the very beginning of the recycling food chain. McCrone’s employees remove & separate metals from other stuff including cars, water heaters, refrigerators and televisions. They use an excavator with a 20-foot bulldozer that can handle a 3,000 pound of car. The machine zeros in on metal car components and tears and separates the many components. Although it appears to be chaos, the place is systematically organized to execute the recycling processes.” The article can be seen in its entirety by visiting:

Cleveland Buyer of Junk Cars

Residents with junky cars in Fairview Park, Bentleyville Village, Mentor should reach out to our buyer of junk cars. Local owners of non-running vehicles in Willoughby, Lyndhurst, and Ohio City should be aware of the cars for cash option. Our cash for a damaged car program includes free towing from Highland Heights, Maple Heights, and Middlefield. Those who truly want to obtain cash for scrap vehicles in the regions of University Heights, Warrensville Heights, and Pepper Pike, should call us.

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Electric Vehicle Plug In Recycling

It couldn’t be a simpler process, our buy my junk car program that is in Collinwood, Sagamore Hills, and Middleburg Heights. No need to make it more complex than it is for lousy car owners in Glenwillow, Parma, and Beachwood—we buy scrap cars. The simplicity associated with the procedure of receiving cash for a damaged car in Bedford Heights, Bratenahl, and Mantua. It is quite easy, fast and guaranteed when you get cash for scrap vehicles in Moreland Hills and Chagrin Falls.

On November 24, 2016 James Ayre posted a story on Clean Technica will the following: ““It makes more financial sense to recycle old plug-in electric car batteries than to repurpose them directly for home energy solutions. According to Lux, recycled plug-in electric vehicle (EV) batteries will deliver very average returns on account of subpar performance, making them subject to less frequent and shallower discharge cycles. This confirms what Tesla CTO JB Straubel expressed prior. Tesla has indicating that it plans to recycle nearly 100% of the materials in its units. When asked about simply reusing batteries rather than recycling them, though, JB Straubel states that Tesla continuously finds that it is not a cost-competitive approach. By the end of their services life, the ability to function has denegrated on each cycle, you see reduced efficiency, and capacity that is subpar for various reasons.

In an EV that is capable of 200+ miles of range, you do not really need as many cycles as you do on a battery unit designed to charge and discharge each single day somewhere along the grid. There is a sizable difference in the cycle life — which is one aspect. With current technology, recycling vehicle batteries for new materials is the more inexpensive option for making the most value from current materials. New innovations in the realms of packaging & testing could boost the balance in time, so establishments should have plans for dual recycling & reuse.

Recycling technologies are quite varied. Of all the technology, pyrometallurgical processing, or casting, is the most developed and can recuperate key metal elements. Mechanicalized processing can recuperate valuable cathode products directly, and hydrometallurgical dispensation can be at a low cost. Auto manufacturers are selecting a wide collection of applications for reuse of these units. BMW & Nissan are commercializing domestic stowing products, while Daimler has begun running a 13 MWh system. Tesla pursues recycling as its NCA cathodes aren’t truly suitable for most fixed storage solutions. 2nd generation batteries offer somewhat limited price savings, particularly as new cell rates continue to dip. Still, with more effective testing, sorting, and repacking, 2nd-life systems can be made more competitively for uses like demand reaction & back-up power.” The full story is available at this link:

Who will buy my junk car in Euclid?

Are you staring at a broken down old car in Seven Hills, Northfield, or Cuyahoga Heights, wondering who will buy my junk car? Has anyone seen a shop that will buy scrap cars for cash in Mayfield Heights, Lake County, or South Euclid? Good news for those folks seeking out a cash for a damaged car solution in Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe, and Brecksville. Make the call today to Cash 4 Cars Cleveland for cash for scrap vehicles throughout Bainbridge, East Cleveland, and Chesterland.


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Not So Confident In Scrap & Recycling

Car owners throughout the areas of Beachwood, Bedford Heights, and Bratenahl, should consider contacting our buyer of scrap cars. There is uniformity now on the requirements to sell a junk car in Mantua, Moreland Hills, and Chagrin Falls—must have the title. Vehicle owners with junky cars in Mayfield Heights, Lake County, and South Euclid should know where to sell a junk car. The phone just keeps ringing with people from Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe, and Brecksville wanting to find out who buys scrap cars.

Cole Rosengren composed a story on Waste Dive on November 17, 2016 titled ‘Millennial generation is least trusting of industry recycling operations’ with these details: “A newly released “Consumer Recycling Survey” from Keep America Beautiful and the Natural Marketing Institute found that buyers believe recycling has evolved and gotten simpler since the 1970s, though the volume of waste ending up in oceans & landfills has progressively worsened. Based on a overall online sampling of 1,000 adults, 1/3rd were skeptical that the waste they put on the tree lawn is recycled and 27% think wastes are mixed with trash in the same truck. Millennials had the most prevalent of distrust across all generations sampled. However millennials were more likely to purchase from businesses that used recycled material in their packing or had packaging that could be simply recycled.

On an overall level, 51% of respondents think they recycle to limit the amount of diverted to landfills and 43% said they do it to save vital resources. The end results were announced with America Recycles Day. In comparison to where it stood in the 30 years ago, recycling has evolved in the mainstream & through the EPA data showing the US diversion rate essentially still flat in 2014 further proves that.

As indicated by the fact that huge percentages of individuals recognized why recycling was critical but didn’t trust the process. A disconnect seems to be a lack of overall mindfulness near the industry’s internal workings. A recent study in England also found that consumers might be more apt to recycle if they knew more about where the material was going and what it was being used to make. Establishments have been concentrating more on broadcasting to people how this works, chiefly through educational initiatives for young children. People must understand that to transform into leaders in their societies and workplaces, they need to be prepared with the accurate knowledge to assist others understand.” The complete article is at this link:

 Who Buys Scrap Cars in Cleveland?

The good news for car owners in Pepper Pike, Euclid, and Garfield Heights—you buyer of scrap cars is here. The many who are holders of junky cars in Twinsburg, Lakewood, and Linndale Village can take action to sell a junk car. Those not so proud junky vehicle owners in Newburgh Heights, Collinwood, and Sagamore Hills no longer have to ask where to sell a junk car.

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Green Business Update

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a regional buyer of junk cars in Newburgh Heights, Collinwood, and Sagamore Hills. Residents in Middleburg Heights, Glenwillow, and Parma are now able to utilize our cash for scrap cars program. Complimentary junk car hauler services are provided in Beachwood, Bedford Heights, and Tremont 6 days a week. Fast, same-day old car removal offerings are available in Bratenahl, Mantua, and Moreland Hills also. Did you know that you can send us your car’s information for a quote for a junk car through

 The following except is from Joel Makower in The State of Green Business, 2016: “Which technology is likely next after success by LED light bulbs, renewable energy technology and electric vehicles? Smart buildings & homes, connected vehicles, intelligent supply chains and green-based projects will all be the norm by the end of the decade. There are opportunities as big as the Internet, mobile, and wireless devices. Others include: renewable fuels, protein substitutes and a number of products and services made from carbon dioxide rather than releasing it to the atmosphere. Some innovations are economic, such as new ways to fund both projects. These include partnerships that boost private-sector investments — smart highways, green infrastructure or local “micro-grids”, for example, many that prior have been the domain of government or monopolistic utilities, are now potentially lucrative business happenings. Other inventions relate to company models, or lower-technology base solutions to challenges.

With sustainability, money talks pretty loudly; the rise of green funding and renewable-energy bond units (in last year’s trends), two funding instruments for investors to back renewable energy and related sustainability efforts. Then there are the large commitments to fund low-carbon technologies made over the past couple years by many large lenders. Individually, companies’ own R&D and venture departments are vying fiercely to invent greener, cleaner solutions in sectors like chemicals, cars and computers. The thought of a closed-loop economy, where material & resource recycling and waste and pollution no longer exist, has been a goal since the dawn of the late environmental drive. The circular economy idea is where products are built primarily from benign and non-toxic material —that can be quickly and safely diverted back to the soil or the water. Toxic materials are not forbidden; rather, used as needed in products or processing and are continuously recycled into viable use and kept out of the waste systems.

We are a buyer of junk cars

If your vehicle is facing a costly repair bill, it may be time to call cash for scrap cars in Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe, and Brecksville. It is safe to say that you neighbors want you to have our junk car hauler remove that old car in Bainbridge, East Cleveland, and Chesterland. We are pleased to offer junk car hauler services in Seven Hills, Northfield, and Cuyahoga Heights. The old car removal specialists will get you cash for your car quickly in Oakwood Village, North Olmsted, or Fairview Park. To determine the price, simply give us a call for a quote for an old car. Our “green” practices preserve precious resources for the next generation, without any compromises.

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Recycling Junk Car Materials

If you have a broken down vehicle at a Firestone Service Centers, or Conrad’s location, call us for a price for a wrecked car. Our scrap car hauler will pick your car directly from a transmission shop or Goodyear store. To sell us your car today, while not grab the title and your phone to dial (216) 359-1010. The value of a junk car may not be much, particularly is broken down at a Midas or NTB location. We period when we were the highest paying for junk cars is certainly behind us, but reasonable value is expected.

In a 2016 TDA Guide by The California Dept. of Resources Recycling & Recovery educated us as follows: “TDA is a cost-effective option to conventional construction materials classically used in engineering applications. A cost-advantage assessment performed by a 3rd party for CalRecycle in 2015 evaluated (6) civil engineering projects that utilized TDA in California. For embankment projects, TDA was evaluated against conventional soil fill as well as other competing lightweight fill options such as pumice rock, expanded polystyrene, expanded shale clay, and wood chips. TDA and crushed gravel costs were reviewed for landfill applications, and TDA and soil were assessed for the landslide repair project. For vibration mitigation, TDA costs were evaluated versus floating concrete slabs.

Retaining walls are quite common used in civil engineering projects adjacent to roads and bridges. Retaining walls typically lend support soil backfills and are designed based on the material properties of the soil backfill. Properties such as unit weight and cohesion of a soil in addition to the height of the soil backfill are important factors in determining the design characteristics of the retaining wall. Generally, materials having higher weight and greater overall height will require more robust structures to retain them due to the increase in the lateral forces applied to the structure by the soil. TDA has some advantages as an alternative to conventional soil backfill mainly because it is significantly lighter than soil and is free-draining. Using TDA as a retaining wall backfill can create wall designs that use less steel and/or concrete and require much less excavation, which can lead to significant cost savings over typical soil backfill retaining walls.

Engineers that construct retaining walls with TDA backfills would use the same processes as retaining walls with a conventional soil backfill. The retaining wall must be planned to take into account bearing ability as well as resistance to capsizing and sliding. Additionally, concrete walls must be designed with adequate reinforcement to compete with the shear forces applied to the wall by the backfill material. The use of TDA as an additional backfill reduces the forces applied to the retaining wall that lead to sliding or overturning, but also the resistance to sliding and overturning. This can be confirmed by comparing the factor of safety numbers for the TDA backfill strategy to traditional soil backfill design. Usage of TDA in a retaining wall design reduces the power of forces that the wall experiences due to the backfill, but it also heightens the factor of safety. A retaining wall using TDA will typically need less steel reinforcement & concrete than others, which is an additional cost savings.” The study can be read in its entirety at this site.

Scrap car hauler services

Regardless of whether you are near or far, we will get you a fast price for a wrecked car in Twinsburg, Lakewood, and Linndale Village. When you sell us your car in Newburgh Heights, Collinwood, Sagamore Hills you are enabling the second generation or after-life of the vehicle. The value of a junk car in Middleburg Heights, Glenwillow, and Parma, in most cases is usually about $100-$300 for most buyers in the local area. Locating the organization in Beachwood, Bedford Heights, or Tremont, that is the highest paying for junk cars in should know that often those outfits are unreliable.

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Junk Auto Battery Reuse

Cash 4 Cars in Cleveland is where to receive fast cash for cars 6 days a week in Cleveland. Our junk car buyer will provide you a quote for an old car over the phone and that is a firm price. Our scrap my car program could not be much simpler, with same-day or next-day scrap vehicle removal included. When we pay money for a junk car the vehicle is essentially in end-of-life status, meaning is will be salvaged.

In the June 21, 2016 edition of Green Tech Media, Julia Pyper authored an article titled ‘Used i3 Batteries Into Home Energy Storage Units’ with the following report: “BMW is making a major push into the battery energy storage market. They are turning new & used i3-style batteries into energy storing solutions for homes & small businesses. With a storage system powered by BMW, we are taking the next step toward a new sustainable energy options. Through an agreement, BMW owners receive a $1,000 credit toward SolarCity’s home solar option. BMW’s sustainability package is quite similar to one from Tesla

The product that is ready currently uses i3 high-voltage batteries, but will begin to incorporate recycled batteries as they become available. There aren’t many of these used batteries on the market today, because the i3 vehicle has only been on the market since 2013. This will change as those batteries degrade and are no longer considered suitable for auto use. A recycled battery can offer many additional years of service. As i3 batteries reach the end of their vehicle life, BMW & German-based Beck Automation plan to turn them into plug-and-play energy storage systems by unbolting them from the i3 and installing them in a multi-charging module. The system could be setup in a basement or a garage where it can be used to power electrically operated devices in a house or to charge a car.

The energy storage units are equipped with BMW i3’s 22-kw-hour or 33-kw-hour capacity batteries, which are best suited to operate appliances & entertainment devices. A typical US home consumes between 15-30 kw-hours of energy a day. The systems have software to determine the optimal time to charge or discharge the system. The BMW storage system also includes a volt converter and electronics to manage the energy flow between renewable energy resources, the home and the battery. The idea should give i3 drivers a new way to make money from their used cars by creating a market for second-life batteries. However, it’s not yet clear how a battery buyback program would work. Tesla’s 6.4-kilowatt-hour home battery sells to installers for $3,000 and is estimated to be reailed for around $7,000.

BMW is currently evaluating a market strategy; and are preparing to enter the fixed energy storage market. Cliff Fietzek, manager of connected e-mobility at BMW says it’s expensive to reconfigure batteries for re-use, which is why they came up with a plug-and-play solution the battery. There’s no need for unique software in or take units out and can take advantage of all of the engineering work; with the same heating & cooling system for the vehicle battery and the same safety features. They are the latest automaker to enter this market. Tesla has reaped an enormous amount of hype with the launch of its big battery Gigafactory. Toyota, GM and Nissan are also testing potential solutions” The complete feature is available at

Where to receive money for a junk car

Contact us today for fast cash for cars regardless if wrecked or otherwise damaged. As the (216) and (440) area’s premier junk car buyer, we will get the job done quickly. The quote for an old car is a basic price that we will pay you when we tow away the vehicle. How do I determine how to scrap my car? No need to look further than calling (216) 359-1010 and telling us the year, make and model of the vehicle. Our “green” practices preserve important resources and energy for the next generation, without compromising or wasting material.

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Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

Here at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland we buy junk cars as part of our cars for cash program. We have operated as a buyer of junk cars for a few years now and do so in a manner that is eco-friendly. Do you have an unwanted salvage vehicle just sitting around? When we provide you a price quote over the phone, the old car removal is included. Were you aware that we are a recycler with a firm commitment to “green” practices, thus our auto recycling of steel uses 60% less energy.

The Idaho National Laboratory published a 2016 study on electric-type vehicles with the following introduction: “In 2011 the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt arrived and there has been an increase in the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), particularly in the western coastal regions of the US and some urban areas in the eastern US. In PEVs are transitioning from the early stage to the mass market phase. In 2015, most major automakers have PEVs in the market, with approximately twenty-one models available in distribution. For the PEV charging infrastructure, in February 2016, there were 12,248 public electric vehicle charging stations in the US; this includes 30,756 charging stations so far.

Despite some growth in PEV sales and its charging infrastructure, several factors currently limit the momentum. Low fuel prices have reduced the financial incentives of purchasing and buyer preferences lean toward larger SUVs and crossover models that presently have limited PEV options. Awareness and education about PEVs, incentive availability, and recharging station presence are also affecting growth. The majority of PEV sales so far have been in selected metro areas; rather than more broadly distributed across the country. This study provides a sample of a PEV-supported initiative beyond these urban areas for other small to mid-sized communities

Small to mid-sized towns in the US, with populations of 50,000 or less, are often ideal PEV communities due to their typically shorter driving distances. The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) “EV Everywhere Challenge” is looking carefully at potential barriers & opportunities that exist for these communities to enter in the PEV market and at the benefits from the financial and environmentally-related benefits of PEVs. One EV Everywhere is exploring a national pilot program that would enable such US communities to implement PEV growth plans. In order to progress a sound pilot, it is important that the DOE grasps the challenges to PEV market penetration that must be hurdled by small & medium sized communities. This is needed for attracting these locations to participate and support the stakeholders” The complete report is available here. We will further expand on this subject later this week.

Who buys cars for cash in Cleveland?

Our buyer of junk cars is standing by to take your call at 216-359-1010.  The process is quick and very stress-free—you simply must have the title in your name to get cash for a salvage vehicle.   One key to old car removal is to insure that we can handle same-day and next-day vehicle pick up. We buy junk cars throughout Lake, Geauga and Cuyahoga County now 6 days a week!  Our practices have multiple environmental advantages including reductions in air pollution and water pollution.

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Wrecked Car Scheme

We are a local auto buyer and truck buyer that is on-hand and ready to assist. When we buy used cars for scrap, the vehicles are re-classified as end-of-life vehicles. Even if your car is wrecked or totaled, we can buy it & process the damaged vehicle removal. Don’t leave that old car, truck or van sitting around—get money for junk car scrap!

A recent post on Used Cars News titled ‘Dealer Pays for Selling Wrecked Cars’ reported the following:  “An AZ used-car dealership is ordered to pay $125K in fines and fees after re-selling previously wrecked cars that had been classified as a total loss without proper disclosures.  Eivan Shahara of Discount Auto, admitted to violating The Arizona Consumer Fraud Act and agreed to pay the state imposed amount. Those who have purchased a previously wrecked vehicle from Discount Auto may be eligible for a restitution payment if they properly file a complaint with the AZ Attorney General’s Office. The AZ AG office began an investigation after receiving several complaints from customers about the condition of the vehicles sold. This investigation program indicated that Discount Auto Sales failed to disclose to consumers about the accident, ownership and vehicle repair histories of vehicles sold.

From 2012 until 2014, DAS purchased many vehicles from out of state insurance companies at various wholesale auctions which dispose of such damaged & inoperable vehicles. Many of the vehicles DAS purchased at these auctions had been wrecked and/or declared totaled by their insurance carriers, but weren’t marketed as “salvaged” or “inoperable” due to loopholes within the laws.

After purchasing the vehicles, DAS would bring the vehicles to AZ, perform necessary repairs, and then offer the vehicles for sale without disclosing to the public about the vehicles’ rough histories. Instead, DAS told consumers that it was unaware of the accident or repair histories of the vehicles even though they had performed the repairs themselves.” The full article is available here.

We buy used cars for scrap

Our auto buyer is available by simply calling (216) 359-1010. Damaged vehicle removal is a complimentary service included in the junk car quote. Our processing of junk car scrap is done with a commitment to protecting the environment. The goal of protecting the environment with our vehicle scrap program is an effective way to reduce dependence on the expansion of landfills. To do what is best for the environment, our goal is to recycle, reuse or repurpose the majority of all material.

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Old Junk Car Seat Recycling

To get cash for a car in the greater Cleveland area, we are a solid option when seeking junk car removal. It is quite simple to receive money for a junk car with us. The process begins by calling (216) 359-1010 for a junk car quote, which is essentially the price for a junk car with the tow included. We are proud to be a member of the auto scrap and recycling market in Northeast Ohio, since we strive for environmental sustainability and eco-conscious recycling efforts.

On April 22, 2016 an article titled ‘Expired car seats get recycled on Earth Day’ by Sarah Anderson on AZ Central told us the following: “With tools, over 60 volunteers took apart kid’s car seats Friday AM at a fire station in Phoenix. According to Boyd Tong, some of the seats that won’t come apart easily will be taken home to work on it with additional tools. Apparently, the key is that it gets the plastic and metal recycled.

Our Planet Neat, Recycle Your Car Seat project, by Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Safe Kids WW and a group called Western Refining. Angelica Baker is a child safety expert at PHX Children’s Hospital, says the goal is to keep children safe by using good car seats, and to prevent them from ending up in a landfill. All year, they collect these seats at the hospital. Annually, around Earth Day, they are collected, and volunteers sort them into pieces based on the type of material to be recycled.

Kid’s car seats have an expiration date and typically they are good for about (6) years. The plastic breaks down naturally over time. The recycling is setup sort of like an assembly line, with one group removing the seat covers and harnesses and such with a screwdriver. Next, the remainder is removed by those experienced with power tools. The program claims to have recycled over one-thousand car seats last year. The complete article is available here.

Where to get cash for a car

Those seeking junk car removal throughout the (216) and the (440) are in luck. We recently expanded our service area to scrap cars in Cuyahoga, Lorain and Geauga counties. To determine the price for a junk car that you can receive, simply call us or send the vehicle year, make and model through our website. Get money for a junk car today and know that you are benefitting the environment by preserving resources and diverting excess material from landfills.

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Auto Scrap News 1.7

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with another installment for our interview series involving those in the auto scrap and recycling industry. We are a place to receive cash for a damaged car and are often among the highest paying for junk cars in Northeast Ohio. We will pay cash for a damaged car in any condition. Who is the highest paying for junk cars in the Cleveland area? Call today for a junk car quote!

Our next interviewee is Bruce Luther, whose company is Rock & Roll Auto of Pleasanton, CA. Pleasanton is in the Bay Area approximately 25 miles west of Oakland. Here is the feedback:

What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing Rock & Rock AP?

I do a bit of everything. I help each employee do his or her job.

What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed?   

There has market consolidation. Also, insurance company pressures and demands are more common.

Is there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful?

My public relations campaign is direct, personal and target driven.

The trend of the “U-Pull-It” and “self-service” business model has become popular in the industry. Have you considered it? What do you see as the drawbacks? 

Self-serve doesn’t work for me, I’m too small of a place.

The scrap prices have continued to fall in the US. What do you typically pay for junk vehicles these days in your area of CA? 

I don’t pay for junk cars at this time.

Obviously, the demand for late-model (2005+) vehicles is always strong. What ways do you obtain late model vehicles for component inventory?

My website, local tow companies, body shops, and insurance auctions when necessary.

Your website says you use ADP Hollander’s Power-link 2 for inventory. Any positive or negatives with the system?

It rocks!

I noticed that your company offers new aftermarket body components. Do you stock these or order them as needed? (it would seem like a wide inventory to maintain)

I stock a small inventory and broker the rest.

We certainly appreciate gaining some insight into Mr. Luther’s business. We encourage you to visit them online at


Auto Scrap News 1.6

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with a new interview. Are you trying to determine who is the highest paying for junk cars or how to sell a junk car? We are a site who buys crashed cars in any condition. We may not always be the highest paying for junk cars; however, we are typically able to offer same-day junk vehicle removal services 6 days a week.

Our interview today is with Ed Mason, whose company is Bauer’s Auto Wrecking based in Fresno, CA.

What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing Bauer’s AW?

I’m a “hands on” owner-operator. I do everything from sweeping the parking lot and cleaning the bathroom, to salvage purchasing, DMV clearing, accounts receivable, payroll, inventory, and PR.

What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed?

The most noticeable, is I work harder than I have ever worked for a lot less money. In the last 5 years or so, besides business in general being down, I spend more my time on no pay issues, like complying with more government regulations. Lots of this involves spending money also, that has no return other than just being able to keep the doors open. The one other thing is the way insurance companies want items acquired by body shops though third parties like auto trader.

Is there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful?

Not really. The only thing we have spent more time with, is on internet sales, and/or the niche body shops. Meaning those shops that are in out of the way or remote areas that the big guys like LKQ does not like to deliver to.

The trend of the “U-Pull-It” and “self-service” business model has become popular in the industry. Have you considered it? What do you see as the drawbacks?

No. That market is very well saturated in this area already. I should of done it 15-20 years ago, and then sold out to one of the big guys. The drawback currently would be getting the volume of inventory to do a good job at it, without having to over-pay for the salvage or travel a lot of miles.

The scrap prices have continued to fall in the US. What do you typically pay for junk vehicles these days in your area of CA?

In our area, the low value salvage is still bringing $150-300, (full size trucks being at the top end) from the public or tow company sources. The 5-10 year old good stuff can be $1500-2500 plus fees, and the 0-5 year old stuff at 20-40% of ACV at auctions plus fees. Independent adjusters and tow companies have always been the best value source for newer vehicles also.

Obviously, the demand for late-model (2005+) vehicles is always strong. What ways do you obtain late model vehicles for inventory?

I do not care to use auctions. Copart or IAA are just too expense, and takes any or all profit away from the deal. Like in the previous question, independent adjusters or tow companies are your best source. To be honest, I would rather broker the part than over-pay for a piece of salvage.

Your website indicates that you provide towing service for some local authorities. How have these agreements worked out? Are they contracted on a yearly or multi-yearly basis?

In the last 10 years or so, these contracts have been very profitable, and without them, I do not know if I would still would be in the wrecking yard business. They are what I call, a proprietary type of tow, and most are impounded vehicles that accumulate storage too. What I mean by proprietary tow, is the tow fee and storage are set by the contracts. So there is no negotiating of the tow fee, and if someone wants to, you have them contact the appropriate law enforcement agency. The tows fees are probably 7-10 times what a insurance road service agreement would pay, and your getting storage fees too. The CHP and Sheriff are yearly contracts that anyone can get onto, where as, the City of Fresno has a closed list that has not had a new company put on it for over 15 years. Draw back, it’s a 24/7 commitment

How does Bauer’s Auto Wrecking manage its large inventory?

We use checkmate

We appreciate the insight and feedback provided from Mr. Mason and certainly wish Bauer’s have continued success! We encourage you to visit Bauer’s website at

Often those who are the highest paying for junk cars have the worst service and availability. Call our scrap car buyer to find out how to sell a junk car for cash. Those who buys crashed cars and damaged vehicles can often be inconsistent and unable to provide you fast quotes over he phone.

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Scrap Car Tire Dump

Do you know approximately, what is a junk car worth? Are you trying to determine how to scrap my car with a wrecked vehicle buyer in the greater Cleveland, OH area? We are a wrecked vehicle buyer offering cash for a damaged car in any condition that provides a junk car quote over the phone for what is a junk car worth related questions. The process of how to scrap my car is easier than you may realize. Get cash for a damaged car with Cash 4 Cars Cleveland—the home of fast cash for junk vehicles! What makes it even better is that your end-of-life vehicle contributes to protecting the environment with our auto scrap program. In fact, our processes are an effective way to reduce dependence on expanding landfills.

On March 23, 2016 an article headlined ‘DEP cites illegal tire dump in Pennsylvania county’ was posted on Recycling Today with the following information: “The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and the municipality of Penn Hills, PA, cited Monster & Mom and Bobo’s Car Wash LLC, for illegally housing an estimated 50K junk car tires. Penn Hills PD discovered the dump, which is next to a daycare center. The operators of the dump solicited them from throughout the area. Penn Hills PD filed summary criminal charges against the owners of Monster & Mom in the Penn Hills DOJ. In a hearing the district justice found Monster & Mom guilty and levied a fine.

In addition to the Penn Hills PD court action, the DEP issued an order requiring immediate cleanup of the site and the proper recycling and disposal of them all. An investigation into other incidents of illegal tire dumping there continues. PA law requires a waste aggregation & storage facility to obtain a permit from the DEP. The records showed that Monster & Mom doesn’t have a permit to store, collect, process or dispose of them. Monster & Mom has a Waste Tire Hauling Authorization, which authorizes only the transport of end-of-live tires.

Recently, local officials have noted an increase in the number of illegal dumps in Pittsburgh and the southwest region. The dumps are potential fire hazards, scar the land and provide a breeding environment for mosquitos during the warmer months. Sources of end-of-life tires, like gas stations and tire retailers, have a responsibility of consigning their tires to permitted haulers & disposal facilities. These sites also must keep records documenting the proper handling of all such scrap. DEP regulations require that all tires should be sent for recycling or recovery. Further notes of the agency’s waste tire program can be found here.” The complete article is available at this link.

What is a junk car worth?

There is an additional article we recommend by Columbus Scrap Cars that involves dumping that can be read at this link.  Get cash for a damaged car 6 days a week from our wrecked vehicle buyer. Are you wondering how to scrap my car for cash? We are a scrap car buyer serving the counties of Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga in Ohio. We pay cash for vehicles with free junk vehicle removal always included. Get cash for your scrap car or junk vehicle today by calling our buyer of scrap cars @ (216) 359-1010. Our junk my car services are fast and easy; to find our more information call us for a junk car quote. It’s a good combination–junk car hauling plus cash for your old car! As a proud supporter of the “green” movement in all of our scrap-related functions, we make sure that your old car becomes a positive, viable resource to a cleaner Ohio. Did you know that our eco-friendly recycling practices are a beneficial since they minimize pollution?

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Auto Scrap News 1.5

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with our 5th installment of our Auto Scrap News interview series. Before beginning we will outline what our business does.  Do you want to know how to sell a junk car? Are you trying to determine what is a junk car worth? Are you seeking a provider who buys crashed cars? We pay cash for cars throughout Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga counties. Our junk car buyer is standing by to tell you what is a junk car worth (yours).  We are who buys damaged vehicles and who buys crashed cars.

Our topic today centers on Kent Rothwell of Weaver Automotive. Mr. Rothwell runs this operation, which is based in Carnesville, GA. We encourage you to visit their website at:

What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing Weaver Auto?

  • Key relationships-all relationships that are extremely important to running the company, for example important customers, top salesmen, and vendors.
  • Vision- where are we going and how are we going to get there
  • Culture/Values- unspoken and both communicated values of Weaver Automotive- keeping an eye on the culture and behaviors within the company when “No one is looking”.
  • Systems of Accountability- what financial metrics are we using insure the performance of the company

What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed

  • There has been a huge increase in damaged bent credits from the body shop industry. This goes hand in hand with the fact that the insurance industry is requiring shops to use more and more used items in the repair process. Shops typically make less money on used components. So this is there way of improving their used component margins.

Is there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that has been successful?

  • We have flooded our North Carolina market with flyers and postcards, we have also implemented a plan for our sales managers to visit customers in their markets.

The trend of the “U-Pull-It” and “self-service” business model has become popular in the industry. Do you (or have you) used this model? Any positives or negatives that you see with it?

  • Yes, we have used this model. One of the biggest positives of this model is the cash turn is much faster than the wholesale side. The negatives are that pretty much everything you know about the wholesale side won’t work on the self-service side. The Self-service industry is more about the metal than the inventory. The biggest key is understanding the difference in the models and managing accordingly.

The scrap prices have continued to fall in the US. What do you typically pay for older junk vehicles these days in your area of GA?

  • On average, we pay approximately $250.00 for the older junk vehicles.

What do you anticipate happening with the steep drop in per ton steel scrap pricing?

  • I expect it to go up slightly but no dramatic increase anytime soon. I don’t expect a dramatic increase until China’s economy is back on track. Historically speaking, scrap prices go hand in hand with oil prices and I don’t expect the oil prices to stay as low as they have been.

Obviously, the demand for late-model (2005+) vehicles is always strong. What ways do you obtain late model vehicles for component inventory?

  • The majority of our vehicles we purchase for inventory come from the auctions, we do however try to buy vehicles from body shops that have good working items, these vehicles are typically a total loss and only have liability coverage.

How does Weaver Auto manage its large inventory of vehicles & components?

  • We run total inventory shakedowns at least every 6 months. We walk the warehouses and verify all components.

I saw that you use eBay as sales channel. Has this worked out well?

  • It has helped us sell “deeper” into vehicles. Our yards are mostly in rural areas so the retail traffic is minimal. By selling on EBAY it has enabled us to recoup some of those sales. We have been working on the EBAY business for approximately 10 years, there are high fees involved in selling on EBAY and the learning curve is steep. If we had wholesale yards located in more populated areas we probably would not have ventured into EBAY sales.

Your website stated you offered new aftermarket components. Are these items that you stock? If so, are there inventory challenges? Are there any quality or compatibility concerns with them

  • We have gotten out of stocking the aftermarket components, we do sell them put primarily purchase them from Keystone if there is a need. There are however, quality issues with aftermarket components. I know that may be surprising considering that they are new components, but the credit rate on aftermarket components is very similar in numbers to used components.

I noticed that you are a member of Team PRP (Premium Recycled). What are the benefits that have resulted from this?

  • Being a member of PRP has enabled us to be a part of a wonderful network of other automotive component recyclers. There is a high standard of quality that is mandated by PRP and that gives us the confidence to send these components to our customers. It also, makes our available inventory much deeper. With our trailering service we can typically order from our partners and receive the items within 2 days.

It looks like the business hours are Monday through Friday. Have you tried or considered having Saturday hours? Is there demand on Saturdays?

  • We have tried working salespeople on Saturdays but we have found that there is not a big enough demand and it doesn’t justify the added costs.

We certainly appreciate the insight on the industry and specifically the opportunity to learn about how Weaver Automotive navigates within the industry!

Those attempting to determine how to sell a junk car should call us ASAP!  What is a junk car worth in Cleveland? Are you pondering who buys crashed cars in Cleveland. Look no further than Cash 4 Cars Cleveland, the area’s premier buyer of junk vehicles.

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What is a “Green” Business?

What is a “Green” Business?

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with our first post for the month of March. The month of March is traditionally a time when you are likely to see a lot of folks dressed in green, due to St. Patrick’s Day. This article will attempt to define what a “green” business is and the practices they these organizations adhere to. As we mention often, Cash 4 Cars is a green business that has the cash for a damaged car program for some of the following reasons:

  • As “car junkers” we are fundamental believers in waste diversion, by reusing and recycling
  • Our cash for a damaged car program results in positive solutions relating to the usage of raw materials
  • Although you are seeking to find the highest paying for junk cars, actually you’re doing a good thing for the environment
  • When we are asked how to scrap my car related questions—the answers are filled with eco-friendly results
  • We are among the most eco-conscious car junkers—we recycle up to 95% of the vehicle’s materials

According to the Green Business Network site, “green businesses (GBS) adopt principles, policies & practices that improve the quality of life for customers, employees, communities, and the planet. What do green businesses have in common? (GBS) adopt principles &practices that protect people and the planet. (GBS)  practice social & economic justice, environmental sustainability, as well as community health & development. (GBS) don’t use sweatshop or child labor; everybody who works for them or their suppliers earns a living wage in healthy conditions. They create jobs that empower workers honor humanity. (GBS) protect customers & clients by using the safest ingredients, providing green alternatives to improve quality of life. Our these organizations develop products & services that help in areas such as sustainable agriculture, education, clean energy and efficiency, fair trade, healthy air, clean water, and much more. One common denominator is that they reduce, reuse and recycle!” We encourage you to visit their site at this link.

We pay cash for a damaged car

Yes, we are car junkers that pay you green (cash) and are among the highest paying for junk cars. Are you wondering how to scrap my car in the Cleveland area? Are you trying to find the place that is the highest paying for junk cars? We actually don’t claim to pay the most; however, we do offer the best customer service! If you are confused about how to scrap my car, we encourage you to contact our scrap vehicle buyer at (216) 359-1010. Our practices have environmental benefits galore. From reducing air pollution and water pollution, Cash 4 Cars is proud to serve Cuyahoga, Geauga and lake counties. As an eco-conscious outfit, our program reduces both water and land pollution. As you likely know, landfills are a major source of problems to the natural environment—this is why we suggest you go green!

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Scrap and Recycling Market Woes

Scrap and Recycling Market Woes

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is an auto buyer that takes in cars for cash and offers damaged vehicle removal in the counties of Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake. We buy junk cars 6 days a week, serving as a recycler in the areas of Oakwood Village, North Olmsted, and Fairview Park. Wrecked, damaged and unwanted vehicles are excellent examples of what we work with in the cars for cash business. Are you seeking an auto buyer that can provide fast damaged vehicle removal in the regions of Seven Hills, Northfield, or Cuyahoga Heights? We buy junk cars and believe in waste diversion by aiming to reuse & recycle as much of the material as possible. When you scrap cars for cash with us you make a positive environmental impact for the preservation of vital resources. We are now offering damaged vehicle removal services in the areas of Middlefield, Chagrin Falls and Chesterland.

Our next topic centers on the decline in revenues experienced by recycling-related organizations in the last year. John Russell authored a story titled ‘Recycling industry buffeted by falling prices’ in the February 27, 2016 edition of the Indianapolis Business Journal as follows: “With prices tumbling for scrap metal, used paper and old plastic bottles, recycling firms around Indiana are watching revenue drop. Most are working harder to find buyers that will pay a decent price for their materials. Some are idling operations; the downturn is putting pressure on operators to cut costs & could hurt government budgets that used to make money from the sale of recyclables. At J. Solotken & Co., they spend hours a day sorting metals from stamping plants & fabricators. A truckload of sorted scrap metal that would have fetched $120K two years ago is likely to get only $65K. Solotken’s revenue has fallen 25% in the past 2 years. President Joseph M. Alpert says there’s too much supply and not enough demand; we’re not losing money, but we’re not making what we did 2-3 years ago.

Gabriel Metals in Lebanon, with about 17 employees, recently slowed their small recycling operation. CNP Recycling has also been negatively impacted citing severe market conditions. Carey Hamilton, executive director of the Indiana Recycling Coalition, says markets are down, and that has caused some pain for the sector. Around the country, recyclers are feeling plenty of pain in the scrap metal industry. Falling oil prices, a weak economy in China and a drop-off in demand for scrap have pummeled the market for a wide variety of goods. Prices for polyethylene terephthalate, a material in plastic bottles fell 54% in the last year. The full story is available here.

Fast Auto Buyer

Are you tired of fixing your old car and need to know who will buy junk cars in the cities of Maple Heights, Euclid, or Garfield Heights? We are currently accepting cars for cash with same-day damaged vehicle removal in Pepper Pike, University Heights, and Warrensville Heights. Take the next step when scrapping a car and protecting our environment, contact C4C for eco-friendly auto recycling. As a recycler in Bratenahl, Mantua, and Moreland Hills with a firm commitment to environmental causes, we alleviate global warming and other ecological problems. Dirty oil and fluids from junk cars can cause environmental damage; therefore, we insure that all fluids from the vehicles are properly handled, regardless of whether we pick it up in Twinsburg, Lakewood, or Linndale Village.

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Current Vehicle Material Trend

Current Vehicle Material Trend

The fact is that we buy any car that is mostly intact–it doesn’t matter if it is running or not. Contacting a scrap car hauler who buys junk cars is often among the best of the available options. To sell a car for scrap in the Maple Heights, Middlefield, or University Heights areas, call our junk vehicle buyer. When we purchase used cars for scrap, the vehicles are classified as end-of-life vehicles (ELVs). Are you pondering where to scrap a car for fast cash? We have a buyer of scrap cars standing by to field your call. Also, we buy used cars for scrap 6 days a week in Tremont, Macedonia, and Bratenahl. Your neighbors likely don’t care who you choose among where to scrap a car, as frankly they are tired of looking at it! To easily sell a car for scrap, we are available with a junk vehicle buyer to deliver your price quote over the phone, via email or text.

An article authored by Martin Kahl titled ‘We live in a multi-material world – facilitated by Aluminum’ was posted on on February 10, 2016 with the following details: “For Doug Richman, one word sums up the auto industry’s weight reduction efforts: efficiency. Richman is VP at Kaiser Aluminum; he also chairs a committee of the Aluminum Association’s Transportation Group. According to Richman, efficiency refers to CO2, fuel economy, vehicle handling and performance. The most obvious ways of reducing vehicle weight are to either reduce the density of the materials, or to reduce the size of the vehicle. Small vehicles are lighter, but come with added safety concerns. A large vehicle manages energy in a collision on the outside of the passenger compartment. The smaller vehicles bring a much greater challenge of keeping the collision’s energy away from the passenger area.

There are vehicle classes where downsizing isn’t an option because the market for that model requires it to be a larger. Luxury vehicles & pick-ups sell to markets that want large vehicles; downsizing takes them out of their target customer segment. The next option is reducing density; aluminum can help balance the need for lighter weight with the needs to cut costs. The aluminum body of the latest Ford F-150 enabled Ford to produce a car with a higher load capacity and towing capacity. This F-150 prices a few hundred dollars above the previous, but the fuel economy savings pay off that premium. The difficult challenge is lower weight in the smaller vehicles.

The average US vehicle today is about 10% aluminum. The steel industry has done an amazing job of advancing steel; a multi-material approach is the best way to lighten vehicles. The bodies being worked on for several years have a mix of steel and aluminum. There are places where aluminum makes very good engineering sense, as does steel, high-strength steel, graphite fiber and magnesium. Magnesium is interesting because of its volatility and limited applicability – but every material has a limits. One of the key challenges is to lighten their vehicles in order to meet stricter fuel consumption, emission regulations, and stricter safety targets.

The ability to repair is an issue for the adoption new materials; repairing aluminum vehicle bodies may be very different to repairing steel bodies—but not any more difficult. The repair procedures are different but the skill-set is similar to that for steel bodies. In terms of vehicle recycling, more than 93% of the aluminum in US automobiles is recovered; only a low level of metallic aluminum goes to landfill. Steel comprises about 65% of the curb weight of the average US vehicle; steel will remain a big player for future, but we’ll see more cars with steel bodies and aluminum doors & trunks. The mix will also include more plastics, composites, aluminum and magnesium.” The full story can be seen at this link.

We will buy used cars for scrap

In Bedford, Aurora, and Shaker Heights, we buy any car, so sell a car for scrap today. Yes, we will buy used cars for scrap in the areas of Middleburg Heights, Glenwillow and Parma. Have a damaged or wrecked car, truck or van in Streetsboro, Bentleyville Village, or Mentor? We buy any car that we can tow away and are among the recyclers who buys junk cars the same-day. Are you asking yourself who buys junk cars in Warrensville Heights, Pepper Pike, or Euclid? Residents of Garfield Heights, Eastlake, and Twinsburg, are encouraged to take advantage of our complimentary scrap car hauling program. I you have decided that it is time to sell your clunker in South Euclid, Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe, not is the time to act!

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Auto Scrap News 1.4

Auto Scrap News 1.4

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland, a buyer of junk vehicles within the auto recycling industry in Northeast Ohio is back with our 4th installment of our Auto Scrap News interview series. Today we discuss trends in the business with Keith Olson, whose company is U Pull R.  They have locations in East Bethel and Rosemount, MN, which are in the greater Minneapolis region. U Pull R maintains a massive inventory of junk vehicles and components. They are a self-service auto scrap yard, which is open 7 days a week. There is a $2.00 admission charge per person entering the yard.

Q:  What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing U Pull R?

A: I assist with purchasing inventory, advertising, marking scrap and hiring of employees.

Q: What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed?

A: The costs associated with employees, such as hour wages, benefits and retention.

Q: Is there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful?

A: The internet is it primarily.

Q: The trend of the “U-Pull-It” and “self-service” business model has become popular in the industry and obvious you use this model. What are some positives and negatives that you see with it?

A:  The increase in competition for cars go up, so profit can go down. This works best when there is a lot of cheap inventory .

Q:  The scrap prices have continued to fall in the US. What do you typically pay for junk vehicles these days in your area of MN?

A: On average we pay approximately $150.00 per vehicle, which is actually too high–but we need the cars.

Q: What do you anticipate happening with the steep drop in per ton steel scrap pricing?

A: It will certainly drive out some business from the industry.

Q:  Your website indicated that you are open 7 days a week. Do you get significant business on Sunday? Does being open 7 days pose any employee staffing/scheduling challenges?

A: Sometimes I question if being open on Sunday is worth it, but it is definitely worth it on Saturdays.

Q: Your website indicates you offer a vehicle donation program through Charity Car. Do you receive many of these? Are there any challenges associated with the donation process?

A:  We don’t do much with vehicles donation any more. At one time, roughly 30% of our cars came through donations. When iron (steel) price was high, the demands for inventory got to be too much and I stopped catering to it. We now obtain less than 1% of our inventory through donated cars.

We would like to thank Mr. Olson for his time and insight into the auto recycling industry. There were (3) aspects of his input that I found particularly interesting:

  1. He mentioned that the costs associated with employee (staff) have risen, yet retaining employees is increasing difficult.
  2. They pay approximately $150 per vehicle right now, which is higher than usual. I am wondering if this average applies to later-model vehicles (2007-2010) because that would seem a bit too low for those.
  3. U Pull operates 7 days a week. I have rarely come across yards in this business with Sunday hours.

We encourage you to visit their website at








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Oil Price Impacts Recycling

Oil Price Impacts Recycling

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with our latest post relating to how car buyers process a salvage vehicle, the ways of selling an old car and other related topics. We pay money for a scrap car or salvage car 6 days a week throughout Berea, Bedford, and Pepper Pike. Those seeking a quote for a junk car in Aurora, Shaker Heights, or North Randall can contact our car buyers to receive money for a scrap car, totaled car or other salvage vehicle. Today’s topic changes gears a bit and discusses the impact that sagging oil prices are having on other aspects of the recycling business.

In a January 17, 2016 article in authored by Andy Tully titled ‘Low Oil Prices Take Their Toll On Recycling Sector’ we learn the following: “Despite many changes in society, plastics are ubiquitous, whether they’re made from oil or recycled from scrap. Over the past 19 months, the price of oil has fallen so low that it’s now less expensive to make plastic than to recycle it. This hurts recycling, which is more than a social movement, it’s a $100B business in the US. One company sorts & cleans plastic bottles & food containers for sales to other companies that melt them down to make new items from bags to bottles etc…

The price of oil is below $40/barrel – down considerably from more than $110/barrel in June 2014 – it’s gotten to the point where making new plastics from oil makes more sense to avoid the processes of cleaning and sorting. In an interview with National Public Radio, Tom Outerbridge, who manages Sims Recycling in NY says negotiating with other companies over the price of cleaned & sorted plastics has become very difficult lately. The low pricing is particularly tough in NY, but isn’t exclusive to other cities with much lower costs of living. ReCommunity Recycling of PA, which includes operations also in NJ, says there business is hurting as well.

Commodity markets have been at historic lows, and there is a dramatic reduction in the value of scrap materials. Scrap plastic was selling at $2,000 per ton and has now fallen to approximately $30 per ton. Things are even worse at Genesee ARC of NY, an outlet that provides employment opportunities to the disabled. Next month they will be forced to lay off 14 disabled workers and two full-time staff members as a result of the low price of oil. Donna Saskowski, ARC’s executive director says they’ve hit the bottom of the business, as prices have dropped 40 to 60%. Most in the industry are experiencing similar struggles.

There seems to be a great deal of uncertainty for the future. Many expect the price of oil to remain flat for at least another three years. For the sake of the plastic recycling industry, hopefully this is not the case.” The article can be read in its entirety at this link.

Selling an old car

We make it easy to get money for a scrap car or salvage vehicle in Richmond Heights, Solon, and Walton Hills. You simply contact our car buyers for a quote for a junk car and salvage car removal via tow in included. There are a few salvage car buyers in the greater Cleveland area, but none have the same commitment to eco-friendly recycling within the auto scrap and removal business. When selling an old car to us you will know that over 85% of the materials contained in the salvage vehicle will be recycled to either extend the life of a car still on the road or to bring life to new products. Residents of North Olmsted, Avon, and Fairview Park are encouraged to call us for a junk car quote at (216) 359-1010.  Those seeking cash for cars in Chesterland, Seven Hills, or Northfield that contact us regarding a price for a junk car, can expect same-day or next-day damaged vehicle removal.  Is your car sitting at a local Firestone Service Center, a Midas or NTB location in Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe, or Brecksville?  We are happy to pick up any damaged on non-running vehicle in Middlefield, University Heights, or Warrensville Heights.



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Scrap Material Prices

Scrap Material Prices

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with another posting related to the world of auto scrap and old car scrap. As one of the Cleveland-based sites who junks cars, we are well aware that commodities pricing among the materials which compose our vehicles, are the major factor in the price a seller receives when we buy scrap cars. Our next topic discusses how auto manufacturers and suppliers are realizing larger profit margins resulting from the lower costs of certain metals. In a December 7, 2015 posting on composed by David Sedgwick titled ‘Who gets windfall as material costs fall?’ explains the following: “Now that North American auto production is rising to record levels, raw materials such as steel, aluminum & copper ought to be more expensive, right? Instead, they’ve gotten cheaper. Automakers and suppliers are spending about $1,325 per vehicle for raw materials — $669 less than in August 2014, according to a study released last week by AlixPartners. Prices are soft because Chinese manufacturers have sharply scaled back their purchases, while economies in Europe & Japan remain shaky, said Mark Wakefield, director of AlixPartners’ automotive practice.

AlixPartners calculated costs by tracking prices of 15 raw materials from August 2014 through October 2015. Every commodity had a big decline, from palladium, down 25%, to crude oil, which dropped 51%. It’s not just manufacturing costs that have declined; shipping costs are down sharply. Diesel fuel prices fell 25% to $2.90 per gallon in that same period. Over the years, automakers and suppliers have developed two major strategies to cushion the shock of price fluctuations. The first approach is for automakers to buy commodities such as steel or aluminum in bulk and then resell to their suppliers. This allows automakers to get bigger discounts on volume purchases. The second strategy is to index the price of certain raw materials so that a component’s price can be adjusted every 3-6 months. This works for steel & aluminum — materials that can be bought or sold via public exchanges. Indexing gained popularity when raw material costs were going up. Automakers and suppliers realized it was inefficient to renegotiate contracts every time raw material prices fluctuated. Indexing created an automatic mechanism to deal with that.

AlixPartners estimates indexing covers just 70% of total commodity purchases, leaving the rest open to negotiation. If it’s a specialized material, for example, there may be no public benchmark price. So the onus is on the automaker to call in the supplier and try to claw back earlier expenditures. And that’s what is happening in the current environment, says Wakefield. Even if a material is indexed, the supplier benefits if the contract calls for price adjustments only every six months or so, rather than on a quarterly basis. Brent crude oil, the international benchmark for oil prices, will average $57 a barrel next year, according to a poll of 11 banks published last week by The WSJ. That’s up from $44 a barrel last week but down $100 in the summer of 2014. Likewise, steel prices seem certain to remain weak for a while. On Nov. 6, ArcelorMittal announced third-quarter losses of $700M, and the world’s largest steelmaker blamed it on cheap steel exports from China and weak customer orders. The dollar is stronger than ever, so raw materials can be imported at bargain rates. Nevertheless, Wakefield is advising clients to update their indexing formulas to take the guesswork out of raw material prices.” This link has the full article.

To summarize, as we have indicated in earlier posts, the auto scrap and old car scrap markets have plummeted this year. Those of us who buy scrap cars (who junks cars) have felt this impact, particularly in the per ton scrap price. The result is when you sell your junk car to us currently–the quote for a junk car price is much lower.

We buy scrap cars

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is the premier provider who junks cars in Twinsburg, Lakewood and Linndale Village. When we buy scrap cars, we do so for the purposes of recycling of both the components and to convert the materials to serve as ‘reduced cost’ raw materials toward the production of new goods. Central to the auto scrap market is the belief that it is critical to avoid dumping auto related waste and old car scrap into landfills. Those seeking to sell a car for cash in Aurora, Shaker Heights or North Randall, are encouraged to contact our scrap vehicles buyer today. Residents of Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe and Brecksville can generally have their junk vehicle picked up the same-day. On Saturday, our junk car hauler can get you cash for a car regardless of whether the vehicle is located in Solon, Fairview Park or Eastlake. Those selling a junk car in Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls, or Seven Hills can contact us @ (216) 359-1010.


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Recycling more than cars

Recycling more than cars

Are you seeking where to scrap my car in Pepper Pike, Aurora or Bedford? Are you questioning who junks cars Beachwood, Shaker Heights or Bentleyville Village? Cash 4 Cars Cleveland handles old car scrap and junk car towing and we pay cash for cars, trucks, SUV’s and vans throughout Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga Counties. Today is America Recycles Day, an initiative of Keep America Beautiful which can be accessed at In the spirit of this event, we encourage any residents that are trying to find out where to scrap my car, to contact our scrap car buyer today. On November 14, 2015 Diane MacEachern posted a story on titled ‘13 Items to Take Your Recycling Game to the Next Level’ with the following information: “When you think of recycling, paper, plastic, glass and aluminum probably come to mind. Electronics and most phone centers will accept your old phone when you buy new and many stores that sell computers will recycle your old one. In honor of America Recycles Day on November 15, check out this list of uncommon items you can recycle.

Vehicles, as about 85% of a car can be recycled, especially for scrap metal. Recycling metals requires 74% less energy than producing it new, so it reduces waste and helps reduce climate change. You can find an auto recycler who junks cars and handles old car scrap on A local company offering junk car towing that will pick up your car and pay you cash; just make sure you deal with one that recycles the components. With Google’s assistance you can find a place to receive cash for wrecked cars from a buyer of scrap vehicles

On a much smaller scale then old car scrap, The Lion’s Club’s collect used eyeglasses and delivers them to recycling centers, where volunteers clean, sort by prescription strength & package them. Most of these recycled glasses are distributed to people in developing countries. The Carpet Recovery Effort can help you recycle your carpet. If buying new carpeting, make sure the installer recycles it rather then sending to the landfill. Yoga mats can be recycled into place mats, drink cozies and laptop cases; the Boulder Mat Company will clean it up mats and donate it to a nonprofit. The Home Depot and the Christmas Light Source are among the companies that will accept old holiday lights; replace them with energy-efficient & longer lasting LED lights recycles wine corks into yoga blocks, shoes and others to replace petroleum-based materials and uses proceeds to plant trees. There are collection partners or ship your corks directly to when you have at least 15lbs, or around 1,650 corks, to ship. specializes in used & unused bras; 95% of them can be recycled, but only 15% actually are. The underwear is distributed worldwide & helps support those who don’t have the means to get their own. You can drop off your bra to a collection center, or mail directly to the Bra Recyclers.

Clothing can be recycled no matter what shape it’s in. Take it to a thrift store or sell it at a yard sale. T-shirts cut into strips are used for cleaning and many homeless shelters accept clothes as well. You can recycle your shoes at a thrift store, or send to Nike or Puma–both have recycling programs. Or donate your shoes to Soles4Souls, which provides footwear & clothing to those during times of disaster. Many people recycle plastic bottles. The Aveda cosmetics company launched a collection program to recycle rigid plastic bottle caps; they may be marked with a 5 in the chasing arrows recycling symbol. The caps include those from shampoo, beverage, detergent & pill bottles. They don’t take caps from margarine tubs, yogurt or lotion and spray pumps. Gold & jewelry shops will buy your gold at competitive prices. Jewelry can be posted on EBay, Craig’s List, etc.

Habitat for Humanity operates stores that sell household fixtures, windows, doors, cabinets etc. The Crayon Recycle Program takes crayons to a facility where they will be recycled into new crayons. They encourage donating old crayons to inner-city art programs, hospitals, orphanages, shelters etc. If you send your crayons for recycling, leave the wrappers on, as it can be hard to tell black from dark purple or blue.” The complete article is available at this link.

Who junks cars in Cleveland?

We are experts in the old car scrap and junk car towing and removal process. We provide an environmentally sound solution for those looking for where to scrap my car for cash in Northfield, Glenwillow and Avon. We are a provider who junks cars that offers same-day junk car towing and old car scrap in North Olmsted, Cuyahoga Heights and Oakwood Village. Residents of South Euclid and Cleveland Heights should have no confusion regarding where to scrap my car since we provide fast and professional scrap my car services. Even if your junk car is wrecked or totaled, we will purchase it in Brecksville, Bainbridge, and East Cleveland. To get cash for cars in the regions of Chesterland, Seven Hills and Wickliffe, call out buyer of scrap vehicles.

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Scrap Car Recycling Materials

Scrap Car Recycling Materials

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a local provider who junks cars for cash in Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga Counties. We buy scrap cars in Euclid, Garfield Heights and Eastlake. Are you trying to determine the value of a junk car? The auto scrap and auto junk related commodity markets have been on a sharp decline this year. Steel is among the biggest losers in price and it is high unlikely to improve anytime soon. This decline in market pricing for steel is the primary reason for the plummeting value of a junk car. Those who buy scrap cars (also referred to as those who junks cars for cash) are forced to offer very little for auto junk right now.

Top 5 Reasons for the fall of scrap steel prices:

  1. Steel is a material that can be limitlessly recycled and the recycling processes continue to evolve.
  2. It is produced by China, Japan, Russia and Germany, all of which can do so at a lower cost than the US due to less environmental & governmental restrictions and lower costs of labor.
  3. The global economy and growth of real estate, particularly in China, had fallen and decreased the demand.
  4. Although producers are lowering output, there is excessive supply available in most markets.
  5. India has recently become a leading producer, meaning they will have less reason to import the material.

In the October 28, 2015 edition of and article with the title ‘A massive Chinese industry is flashing warning signs that the world cannot ignore’ written by Linette Lopez discussed the following: “China’s steel industry is in crisis; the result of a combination of factors, including a slowing Chinese economy, falling commodity prices, and an industry with debt. State-owned enterprise (SOE) Sinosteel defaulted on a debt-interest payment of $315M on bond notes maturing in 2017– a sign that the worst may be coming. China’s economy is in a difficult transition from one based on investment to one based on domestic consumption. “New” China includes businesses in the services sector, like technology, retail, and banking. “Old” China includes the country’s property and construction sectors, manufacturing, and exports.  It’s important to note that China is carrying a ton of debt, thus less profitable as they spend making payments on that debt.  The Chinese government faces the challenge of managing this transition without a string of credit events crippling the economy.

As Bloomberg reports, Zhu Jimin, the deputy head of the China Iron & Steel Association (CISA), said that collapsing demand is putting the entire industry at risk. According to Jimin, production cuts are slower than the contraction in demand, therefore oversupply is worsening. China’s steel demand evaporated at unprecedented speed as the nation’s economic growth slowed. Average steel prices hit an all-time low on July 9. Now winter is coming, meaning construction will slow & demand for steel will weaken more. And when that happens, China will have to make a choice. Prop up its steel industry or make the rare decision to let companies collapse under the weight of their debt.” The complete story is available at this link.

Well it seems that the steel industry is going to be in trouble for the foreseeable future. In a future article I hope to analyze the situation from the manufacturing company perspective. If steel is one of your primary raw materials in production, the massive drop in the cost likely boosts profit margins.

The Value of a Junk Car

If you are wondering who junks cars for cash in Pepper Pike, Maple Heights or University Heights, C4C is available to offer buy my junk car services. To receive cash for scrap cars and related auto junk in Warrensville Heights, Lakewood and Tremont, contact our scrap car buyer today. We are here 6 days a week to buy scrap cars and we provide you a quote with the value of a junk car right over the phone. Complimentary towing of your scrap or junk vehicle is included in the junk car quote that we provide, regardless of whether the car is located in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights and Collinwood. If your damaged car needs an expensive fix and is sitting at a mechanic shop such as Firestone, Conrad’s, Midas or a transmission shop located in Beachwood, Bedford or Bentleyville Village—we will pick it up!

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Scrap Car Recycling, BMW

Scrap Car Recycling, BMW

So our next auto junk posting is underway. Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a local “where to scrap my car” outfit that allows you to sell an old car for vehicle scrap and receive cash. Regardless of who buys old cars in your area, they are all feeling the effects of the significant drop in the value of a scrap car. The value of a scrap car is greatly influenced by the auto junk the makes up its composition. As a firm who buys old cars, we have experienced the reduction in the price of scrap steel over the last year. Our next topic outlines how the auto manufacturer BMW recycles their auto products. On October 27, 2015 there was an article posted on written by Horatiu Boeriu titled ‘How does BMW recycle cars’ which discussed the following: “The BMW Group Recycling & Dismantling Center (RDC) in Germany first opened in 1994. Research is conducted into the compatible & efficient recycling of BMW’s. Although officially the RDC is a recycling firm, it primarily recycles their trial vehicles.

Using cutting edge technology, almost 90% of the vehicle is recycled and the reused when its life-cycle ends. Prototypes, pre-production cars, and cars used in marketing campaigns, are all arranged in a graveyard waiting to be transformed into scrap. First, the car is drained of fluids (oil, transmission fluid etc…). Airbags & belt tensioners are deactivated, and the battery and components are safely neutralized. Over time, BMW has been researching ways to improve this process, such as in oil removal from shock absorbers. Group experts worked with partners to develop a device for the quick and safe removal of oil. The fluids & some car components go to waste disposal, while the undamaged can be used as spares (e.g. panels, wheels, tires or radios). Metals like platinum are recycled. Engines are reconditioned and the body of the car is transformed into a cube by the crusher.  This cube is shredded into pieces and sorted, with the purpose of separating from plastics by using magnets or screening. This is done in order to reuse these as raw material.  It is certainly not an easy process. This process has become so important that they are exploring possibilities to dispose the materials in the best and most efficient way.

At the same time, BMW takes into account a “design for recycling” approach – for example, laying out vehicle components in such a way that fluids like oil, fuel or coolants can be removed quickly and easily at the end of the car’s lifecycle.” The complete article and a video can be viewed at this link.

Where to scrap my car

This interesting process outlines how auto junk is transformed into materials used in new vehicle production. The value of a scrap car to someone who buys old cars can certainly fluctuate based on a variety of factors. Some of the factors that influences the price are commodity scrap pricing, the costs associated with physically obtaining the car and the age of the particular model. Are you wondering where to scrap my car in Cuyahoga Heights, Oakwood Village or Glenwillow? We are a service provider who buys old cars 6 days a week throughout Tremont, Macedonia, and Bratenahl. Those seeking where to scrap my car services in Beachwood, Bedford and Bentleyville Village can contact our junk vehicle buyer at (216) 359-1010. If your car is broken down at a repair shop such as Midas, Monro, Firestone or Conrad’s in the areas of Maple Heights, University Heights or Warrensville Heights, we can be out to pick it up. Same day scrap vehicle removal is available in Streetsboro, Mentor and Willoughby as long as you can before 1PM during the week and 12PM on Saturday.

Auto Scrap News 1.3

Auto Scrap News 1.3

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with news concerning the old car scrap and junk vehicle removal industry. The value of a junk car is still trending downward. The month of October has brought the old car scrap prices to unprecedented depths as the demand for steel continues to erode. If prices drop another 10-15% it may no longer be feasible to offer much of anything for vehicles as the cost of the junk vehicle removal draws closer to the low value of a junk car. We are obviously hopeful that this slide will end and begin to move northward once again.

In Auto Scrap News 1.3 we interview Scott Stolberg, who is the President & CEO of A&A Midwest in their divisions located in Las Vegas, NV. A&A is a company with various business sectors including: A&A MW Cores, A&A MW Recycling and A&A MW Auto Wrecking. In addition, they have segments dedicated to both engine and transmission recycling and have a sister facility in Chicago. Here is the summary of the interview:

Q: What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing A&A Midwest?

A bit of everything including buying, selling, administrative, finance and HR .

Q: What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed?

There are professional auto wreckers and junkyards, but nothing in-between. I’m not sure how a junkyard makes it in today’s competitive environment.

Q: So you have offices in Las Vegas & Chicago. Can you explain what products are stocked in these locations?

Both Las Vegas and Chicago offer a full-line of engine and transmission cores and components. In addition, we manufacture components that our customers want such as cylinder heads, crank shafts, timing covers and more…

Q: I see that you supply cores to rebuilders etc. Are there any trends developing the transmission repair, rebuilding or remanufacturing that you notice?

Cores are becoming application specific and so the days of being able to use them even if not exactly the same are about over.

Q: Your Las Vegas location is reportedly handling recyclables such as electronics and computers. How has this been going?

Scrap is very challenging right now; however, with our diversified base we are able to handle the recyclables that are profitable and pass on the rest.

Q: Is there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful?

Online listings, EBay and SEO (search engine optimization)

Q: Your business has been around for many years. Are there any things that make Henry’s Auto Salvage different and unique in the industry (perhaps a certain niche)?

We will find you what you need as a rebuilder. We have a large network of sources we contact when we do not have something.

Q: The scrap prices have continued to fall in the US. What do you typically pay for vehicles these days in Vegas?

If the vehicle has a drivetrain that we want we will pay based on its value. If not, we will pick up cars no charge or pay $50-$100 if they bring them to us.

The broad scope of business segments that A&A MW is involved in is very impressive. One visit to will lead you on a journey through their vast offerings and capabilities. Truly a national company, they seem to efficiently maximize the value of a junk car across their spectrum of business divisions.  I would encourage you to visit their ‘News Room/Press Room’, as it offers a great deal of exciting news and information about the company’s developments.

Old Car Scrap

Do you need junk vehicle removal services in Bentleyville Village, Tremont or Macedonia? Are you wondering who handles old car scrap in the regions of Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls or Mayfield Heights? Although recently the value of a junk car has diminished a bit, there is never a good time to leave your car, truck or SUV sitting around or abandoned. We are available to pay you cash for your car 6 days a week in the cities of South Euclid, Cleveland Heights and Wickliffe. You can scrap your car for cash in Brecksville, Bainbridge and East Cleveland by calling our junk car buyer. Residents of Chesterland, Seven Hills and  Northfield are encouraged to get cash for their clunker by calling (216) 359-1010.

To view our previous interviews with industry experts in auto scrap and recycling visit these links:

American Auto:

Denton Auto Salvage:



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Low Scrap Recycling Prices

Low Scrap Recycling Prices

Those who buy scrap cars and offer junk car towing are facing a harsh reality. Per ton auto scrap prices have plummeted, thus, those seeking to get cash for a car will be mildly disappointed with the outcome. There are various factors affecting the auto scrap market, primarily it is reduced demand from industry overseas. Those of us who buy scrap cars are unable to receive much for the vehicle hulks and the costs associated with junk car towing are the same or higher. This article seeks to further explore the pricing in the current market.

An October 18, 2015 article titled ‘Scrap prices drop about 75% in last year and a half; decline affects recyclers, fundraisers, consumers’ composed by Tracy Overstreet on brought up the following interesting information: “Aluminum cans donated to Habitat for Humanity and metal picked up for the Hall County Hero Flights aren’t bringing in the money they used to. Scrap metal prices are down. According to Ken Barber of Alter Metal Recycling, the prices are down about 75% from a year and a half ago. The U.S. economy is down and so is the export demand for raw materials. Scrap metal containing iron, which used to bring $130 to $140 per ton, is down to about $30 to $40 per ton–back to 2000 or earlier prices.

Prices have really plummeted in October–there was a $45-a-ton decrease this month. People who bring in scrap cars thinking they will get the typical $150 to $200 are getting $40 per car now. Metals other than iron, such as aluminum & copper, are holding their values a little better. The drop in scrap metal prices has also affected the strategy for Hall County Hero Flight collections. Volunteer Gary Quandt said metal donations are being stockpiled until prices come up a bit. Barber believes it may be closer to a year before prices rebound.

Habitat volunteer Michael Cronin picks up cans at Ace Hardware and a Pump & Pantry store with his wife, Jeanne. He said donations fluctuate from two pickup loads to five pickup loads each week. Aluminum can revenue brings in about $25,000 a year for Habitat, Executive Director Dana Jelinek said. Since 2001, Habitat has received $370,000 in aluminum can recycling revenue, plus another $212,540 in aluminum grant funds. Jelinek expects that revenue to continue to decline, not only because of the drop in prices but also because of the increasing use of plastic bottles, which don’t carry the same recyclable value. To read the article in its entirety, visit this link.

Are you looking to get cash for a car in Pepper Pike, Aurora or Shaker Heights? Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is involved in auto scrap and will buy scrap cars 6 days a week in the greater Cleveland area. Junk car towing is included with whenever we buy scrap cars. Even if your vehicle is wrecked or damaged, you can get cash for a car by contacting our junk vehicle buyer at (216) 359-1010. Often times fixing an old car is simply no longer worth doing. Spending cash on an old clunker sometimes becomes very tiring, as the repair bills pile up at your local Firestone Service Center, Conrad’s or transmission shop. Having been through this scenario of dealing with an old car before, there comes a time when it makes more sense to simply make a monthly auto payment on a vehicle that you enjoy rather than keeping up with endless repair bills.

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Scrap Car Recycling Program

Scrap Car Recycling Program

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a buyer of scrap vehicles that strives to make selling an old car a simple process. To scrap a car for cash, the first step is to call for a quote for an old car or junk car. We are available 6 days a week to scrap a car in Lakewood, Twinsburg or Willowick. When you sell a junk car, which is basically vehicle scrap, the goal is to insure that the majority of vehicle is recycled or reused. Often when selling an old car, the buyer of scrap vehicles may determine that certain components can immediately be recycled to extend the life of another vehicle that is in need of an affordable replacement option. The price quote for an old car can vary based on factors such as the age of the car, the condition, the pickup location and current commodity pricing.

Our next topic outlines a wonderful auto recycling program known as ‘Recycled Rides’ which we became aware of through the National Auto Body Council. The following description of the program is from “Recycled Rides is a unique program in which insurers, collision repairers, suppliers, vendors and others collaborate to repair & donate vehicles to individuals and organizations in local communities. Almost 1,000 vehicles have been donated through the National Auto Body Council’s Recycled Rides program since its inception in 2007. Thanks to the efforts of many NABC members, the program’s has made a positive difference in the lives of thousands who have received vehicles or benefited through the services provided by organizations who have been recipients.

For many people, activities such as going to work, taking kids to school, shopping, and medical visits are a challenge. An illness or unforeseen circumstance can change lives and without transportation, make it difficult to get stability. RR can play an role to help open better opportunities, employment, quality of life, and increased self-esteem. In addition to helping make a difference in someone’s life, your company’s participation in Recycled Rides also provides other intangible benefits. RR helps build local goodwill and brand your company in local markets. Within your own company, it creates rewarding experiences, excitement and pride. Sign up as a member of the NABC and team up with your business partners & charitable organizations to donate vehicles in your community. NABC’s RR program doesn’t accept applications directly from individuals. NABC members partner with local nonprofit charitable organizations who select RR recipients. These organizations provide services and work directly with at-risk families and individuals and have the expertise to qualify and select potential recipients based on the individual’s needs.

Individuals who need assistance with transportation should contact family assistance programs. NABC’s RR program works with organizations such as 1-800-Charity Cars, Family Promise, Volunteers of America, VFW and others. Industry segments have expressed support for RR. Collision repair shops do the repair work, identify a charity partner & conduct the Ride-away Day Event. Insurers, auto auctions, rental car companies and others donate vehicles. Vendors with networks have shown their willingness to provide components. Paint & material vendors expressed their commitment to work. We encourage you to seek assistance from a mechanical shop or towing company if you need services during the project. Some shops go the extra mile to solicit local retail businesses to join in by providing gift cards for gas or automotive services & gift items for the recipient family. These can be presented with the vehicle during the RR Ride-away Day Event.” The complete program is available at this link.

We certainly feel this program is an excellent initiative and hope that it is continued for years to come! Those seeking a quote for an old car can contact us at (216) 359-1010 to scrap a car in Lakewood, Willoughby or Twinsburg. Selling an old car is easier than you think. Our buyer of scrap vehicles is on-hand 6 days a week to buy junk cars throughout Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga County. Regardless of whether you need to scrap a car in Lakewood, Mentor or Chesterland, we can pick it up and pay you cash. Many auto owners are faced with a decision on whether to fix their damaged car or whether to scrap a damaged vehicle. If your car needs a new motor or expensive transmission repairs and is over 10 years old, you may want to avoid spending more money on the non-running vehicle. We often remove cars from repair shops such as Goodyear, Firestone, Conrad’s and Midas service center locations.

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Auto Scrap & Recycling News

Auto Scrap & Recycling News

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with some new information on the junk vehicle recycling market. We are an auto buyer where you can scrap a car in Cleveland. Are you wondering where to scrap a car and interested in selling a junk car? C4C will buy your junk car and scrap vehicle 6 days a week. Our next topic has some exclusive feedback from an auto recycler in Kansas. Steve Denton’s company has two locations in KS; he has Denton’s Auto Salvage in St. Mary’s and Autoland Inc. in Carbondale. We asked him the following questions:

Q: What are some of the primary functions you handle in managing Denton AS?

Duties include buying, pricing and general management.

Q: What types of vehicles (for salvage) are your most sought after?

Currently these are Ford, GM and Chrysler cars and trucks from 2005. (And newer)

Q: What are some of the changes in the auto recycling industry recently that you have noticed?

Everything is getting technologically advanced from buying on the internet to insurance quotes that our downloaded directly from our database.

Q: Are there any marketing initiative(s) that you have used lately that was very successful?

90% of our business comes from insurance quotes, body shops and mechanical shops, so we don’t advertise much.

Q: How does your company track its inventory of vehicles and components? Are the inventories from your Denton location and Autoland location in the same system?

We share one database on Pinnacle Pro.

Q: Are there any things that make Denton AS or Autoland different and unique in the industry (perhaps a certain niche)?

We offer quality components and customer service. We do everything we can to make sure our customers are satisfied.

We encourage those looking for components in the KS area to visit their website at

A couple interesting points I noticed include how Denton has established a means of obtaining vehicles through insurance companies and a network of auto body and repair shops that contact him when seeing where to scrap a car. As an established auto buyer, Denton recognizes the importance of the technology and the internet to connect with those selling a junk car.

Those wondering where to scrap a car in Cleveland, Willoughby or North Olmsted should contact our junk auto buyer at (216) 359-1010 today. The requirements for selling a junk car are that you possess the vehicle title and a matching ID; this is the same regardless if looking to scrap a car in Cleveland, Euclid or Independence, since it is a state law. As a local cars for cash company serving the (216) and the (440) regions, we recognize the importance of quickly completing the cash for scrap cars process. Our service can typically provide junk my car services the same-day, which includes free towing of the car, truck or SUV.

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Auto Scrap Dumping

Auto Scrap Dumping

Here at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland, the area’s premier location for selling an old car and for old car removal, we strongly support the environment. Regardless of whether you scrap a car in Mentor, Lakewood or Independence, you can rest assured that we will dispose of the vehicle in an environmentally friendly manner regardless of the price for a damaged car’s proper disposal. Our update today takes us to Shasta County CA, located in northern CA with an estimated population of 170,000. They are apparently having problems with auto related scrap being abandoned in rural areas.

On August 11, 2015 an article on composed by R.V. Scheide titled ‘From Country Road to Wrecking Yard: Illegal Dumpers Trash Shasta County’ with the following details: “They came in the middle of the night, making one hell of a racket. When Ernie Pasero investigated the noise the next morning, he discovered the dented, rusting husks of (3) automobiles, abandoned less than a ¼ mile from his house in eastern Shasta County. They came again the next night–this time he went out to investigate. Through the darkness he saw a white dually and several figures working around it. In the morning, six more relics had been added to the collection, making for a total of nine vehicles. After the vehicles had been abandoned, Pasero and his wife called the Shasta County Sheriff’s vehicle abatement division and got an answering machine instructing them to leave their information. They never received a call back, nor did any deputies come out to investigate the scene.

The CHP did come out to investigate. One of the abandoned vehicles, the cab of a small pickup minus the engine, wheels and bed, had been left right in the middle of the road. The CHP officers moved it, and took down vehicle identification numbers and any other information that might lead back to the owners of the defunct automobiles. So far, the CHP hasn’t returned to the scene. Shasta County’s vehicle abatement program is a one-man show, and the one man has been shifted to jail duty. The Redding Police Department’s vehicle abatement program is similarly a one-man show. Folks who illegally dump standard household waste comprise the majority of his caseload; he estimates he completes 30 cases each month, and about 350 cases during any given year.

No one is quite certain how much waste is out there, hidden in the nooks and crannies of the county’s 3847 square miles. Choose a given country road or path, and the chances are good you’ll eventually run into an abandoned couch, refrigerator or washing machine. Construction debris, including sinks, toilets, carpet and tile are common finds. Citizens of Shingletown recently took matters into their own hands. With help from the county, including dump fee waivers, 20 volunteers cleared the waste and vehicles from several abandoned transient encampments. Who Shasta County’s rural residents should call in such situations remains somewhat unclear. I’ve put in several phone calls to the Sheriff’s Department and have yet to have a message returned. The complete story is available at this link.

Hopefully karma will catch up with these violators. The sentencing judge should have them spend an entire week picking up litter and scrubbing garbage cans and dumpsters by hand. Old car removal is available from Cash 4 Cars 6 days a week in NE Ohio. Call (216) 359-1010 for a price for a damaged car or similar non-running clunker. To scrap a car in Mentor, Solon or Twinsburg you simply need the title with matching ID. Selling an old car made easy in our specialty. You call our scrap vehicle buyer for a price for a damaged car and the old car removal in included. To scrap a car in Mentor, Chesterland or Willowick with same-day service we recommend calling prior to 2PM that day; otherwise, our next-day old car removal option is always available. Selling an old car in one of our service areas? We cover Cuyahoga County, Lake County, Geauga County and eastern Lorain County. Our buyer of junk cars will provide you a quote over the phone, making this  cash for scrap cars process simpler. The price for a junk car can vary according to various factors including the age, condition and location of the scrap car.

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Ohio Junk Car Problem

Ohio Junk Car Problem

Here at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland we are more than simply where to sell a junk car in Cleveland or where to scrap a car in Euclid, Lakewood or Berea. We seek to report on happenings involving junk cars in Ohio and throughout the US. As always, we encourage those looking to sell their car for cash to contact us for a quote for an old car! Our next story takes us to Bellefontaine, OH a smaller city of about 13,000 residents located 50 miles northwest of Columbus. Many residents are pushing local authorities to enforce the restrictions on abandoned cars, scrap vehicles and non-running autos that are scattered throughout the city.

An article in the July 31, 2015 on by Allison Wichie titled ‘Junk cars target of city’ revealed the following details: “An increase in the number of inoperable vehicles sitting in plain view of the public has prompted Bellefontaine city officials to push for their removal. Neighbors have also complained to the city about junk cars, said Weston Dodds, code enforcement officer in Bellefontaine. Police Chief Brandon Standley agrees that it was time to make an effort to step up the enforcement. Bellefontaine mentioned the problem in a recent department head meeting and spearheaded the idea to push enforcement of the city code.

A city junk or unlicensed vehicle law has been in effect for years, Dodds said, but in the last week officers have cited more than 40 people who were in violation of the city code. In the past 15 months the city has given just 55 citations. The Bellefontaine PD along with the Bellefontaine Code Enforcement Office will increase enforcement efforts to have junk vehicles cleaned up or removed over the next few weeks. Dodds fields complaints on junk cars from neighbors and combs the streets himself; police officers canvas neighborhoods on their daily patrols. People along West High Avenue said cars sitting on properties unmoved for multiple years are an eyesore.

According to Tammy Davis, you see the same cars sitting around, and there’s groundhogs living in vehicles – it’s just a mess. According to city ordinance, property owners, tenants and occupants are prohibited from leaving any partially dismantled, non-operating or unlicensed vehicle on any property for more than 7 days. This does not apply to vehicles stored in an enclosed building or garage. Officers will warn the owners to move the vehicles and mark them with a bright yellow sticker. If the owners do not comply with the request, they will be charged with a misdemeanor and have to pay for disposing of the vehicle.

Junk vehicles can be a safety hazard in the community, Dodds said. These vehicles sit around and you get the grown-up weeds, they become targets for vandalism and they can harbor rodents or pests. The goal of the sweep is to make the community safer and is not a revenue-generator for city government. The complete article is available at this link:

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland buys junk cars in Ohio; therefore, regardless of whether you want to scrap a car in Euclid, Parma or Willoughby, we are where to sell a junk car. To get the process moving you simply need the vehicle title (in your name) and call (216) 359-1010 to obtain a quote for an old car today! We offer same-day removal when you scrap a car in Euclid, Chesterland and Chagrin Falls. If considering where to sell a junk car, C4C is probably you best bet. When you junk cars in Ohio the vehicle title and photo ID are always required. The price quote for an old car will include fast pickup (towing) within the areas of Cuyahoga County, Lake County and Geauga County.

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Material Used in New Cars

Material Used in New Cars

The Jeep Wrangler is now made in Chrysler’s Toledo, OH plant. The organization was considering scrapping the steel body of the vehicle & transition to a frame using aluminum instead. As discussed in previous posts, the auto industry is faced with several mandates, one of which is adhering to strict fuel economy standards. One way to increase the fuel economy of a vehicle is to reduce its weight. To reduce the weight many automakers have begun using aluminum in place of steel in the infrastructure of the vehicle. There are several drawbacks to the transition to aluminum which include:

  • Aluminum tends to be more expensive, thus increasing production costs.
  • Many automaker plants are not designed to produce the vehicles with aluminum and need costly upgrades to do so (or move production to a different plant)
  • Although automakers must meet fuel economy standards, they also must meet safety standards, which are often more challenging when replacing steel with lighter weight materials.
  • It is rumored that magnesium, which is even lighter than aluminum, maybe the best long-term option, leading automakers to question whether to invest heavily in aluminum based production equipment, facilities, training and testing.

In the May 21, 2015 edition of, Cristina Mutchler’s story titled ‘Local 12 president weighs in on keeping Jeep Wrangler in Toledo’ brought up the following information: “UAW Local 12 President Bruce Baumhower says news from Chrysler that the Jeep Wrangler body will still be made of steel. The company was previously considering an all-aluminum infrastructure, which wouldn’t be built in the current Toledo facility and would have had to build a brand new plant, or else they would have had to leave.” Baumhower says: “Our members are very happy to hear that the Wrangler process will fit right into the Toledo plant. They also understand that we’ve got to find a way to build more, or we’re not going to be able to keep the Wrangler. We need Chrysler, now, to commit to expand here in Toledo, so that we can build 350K Wranglers a year instead of 230K.

About 3000 jobs tied directly to Wrangler production could be lost. Union membership remains hopeful that the steel-bodied Wrangler will mean good news. “We’re excited. It’s the opportunity that lies ahead to expand that Wrangler plant and build more cars and hire more people.” The complete article is available here:

Here at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland, we buy junk cars and are a great option for where to scrap a car for cash. To junk a car in Cleveland, Macedonia or Berea, call (216) 359-1010 today. To scrap a car in Lakewood, Geauga County and Lorain County, look no further than C4C when it comes to where to scrap a car. What are we paying when we buy junk cars? When you junk a car in Cleveland, Streetsboro and Mentor you can expect to receive between $160 and $250. The requirements to scrap a car in Lakewood, Willoughby and Lyndhurst are that you possess the vehicle title and a valid ID. If your car is broken down and needs expensive repairs and you are asking yourself where to scrap a car in Highland Heights, Moreland Hills and Maple Heights—then look no further. Free towing is included when we buy junk cars throughout University Heights, Warrensville Heights and Euclid. When considering whether to fix your vehicle or junk a car in Cleveland, Garfield Heights or Eastlake, the primary consideration is if the costs of repair exceed the vehicle’s value. We are available to scrap a car in Lakewood, Twinsburg and Linndale Village on Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5:30PM and Saturday from 9AM to 4PM. We’ll come to you & pick up your vehicle for free. We can purchase your car the same day in Newburgh Heights, Middleburg Heights and Parma. Get paid for your car in Beachwood, Bedford and Bentleyville Village. We buy cars, trucks and vans (with title) that are wrecked or have serious body damage in the regions of Tremont, Bratenahl or Chagrin Falls. Get a junk car quote from our junk car buyer regardless of whether your vehicle is located in Mayfield Heights, Lake County and South Euclid. We’re committed to being Cuyahoga County’s fastest, easiest way to get cash for a junk or unwanted car in Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe, Brecksville, and Bainbridge.

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Recycling Auto Plastics

Recycling Auto Plastics

The goal of ultimately having a means of recycling 100% of the components in US automobiles is not easy. We are a “scrap my car” company and the materials that we encounter working with junk cars & scrap vehicles are wide-ranging. When you sell a junk car we are obligated to insure that it is recycled (scrapped) in an environmentally sound manner. A material used in modern vehicles is plastic. In the May 5, 2015 edition of there’s a story by Doug Smock titled ‘Plastics Recycled from Cars: Yes, It’s Really Possible’ which discussed this aspect of auto recycling as follows: “The amount of plastics used in cars is increasing as manufacturers strive to reduce weight. Approximately 2M metric tons of plastic were present in end of life vehicles in the US in 2014. And that number will be rising. It’s easy to remove plastic bumpers, shred them & recycle the plastic. Getting at the massive amounts of plastic elsewhere in the car, particularly the interior, is challenging, but possible. The economics are fuzzy; the environmental benefit is compelling.

MBA Polymers, based in England, laid out the issues in an interesting paper presented at Antec in Orlando, FL. The residue left after dismantling & decontamination of old cars, large appliances and construction debris is shredded and then processed using magnets, eddy current separators & metal detection equipment to recover most of the metals. Raw shredder residue is plastic, rubber, wood, foam/textiles/paper/film mixture, wires and metal, and the remainder is tiny fines of various materials. Further processing yields a residue steam that is 84 percent plastic. Of, course, that’s a mishmash of many types of plastic. And there are residual automotive fluids from plastics used in fuel tanks, residues of paints and barrier materials and the presence of heavy metals. Still problems remain. There are color issues. Residual semi-volatile organic compounds create odors that pretty much rule out re-use in interior automotive applications. MBA Polymers does not recommend use of its products for use in toys, medical items or any food or oral applications due to possible contamination from “legacy” metals.

Recycled plastics typically have lower selling prices than virgin plastics, but special requirements can boost the cost. Costs are fairly stable because they are not tied to oil prices, but low virgin plastic prices have hurt the entire plastic industry. The real payoff, of course, is environmental. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries estimates that recycling of plastics from shredder residue could potentially result in annual savings of energy equivalent to 28.5M barrels of oil, savings of 40M cubic meters of landfill space, elimination of 1.6 to 4.8M metric tons of carbon dioxide and savings of 151M cubic meters of water.” The full story is available at this link:

In summary, it is apparent that the auto industry will continue to use plastics in vehicle production, particularly in applications that it is a viable alternative to metals. The reduced weight and lower cost of plastics are clear advantages. It seems that the financial incentive to recycle plastic is not as strong compared to metal, but hopefully new innovations will increase efficiency and thus increase the savings from using recycled product.

Here at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland we allow you to sell a junk car quickly. To sell my car for cash in Moreland Hills, Maple Heights or University Heights, simply call 216-359-1010. Our scrap my car service is available throughout Warrensville Heights, Euclid and Garfield Heights. We offer free towing when you sell a junk car in Eastlake, Twinsburg and Lakewood. If looking for a place to sell my car for cash, visit to get fast scrap my car service in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights, Middleburg Heights. We are the solution if considering whether to sell my car for cash in Parma, Beachwood and Bedford.  Those in Bentleyville Village, Tremont and Bratenahl can contact our junk car buyer for price on recycling your vehicle.  Residents of Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights and Lake County are encouraged to get cash for cars. If your car is facing a hefty repair bill from a Conrads, Firestone, Goodyear or other repair shop in South Euclid, Cleveland Heights, or Wickliffe, simply call us for junk car removal. We are proud to be a scrap car hauler and cash for clunkers provider in Brecksville, Bainbridge, East Cleveland and Chesterland.

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Scrap Car Tire Recycling

Scrap Car Tire Recycling

As we’ve touched on in previous articles, the disposal of old or scrap motor vehicle tires is a persistent problem for many communities. As a company that pays cash for junk cars, we are more familiar with the problem then we wish we were! What happens to the old tires when you junk cars for cash or sell the vehicle to someone who buys scrap cars? Those in the industry of scrapping cars will often have to pay to have the stacks of old scrap car tires removed. Our latest news comes from Peoria, IL where Chris Kaergard of posted an article on March 28, 2015 titled ‘Peoria tire recycling event exceeds capacity in first two hours’ with the following report: “In its first week, a tire recycling program in Peoria designed to help clean up neighborhoods has proven so popular that it went over capacity and volunteers had to stop accepting tires after 2 hours; coordinator Julie Eliathamby said they had to halt their collection efforts and ask residents to stop bringing the tires in. The trailer she & others with The Tireless Project had was filled with 1,010 of them and couldn’t take any more.

It was designed as a way for residents to not only dispose of any surplus tires they had, but also to clean up spots in the city where they’d been illegally dumped. The next day scheduled for recycling is April 25 at the same location. Organizers plan to host a drop-off on the 4th Saturday of every month through the end of September. That collection schedule will continue at the same location, but after the popularity of the first day — which was supposed to last from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. but ended up stopping at just after 11 a.m. The limit is 20 tires per resident.”
To view the complete article—visit this link:

So this recycling event was a success in that it removed over 1,000 scrap vehicle tires from the area; however, it appears they underestimated the demand for this service. We have reported on “story after story” that reinforces the point that solutions for the environmentally sound disposal of scrap auto tires are in heavy demand. Hopefully more companies that recycle old tires, using them as raw materials for new products begin to develop.

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland pays cash for junk cars throughout Cuyahoga County, as well as Lorain County, Lake County and Geauga County. To junk cars for cash in Streetsboro, Mentor, Willoughby, Berea and Middleburg Heights call 216-359-1010. We have been scrapping cars in the greater Cleveland area for several years. Are you asking who buys scrap cars in Euclid, Garfield Heights, Eastlake and Parma Heights? To get cash for junk cars in Lakewood, Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights or Seven Hills—just give us a call for a junk car quote. If your car is broken down at a local Conrad’s, Goodyear or Firestone Service Center in Beachwood, Bedford, Bentleyville Village or Tremont, you can junk cars for cash and leave the headaches behind. The requirements for scrapping cars in Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights and South Euclid are that you possess the vehicle title and an ID. Who buys scrap cars in Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe, Brecksville or Bainbridge? Same-day pickup is available throughout East Cleveland, Chesterland, Moreland Hills and University Heights if you call us before 2PM.  Next-day pick up is available in the regions of Maple Heights, Warrensville Heights, Solon and Twinsburg between 8AM and 6PM every day except Sunday. To sell a junk car for cash in Walton Hills, Northfield, Oakwood Village, Glenwillow—contact our junk car buyer today.

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New Auto Registration Program

New Auto Registration Program

Governments continue to unite technology to managing vehicle titling & registration and here at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland, we strive to keep abreast. As a buy my junk car service provider that pays cash for scrap cars, these requirements are crucial. We offer owners of junk cars, scrap car and non-running vehicles a price for scrap cars as long as they have the proper paperwork (ie… title and photo ID) and handle vehicle removal. In Texas, they have implemented an electronic system for simplifying and reducing the state’s costs involved in vehicle registration.

Gordon Dickson of posted on March 2, 2015 titled ‘New 1-sticker car registration gets rough start in Tarrant County’ explained as follows: “Monday was the first day of the new vehicle registration and inspection system, which requires one windshield sticker instead of two. The new system is supposed to save the state money& make things simpler for car owners. Residents reported problems, including confusing new requirements. At one point 100+ people were waiting in line at the Tarrant NE Sub-Courthouse, where a computer glitch clogged up the process. A sign at the door cautioned residents to expect a 45-minute wait. The TX DMV acknowledged some inspections couldn’t be verified electronically but the problem is being fixed. Manual verification, while slower, is available for any offices. Under the new system, motorists are required to get their cars inspected annually at a state station, as they have in the past. For many people, that’s the corner lube or tire shop. Owners are required to pay for that inspection. However, that $14.25 is a state fee that now will be tacked into the registration process — raising the typical cost of registration to $77, or $78 by mail. The key difference is that the inspection stations no longer place a sticker on the owner’s vehicle; Instead, enter whether the vehicle passed or failed into an online computer program.

When the registration is up for renewal, the local office looks up the inspection records to verify that the vehicle passed before issuing a new registration sticker. The difficult part for consumers may be remembering to have their car inspected before trying to renew their registration. Also, several residents were surprised to learn that if they allowed their registration to expire the last day of February and had an inspection that expired in March, their inspection was no longer considered current. They were told they would have to get a new inspection before their registration could be completed. Those with inspections due in April or later were allowed to renew their registration. The one-sticker system was approved by the state in 2013. The main goal is to reduce state spending. TX is expected to save $2M a year that it spends manufacturing & storing the stickers. Car owners will no longer be able to squeeze a free month or two out of the inspection system. Many motorists have continued to drive with an expired inspection sticker, knowing that police typically won’t give a ticket until an inspection sticker is past due by more than a month.” The complete story is available here:

Are you seeking a buy my junk car company to pay you cash for scrap cars? We offer you a fair price for scrap cars based on the current market prices and free vehicle removal. What the requirements are for you to buy my junk car?  In order to receive cash for scrap cars, you must possess the vehicle title and a photo ID. The price for scrap cars that you are quoted will include free vehicle removal. We are able to handle vehicle removal throughout the greater Cleveland area from Euclid, Garfield Heights, Eastlake, Parma Heights and Lakewood. Our “buy my junk car” service is up and running in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights, Parma, Seven Hills and Beachwood. We are paying cash for scrap cars in Bedford, Bentleyville Village, Tremont and Bratenahl 7 days a week. To get a price for scrap cars in Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights, South Euclid and Cleveland Heights, give us a call for a quote at (216) 359-1010. Is your car broken down in Wickliffe, Brecksville, Bainbridge, East Cleveland or Chesterland? Is your old car facing an expensive repair bill in Moreland Hills, University Heights, Maple Heights, Warrensville Heights or Solon? The good news is that our cash for cars buyer can provide residents of Twinsburg, Walton Hills, Northfield, Oakwood Village, Glenwillow, and Aurora a fast junk car quote and same-day vehicle removal.

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Scrap Pricing Plummets

Scrap Pricing Plummets

Here at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland, a local junk vehicle buyer, we continue to endure a massive slide in auto scrap and recycling market. The reasons for the recent decline are likely reduced demand in the now global market. When will scrap prices bounce back to previous levels? The answer is definitely not clear at this point.

On February 16, 2015 an article posted on in TX titled ‘Scrap Metal Price Drop Impacts Recycling Industry’ detailed the following information: According to Arnie Tyler with Esco Marine: “Tough times with the market. The price of scrap metal has dropped by an average $81 per ton from January to February. It had a tremendous impact on our operations here.” The company announced the indefinite suspension of operations. The site listed the ton price for shredded auto fell from $300 in January to $220 in February of 2015. The complete article is available at

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is the place to call when needing fast cash for cars in the greater Cleveland, OH area. We are a junk vehicle buyer and recycler that services the Cuyahoga County area. We buy junk cars in Wickliffe, Brecksville, Bainbridge, East Cleveland and Maple Heights. We offer fast cash for cars in Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights, South Euclid, and Cleveland Heights. Are you seeking a junk vehicle buyer in Euclid, Garfield Heights, Chesterland or Moreland Hills? We are available to pay fast cash for cars and pick up from Firestone Service Centers, Conrad’s locations, transmission shops, Goodyear stores, Midas locations and other auto body or auto repair facilities including those in Eastlake, Parma Heights, Lakewood, Linndale Village and Newburgh Heights. Our current “cash for cars” pricing is 25% lower than it was just two months ago and we look forward to a resurgence in the auto recycling scrap market in 2015.

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Scrap Update January 2015

Scrap Update January 2015

We are all aware of the recent “free fall” in the price of gasoline in the US. The scrap and recycling markets are experiencing a similar fall, albeit to a lesser extent. As a junk my car service provider in Cuyahoga County, we are tuned in to the cash for wrecked cars market. The price for a junk car had fallen due to a drop in price in the various recyclables that compose a vehicle. What does this all mean? Essentially, if looking to sell a car for cash, you will recognize lower than normal purchase pricing. A January 14, 2015 article on composed by Dan Voorhis titled ‘Falling price of scrap squeezes metal dealers, cuts thefts’ brought up the following points: “There’s not much gold in a pile of scrap metal these days. Wichita’s scrap dealers are feeling stressed as falling prices for recycled steel, copper & other metals have squashed their margins. It has meant slower operations, fewer hours & workers, and it may help spur some consolidation of the scrap yards. It also promises to slow metal thefts as the prices fall. The price of scrap iron overall fell about 20 to 25% over the course of 2014 because of slower economic growth overseas & the strengthening dollar. Both tended to cut into exports, even as domestic demand for scrap remained flat, according to industry publication Scrap Price Bulletin. Further declines are expected in 2015. Harlan Hartstein, owner of Wichita Iron and Metal, 922 Merton, said that copper was $4 a pound in mid-2013. Now it’s $2.19 per pound. They buy from the general public & local industry and sell to wholesalers and steel mills.

One piece of good news for the community is that tumbling scrap prices mean fewer metal thefts, say scrap yard owners. Scrap yards in Sedgwick County are required to record the ID, car description and license plate of anyone bringing in scrap. The information is sent daily to the police department. A few categories of scrap must be kept 48 to 72 hours before it can be recycled. Sellers of any copper items, or all metal worth together more than $50, are paid by check to generate a paper trail.” To read more visit here:

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a junk my car buyer throughout Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights, South Euclid and Cleveland Heights. We pay cash for wrecked cars in Parma, Seven Hills, Beachwood and Richfield. Looking for a price for a junk car in Lakewood, Linndale Village, Tremont or East Cleveland? To sell a car for cash in Northfield, Oakwood Village, Glenwillow, Aurora, Collinwood and Sagamore Hills, the required documents are an ID and the car’s title. We will pick up and pay cash for wrecked cars in Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights, Chesterland, Moreland Hills and University Heights. If you are considering spending money on repairing an old car at Monro, Midas, Conrad’s or a Firestone repair shop in Macedonia, Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga Heights or Highland Heights, maybe you should consider our junk my car services. In the areas of Euclid, Garfield Heights, Eastlake, Solon and Twinsburg we offer a fast price for a junk car and allow you to sell a car for cash the same day. We are the home of junk my car services in Newburgh Heights, Wickliffe, Brecksville and Bainbridge.

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Auto Aftermarket MBA Program

Auto Aftermarket MBA Program

Here at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland we recognize the importance of continual education, specifically as it relates to the auto industry aftermarket. The business of college in this county seems to have eroded for a variety of reasons. One reason recent graduates struggle to find exciting and lucrative positions in business is that their college curriculum is not industry specific. Obviously the fundamentals of business should always be included in any major, degree or certification; however, if this is the extent of the specialization, the graduate then has to learn an industry, which can take years to grasp. A refreshing example of a worthwhile program is now available at Northwood University known as the Motor Vehicle Aftermarket Executive MBA Program. Here is the bottom line on MBA programs:

  • MBA grads from the top 100 programs are very likely to obtain good paying opportunities, although these programs can end up costing $80,000-$150,000.
  • MBA grads from second-tier programs may only spend $35,000-$70,000 for the degree, but are unlikely to get much immediate impact in terms of landing a good paying job in a field they desire. If these degrees do not have a specialization such as accounting, e-business or IT, they are far more likely to disappoint; they just don’t deliver the boost to your career in most cases because they lack industry specific education to give you an edge.

This vehicle-related masters program is certainly worthwhile, I would imagine employers would be very interested in pursuing employment candidates with this very practical knowledge and industry specific training. Here is the description of the program: “The MVAE-MBA Program serves executives employed by organizations that provide products & services purchased for vehicles after the original sale. This includes replacement items, accessories, lubricants, appearance products, service repair as well as the tools & equipment necessary to perform repair. The program benefits executives working within the aftermarket supply, distribution & service network.” To see the full program visit here:

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland buys cars for cash and provides junk car removal in Cuyahoga County. As a scrap car buyer, we service the areas including Macedonia, Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga Heights, Highland Heights and Richmond Heights. Those seeking cash for my car services and junk car removal processing in the regions of Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights, Chesterland, Moreland Hills, and University Heights are encouraged to call. To sell cars for cash, the seller must have a photo ID which matched the name on the title to get cash for my car. Junk car removal begins with receiving a junk car quote from our scrap car buyer. Those residing in Oakwood Village, Glenwillow, Aurora, Collinwood and Sagamore Hills can contact us for cash for my car buying 7 days a week at (216) 359-1010. Residents of Warrensville Heights, Solon, Twinsburg, Walton Hills and Northfield should be aware of our website at We offer fast pick up of cars for cash from Firestone Service Centers, Conrad’s repair locations and transmission shops in Wickliffe, Brecksville, Bainbridge, East Cleveland and Maple Heights. If you need junk car removal and it is located at a repair shop such as Goodyear, Midas, NTB or Monro locations in Parma, Seven Hills, Beachwood or Bedford, simply contact our scrap car buyer.

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Scrap Vehicles US

Scrap Vehicles US

As a buyer of junk cars and junk car hauler in Cuyahoga County, we keenly watch activity within the junk cars and scrap vehicle market. An Indiana recycler has secured a contract to handle the scrapping of retired US military vehicles. The price for scrap cars varies widely, but I assume these are among the most valuable. To sell an old car weighing 2,500 pounds is one thing, but some of these heavily reinforced service vehicles are likely twice that weight. Laura Lane reported recently in an article posted in The Elkhart Truth titled ‘Scrapped military vehicles arriving in Spencer’. Some of the highlights of the post are as follows: “The disabled vehicles arrive on a flatbed semitrailer. The U.S. Army vehicles date back to the 1980s and are no longer needed by the military. They are now being shipped to scrap yards in 3 locations: Talladega, AL; Red River, TX; and Spencer. Since April, more than 1,100 early Humvees and aging armored Jeeps have been decommissioned at plant. St. Louis resident Richard Treloar, who deals in scrap metal, secured a contract with the Defense Logistics Agency and bought the long-closed building as a base for the operation. His contract calls for the decommissioning of 4,800 vehicles. Business at Demil Indiana LLC has been brisk since the first vehicles arrived on April 3. The contract lasts another 18 months so, which means thousands more unwanted military vehicles will end up in Spencer. The contract could be extended if all 4,800 have not been dealt with when it expires. The decommissioned vehicles are drained of fluids upon arrival. Their tires are stacked outside. Workers remove glass, headlights & metal items. The shells that remain are smashed flat. The military vehicles leave the grounds as components loaded high into semi-trucks, destined for recycling in Indianapolis. Treloar estimates that during the past eight months, about 15 million pounds of scrapped metal has been hauled from the site. He reimburses the government 8.5 cents per pound.

A bucket loader deposited heavy steel coil springs & twisted vehicle frames onto a pile of recyclable steel components. Another tall metal pile contained hoods & metal grilles. Tires were stacked high outside the building. About 60 intact Humvees were parked against a fence abutting the Greenbriar Senior Apartments, awaited the dismantling process. Vehicle shells are stacked, sometimes 4 high, against a building. Residents have complained about loud noises and semi traffic in the neighborhood. Police responded to a complaint about a semi parked in the road, a resident called police, upset about the beeping noise from a backhoe. Tommy and Karen Winders have complained at town council meetings about the noise and unsightliness on the grounds. Spencer PD’s Richard Foutch has responded to multiple complaints at the Winders’ residence, reiterating that the business is in an industrial-zoned area and not breaking any laws. Town council members say it’s not their job to oversee private business operations, unless there are violations of state or town ordinances. The Winders also have consulted with the town attorney and called the Indiana DEP, which reported just one violation at Demil Indiana LLC — an oil spill. Spencer PD responded to several property damage accidents involving semis striking the same utility pole at the intersection as they turn off the highway. Truck drivers have been instructed to turn down a different street to avoid the pole. The hiring of 20 local men to work at the plant contributes to the recovering economy.” The complete story is available at this link:

Spencer, IN is a small town of roughly 2200 people. It seems to me that the Winders’, the biggest critics of the recycling operation, must have too much time on their hands. Does this couple prefer that the facility simply sit vacant, to decay over time? The facility is a hub of economy activity that is good for the environment as well as the local economy by employing (20) people. Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a buyer of junk cars in the greater Cleveland area. For a price for scrap cars in Glenwillow, Aurora, Collinwood and Sagamore Hills, contact us @ 216-359-1010. To sell an old car in Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights, Chesterland and Moreland Hills, call the best junk car hauler in the area. Residents of University Heights, North Randall, Macedonia, Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga Heights, Highland Heights can reach out to our buyer of junk cars for a price for scrap cars 7 days a week. Is your vehicle at a repair shop in Richmond Heights, Streetsboro, Solon, Twinsburg, Walton Hills, Northfield or Oakwood Village? If your car is damaged and not worth fixing in the cities of Bainbridge, East Cleveland, Maple Heights or Warrensville Heights, visit our website to dispatch a junk car hauler.

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US Vehicle News

US Vehicle News

How are sales of automobiles in the US? The National Auto Dealers Association (NADA) has a positive forecast for the industry. On November 17, 2014 Ryan Beene with Auto News has an article with the following highlights: “Continued economic improvement, low interest rates & cheap gasoline will help new-vehicle sales rise more than 3 percent to nearly 17 million units next year, the most since 2005, according to forecasts from the NADA. Rising employment and wages, continued low interest rates and lower gasoline prices all signal an increase in new light-vehicle sales in 2015 says Steven Szakaly, NADA’s chief economist. Sales obviously are not going to be as high in ’16, ’17 and ’18 and in those outer years because individuals are not going to be coming back into the market, Szakaly told reporters today. They’re going to be continuing to pay off these leases and these loans that are extending out five+ years. So we’re not going to see them come in as often. Stable fuel prices give consumers a lot of confidence, rightly or wrongly, that they can go ahead and move back up into a larger-sized vehicle, and there’s the fact that these vehicles are becoming more fuel efficient, Szakaly said.” To see the complete article visit this link:

How does the slight increase in new auto purchases, combined with the sale plateau forecasted affect the scrap car removal industry? As a buyer of junk cars (aka scrap car hauler) will this have a positive or negative effect?  We feel that overall the scrap car removal market will remain about the same for these reasons:

  • New vehicle buyers are extending their loans to 6 and 7 years because:
  1. Higher costs for cars making the traditional 60 month loan unaffordable.
  2. Most American’s do not save money and don’t have adequate down-payments.
  3. Dealer sales practices of using “the low-monthly payment” method to close deals.
  • The vehicle cost we use for scrap car removal will continue to increase; however, should be off-set by the savings on fuel, as crude oil has reached a depth of $75 per barrel.
  • A scrap car hauler will typically experience inelasticity because the life cycle of a vehicle from new to used and then to junk is inevitable.
  • We typically are contacted as a buyer of junk cars after the vehicle is 10 years old.
  • Although vehicle weight continues to decline; the increased use of aluminum, which is of higher scrap value, will off-set the reduction in use of steel, which is heavier.

The bottom line is that those in the scrap car removal need not fear a decline. As an established buyer of junk cars in the greater Cleveland, OH area, our experience is that all vehicles will eventually reach end-of-life (ELV) status and as long as the total number of vehicles in the US is steady, the scrap car hauler will be in good shape. Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a buyer of junk cars servicing Solon, Bedford, Twinsburg, Garfield Heights and Maple Heights. Selling a junk car in Cleveland Heights, Collinwood Lakewood or Parma? Call us at (216) 359-1010 today! Those looking to scrap a car for cash in Eastlake, Euclid, Chesterland, Old Brooklyn and Northfield should visit us at for a junk car quote, which includes free towing across Cuyahoga County including the areas of Mayfield Heights, Lyndhurst and Richmond Heights.


Scrap Vehicle Displayed

Scrap Vehicle Displayed

A car dealer in Minnesota chose to put a scrap Mitsubishi Outlander on display rather than have it removed by a “buy my junk car” hauler or junk vehicle buyer. The Outlander, which sustained considerable damage, it parked in the front of the dealership for marketing purposes, apparently to show the resiliency of the (now) junk vehicle in a crash. On October 20, 2014 edition of Automotive News, Gabe Nelson featured a story entitled ‘A terrible wreck, but not a total loss’, with the following highlights: “Most dealerships send totaled cars to the junkyard. White Bear Mitsubishi put one on display, and it has been reaping the rewards. The wrecked Outlander Sport outside the store’s service drive came from a customer who survived a accident in which the vehicle was bumped across the median and into traffic; it slammed into a semi-truck at 65 mph. Customers responded so well to the ad that the crashed Outlander Sport became a marketing mainstay. It joined the Mitsubishi stand at the Twin Cities Auto Show, helping attendees visualize a new body structure that has helped the brand’s vehicles earn good ratings on a new test from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.” The full story is available here:

About the scrap vehicle

The Mitsubishi Outlander is described by as follows: “The compact SUV segment is tough; with long-established players such as the Honda CR-V, Ford Escape & Toyota RAV4 roaming freely. The 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander SUV is an alluring prospect. Subtle styling, an impressive list of features, and a tenacious all-wheel-drive (AWD) system that includes varying modes for differing off-road conditions help elevate the Outlander above more basic compact SUVS, as does a sub-$25,000 starting price. On the downside, the Outlander’s 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines are not the most powerful in the class, and Mitsubishi’s limited dealer network might make servicing and warranty work difficult in more remote regions.” In my opinion, it has the same unappealing front exterior currently used in many of the Mitsubishi line. The interior is simple and has nice styling, and I noticed a Rockford Fosgate sound system in the model I viewed.

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is where to get cash for junk cars in Cuyahoga County. Looking for a place that will buy my junk car? Searching for a junk vehicle buyer in the Cleveland area? We offer free towing (county-wide) and pay cash for junk cars 7 days a week. Our service area includes the cities of Lakewood, Independence, Maple Heights and Warrensville Heights. We are here to solve your “buy my junk car” problems, often available for same-day removal plus cash for junk cars in Garfield Heights, East Cleveland, Collinwood, Euclid and Eastlake. We want to be a junk vehicle buyer you can trust within the areas of Brecksville, Chagrin Falls, Solon and Twinsburg. We will pay cash for junk cars with titles in Parma, Old Brooklyn, University Heights and Cleveland Heights. As an established junk vehicle buyer, we encourage residents of Mayfield Heights, Richmond Heights and Bedford to visit us at for a free junk car quote today!

We presently service the following zip codes: 44107, 44102, 44111, 44144, 44109, 44108, 44105, 44134, 44131, 44134, 44124, 44128, 44106, 44104, 44118, 44121, 44112, 44110, 44119, 44143, 44146, 44128, 44122, 44123, 44130 and the surrounding areas of western Geauga County, western Portage County, northern Summit County and southwestern Lake County.



Scrap Tire Recycling

Scrap Tire Recycling

Golden By-Products Inc., a leading CA-based recycler and hauler of scrap auto tires, is facing a steep fine from the state. According to their company website they: “currently handle in excess of 4 million tires annually, over 33% of the Northern California market share; specializes in servicing Northern California’s vast agriculture & transportation industries, with the ability to handle tires of every size.” GBPI handles the scrap and recycling of these tires, many of which come from junk cars, scrap cars and decommissioned service vehicles. In an October 1, 2014 article on “The CA Dept. of Resources Recycling & Recovery (CalRecycle) has scheduled a hearing Oct. 15-17 at its Sacramento HQ over a proposed $965,000 fine against one of the largest scrap tire haulers and recyclers in the state. CalRecycle has accused Ballico-based Golden By-Products Inc. in Merced County of storing several times the number of passenger tire equivalents (PTEs) on its premises as its state permit allows. Golden By-Products also failed to follow state regulations regarding storage of waste tires and prevention of mosquito breeding in waste tires, the agency said in an Aug. 27 administrative complaint.” The full story is available here:

Here in Cleveland, OH, we have a fairly limited problem with mosquitoes, due to our weather. The brutal NE Ohio winters certainly keep mosquito activity to a minimum for a good portion of the year. According to the Connecticut Mosquito Management Program “Mosquitoes are cold-blooded creatures & don’t generally bite in temperatures below 50F. In Connecticut, some adult mosquitoes become inactive with the onset of cold weather & enter into hibernation before the first frost. Other mosquitoes die in the fall but have winter-hardy eggs, which hibernate as embryos.” Mosquitos are a problem when dealing with scrap auto tires because when improperly stored, the scrap tires can hold standing water, which invite these pests. Let’s take a look at the comparison of weather between Merced, CA and Cleveland, OH:

Months with low temperatures below 50 degrees:
Cleveland: January, February, March, April, May, October, November, December
Merced: January, February, March, April, October, November, December

At first glance it seems that Cleveland’s month of May would be the lone month differentiating the two cities; however, the daily high temperature in Cleveland during April is only 59 degrees versus Merced’s average daily high temperature of 75 degrees. So in actuality, the mosquitoes can likely withstand Merced’s limited low spring-time temperatures, where as in Cleveland the mosquitoes would be much less likely to exist until at least late-May.

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a junk car buyer and “cash for scrap car” buyer based in Cleveland, OH. When considering whether to scrap a car for cash, give us a call for a junk car quote. To get cash for a scrap car or to scrap a car for cash, simply call (216) 359-1010. Most of the junk car buyers keep standard business hours, but at C4C we offer cash for a scrap car on the weekends as well. Asking where to scrap my car? Where to scrap a car for cash? You have found it; visit today.

Scrap Car Batteries

Scrap Car Batteries

From the perspective of a scrap car buyer, the auto scrap and recycling industry is as strong as ever and new developments continue. In CA, the plug-in vehicle from manufacturers such as Tesla uses an auto battery that has been determined useful in delivering energy once they are retired from use in these cars. Tahmina Achekzai, with the Daily Californian, outlines this story in a September 24, 2014 article as follows: “With California making up about 40% of the nation’s plug-in electric vehicle sales, the state is soon to experience a surge of used car batteries — that have lost too much power to be of use to the vehicle but still retain enough to power households & businesses. The battery packs can be repurposed and given a “second-life” outside the car. By backing up solar panels, for example, they can help homes and workplaces become energy self-sufficient. The batteries that are on the road today, driving around between four tires, would conservatively buy enough energy storage to meet one-third of our energy storage requirements according to a UCLA and UC Berkeley climate change program. The batteries, while the heart of the concept, are not the only component. Implementation requires facilities to host the batteries, software to “talk” to electrical grids and equipment to interconnect the system.” The complete report is available by visiting

Auto Battery Misunderstanding

Johnson Controls, Inc. posted a report on Apr 17, 2014 with the following results: “Seven out of 10 Americans don’t know their options for recycling used car batteries. With more than 2 million conventional batteries going un-recycled every year in the US, JC is aiming to raise awareness about how to easily and safely recycle car batteries. To assist consumers, the company has created, where people enter their zip codes to find nearby battery recycling locations. About 97 percent of car batteries are recycled each year in the U.S.” Here at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland, the idea of someone simply placing an auto battery out with the trash is either a result of laziness or pure stupidity! The April 17th report can be viewed in its entirety at

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is in the auto scrap business in Cleveland, OH. As a scrap car buyer and cash for cars buyer, we buy cars 7 days a week. Call 216-359-1010 for a junk car quote and get cash for cars today. Auto scrap is conducted in an environmentally sound fashion and includes free towing. Cleveland premier scrap car buyer will provide a fair junk car quote and pick up your car throughout Cuyahoga County.



Ohio Scrap Update

Ohio Scrap Update

What would otherwise be considered junk or scrap can certainly generate cash! As we at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland specialize in being the place to sell a junk car and scrap an old car for cash, we recognize the importance of recycling other scrap outside of automobiles. The Lima News reported on September 11, 2014 in an article by Megan Kennedy, the city of Lima put their scrap out for bid. The details are as follows: “The city of Lima opened bids for 300 tons of scrap steel, scrap iron, copper & brass. We put it out to bid is because we want to look after taxpayer money as much as possible, says Public Works Director Howard Elstro. By going through the bid process, the department is trying to recover the most out of any city asset when it has been disposed of. Scrap metal is accumulated through the utilities department and the public works department. The cache consists of old guardrails, bicycles, fences, signs, sign posts, and old cast iron or copper that has been removed from the ground. The city will then bring in outside bidders to bid on the materials by the pound. B&G Auto Recycling, of Wapakoneta (Ohio), bid 4 cents per pound of steel and iron, $1.65 per pound of brass, $2.75 per pound of copper, and 50 cents per pound of lead. OmniSource bid 11 cents per pound of steel & iron, $1.65 per pound of brass, and $2.51 per pound of copper. City Auditor Randall Bartels said the two companies will split the metals. B&G Auto Recycling will purchase scrap copper, brass and lead, and OmniSource will purchase the remaining iron and steel scrap.” This is an Ohio Scrap Update brought to you locally by Cash for Cars Cleveland. The full article can be viewed at this link: It is refreshing to see logical ways of turning scrap into cash being employed by local Ohio government. If you have a scrap car or junk car that needs removal, just give us a call for a junk car quote. We are “where to sell a junk car, truck or SUV in the greater Cleveland area”. We are a buyer of junk cars, used cars & trucks, SUVs, vans 7 days a week and include free towing on all scrap vehicles as long as you have the vehicle title. Where to junk a car in Cleveland? Where to scrap a car for cash? How much is a junk car worth? Call us @ 216-359-1010 today.  

Lighter Weight Vehicles

Lighter Weight Vehicles

One of the primary factors that impacts the scrap price of a junk or scrap car is obviously the weight of the vehicle. Auto manufacturers are facing increasing pressure to adhere to mandates on the fuel efficiency of their vehicles. The endless process of minimizing vehicle weight is an important one. In an August 28th article by Antony Ingram of Green Car Reports, the findings of a survey show that “lightweight materials & weight reduction were a primary focus for hitting future economy and emissions targets.” With the many components involved in the complete production of a vehicle, this is wide-ranging process. Mr. Ingram cites several large recent developments “Ford’s 2015 F-150 pick-up has shed up to 700 pounds thanks to a new all-aluminum body & chassis. Also, aluminum is the current Land Rover Range Rover, which lost 400 lbs. BMW has looked to carbon-fiber reinforced plastic to keep the weight of its i3 and i8 plug-ins low. Some automakers still consider CFRP to be too expensive for widespread use.” To view the whole article visit this link:

Is vehicle weight reduction reducing safety?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) had an interesting point: “Large vehicles aren’t as big a threat to people in small vehicles as they used to be. A lighter vehicle will always be at a disadvantage in a collision with a heavier vehicle. But beyond weight, SUVs and pickups used to pose a bigger threat to car occupants because their energy-absorbing structures didn’t line up with those of cars. Voluntary design changes by automakers have largely solved this problem.” (Source:
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In the auto scrap or “cash for cars” business, approximately 20% of the vehicles we purchase or provide a junk car quote for are wrecked as a result of a collision. As a junk car buyer, many times we see wrecked vehicles where we wonder how the vehicle occupants survived the crash!

Vehicle weight reduction for junk car buyers

It seems that the reduction in vehicle weights would adversely affect the scrap value of junk cars, scrap cars and end of life vehicles. As a junk car buyer, will it reduce what is offered in a junk car quote? To sell a junk car, does this mean bad news for the cash for cars business? When vehicle items that were previously constructed of metal or steel are transitioned to plastic or other composite materials it does have a negative impact on the value of the vehicle from a the prospective of the junk car buyer. This impact is minimized overall because manufacturers use more aluminum in their vehicles, which has a higher scrap price then steel.

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a junk car buyer based in Cleveland, OH and will provide you a junk car quote in order to sell a junk car. Selling a junk car is simple, fast and good for the environment. We service all of Cuyahoga County including Cleveland, Lakewood, Old Brooklyn, Parma, Brook Park, Seven Hills, Independence, Bedford, Mayfield Heights, Coventry, East Cleveland, Euclid, Eastlake, Solon Twinsburg, Richfield, Chagrin Falls, Maple Heights, Garfield Heights, Northfield, Beachwood, Pepper Pike, South Euclid, Richmond Heights, Highland Heights, Collinwood, Little Italy, Wickliffe, Walton Hills, Brecksville, Macedonia, Aurora, Reminderville, Streetsboro, Hudson, Broadview Heights, Moreland Hills and the surrounding areas as a junk car buyer, “cash for cars buyer”, junk car hauler and are “where to sell junk cars” in the Cleveland area!



Northeast Ohio Auto Sales

Northeast Ohio Auto Sales

Multiple sources including and Crain’s Cleveland Business are reporting that new vehicle sales in Northeast Ohio for July 2014 surpassed the sales of July 2013 by 9%. According to Mr. Louis Vitantonio, president of the Greater Cleveland Auto Dealers Association, “Clearly these numbers represent strong growth for the retail automotive industry in Northern Ohio. We expected summer to be strong, but this is a pleasant surprise. It bodes well not just for auto dealers, but our local, state and national economies, which are so dependent on the automotive industry.” He stated that “the market is being driven by factors including pent-up consumer demand, greater availability of financing, a strong return of leasing and incentives from both dealers and manufacturers.” Here is the link to the story on Crain’s:

How do new car sales impact the scrap car and auto recycling markets? Obviously a new vehicle takes the road and the owner’s previous car is either sold as used, scrapped or sold for components. And thus the cycle of what ultimately becomes a scrap car rolls onward. For a junk car quote simply contact Cash 4 Cars Cleveland at 216-359-1010. Where to junk a car in Cleveland? Where to scrap a car in Cleveland? Look no further than Cash 4 Cars Cleveland, the home of receiving cash for a scrap car. We give you a junk car quote 7 days a week throughout Cuyahoga County and include free towing and removal of the vehicle. All you need is the vehicle title and acceptable ID to get cash for your scrap car in Cleveland. To junk a car or scrap a car in Cleveland, contact C4C today! Northeast Ohio Auto news is on the upswing for July.

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Cleveland junk cars

Car Tire and Battery Dumping

Car Tire & Battery Dumping In Ohio

Ohio’s Little Scioto River has been accumulating scrap and junk from junk cars and scrap cars. The river runs approximately 27 miles from Bucyrus and Marion, OH. It is a tributary to the Scioto River and ultimately flows to the Mississippi River. For some reason, items from junk cars and scrap cars seem to be landing in this river.   Who is doing this dumping? Is it a scrap car buyer or junk vehicle hauler? We doubt it, more than likely; the culprits are individuals looking for a quick place to discard items such as tires from junk cars and batteries from scrap cars.

According the US Environmental Protection Agency, “Creosote contamination in the Little Scioto River was most likely caused by poor disposal practices at Baker Wood Creosoting.  The EPA cleaned up the Baker Wood property draining and dredging a stretch of river. The area was backfilled with clean soil. Contaminated sediment was removed and dried. It was shipped to Bucyrus, Ohio for disposal.  It was funded by EPA ($2 million) and Ohio EPA ($1 million). Additional funding to complete the cleanup along the river to State Route 739 was no longer available.  The project was originally started in 2002 and paid for by U.S. Coast Guard Oil Pollution Act funds”. Creosote is essentially the portion of chemicals obtained via the distillation of a tar that remains heavier than water. The complete report is available online at:

The Marion Star’s Nick Bechtel reported on July 20, 2014 that “a group of volunteers fished out tires, car batteries, car components and other bits of junk from the Little Scioto River. This was the first river sweep in two years. In 2012, volunteers removed more than 50 tires from the river”. The article can be viewed at

It seems that many Ohioans are simply not concerned with the potential for contamination associated with dumping old tires and car batteries into a river. Equally as important, this type of littering severely lessens the appearance of the river area. We encourage local law enforcement to “make an example” and discourage this behavior by punishing the perpetrators with jail time, lengthy community service in which days are spent cleaning up discarded hazards and increased fines. Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a scrap vehicle buyer and junk vehicle hauler based in Northeast Ohio.  We buy junk vehicles 7 days a week in cash and ensure the environmental disposal of end of life vehicle. Looking to scrap a car in Cleveland? Call 216-359-1010 today.

Scrap Car Tires

Car Tire and Battery Dumping

Auto Filled with Scrap

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Auto Scrap News

Auto Filled with Scrap

While many people sell legitimate items for recycling or selling scrap cars, some people choose to sell stolen scrap to those buying junk cars, metals and more. There has been occurrences where the buying of junk cars has been attempted with a stolen vehicle to junk auto buyers. Luckily, because the vehicle’s title and an ID are required, selling scrap cars and metals is increasingly difficult. Buying junk cars without the documention is not possible and trying to sell a car for scrap illegially obviously is not a good idea. To sell a car for scrap to junk auto buyers or “cash for cars” companies is often tried, but rarely accomplished.

The Gallipolis Daily Tribune is reporting an incident involving an auto at a local scrap site in their June 19, 2014 article by Amber Gillenwater. “A prison sentence was handed down in the Common Pleas Court of Gallia County against a man, Brendon M. Harrison, a total of 17 months, in the for theft and receiving stolen property after his community control was revoked by the court. Harrison had been sentenced to 24 months of community control in December after he pleaded guilty to stealing metal items and to being in the possession of two stolen firearms. Harrison was initially arrested at approximately at L&L Scrap Metal in Gallipolis after he was intercepted at that location by a homeowner whose goods he had allegedly stolen shortly before his arrival at the business.” According to “His vehicle was towed from the scrap yard and was placed in storage until the victim could retrieve his items.” It appears this this young man would be committing additional thefts in Ohio anytime soon.

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is in the business of buying junk cars and is a great option when looking to sell a car for scrap in Cleveland. Classified as junk auto buyers, we are the home for selling scrap cars in the Cleveland, OH area. Please note that we do require the vehicle title and valid ID when buying junk cars and selling scrap cars. We service the greater Cuyahoga County area in the (216) and (440) area codes and service Cleveland, Lakewood, Berea, Parma, Middleburg Heights, Garfield Heights, Eastlake, Bedford, Mayfield Heights, Independence, Fairview Park, Euclid, Cleveland Heights, East Cleveland, bedford Heights, Chesterland, Northfield, Moreland Hills, Twinsburg, Brecksville, Macedonia are the surrounding areas. You can call us seven days a week at 216-359-1010 to get cash for your car quickly and with free towing included.


Crash Avoidance Technology, Auto Scrap Impact

Crash Avoidance Technology, Auto Scrap Impact

junk vehicle buyer, auto scrap, auto recycling junk vehicle buyers, scrap car buyer, junk car removal

A new proposal could adversely impact the auto scrap and auto recycling business. What if the percentage of vehicle collisions and accidents were prevented from occurring? Could the auto scrap industry begin to see diminishing opportunity to accumulate inventory of scrap cars and wrecked vehicles? If the number of auto collisions and accidents were reduced by 20%, the auto recycling industry, particularly buyers of junk vehicles, would not have access to as many scrap cars and wrecked vehicles. An article by Mark Henricks in the May 2014 edition of American Recycler News looks into the potential impact in the auto scrap industry if new collision prevention technology was implemented and was effective. “A large decrease in the number of automobile accidents is what federal safety regulators are forecasting, thanks to anticipated requirements for high-tech crash avoidance systems. The federal Department of Transportation (DOT) recently announced it would pursue a plan to require vehicle makers to install devices that will let cars communicate with each other. The technology could prevent up to 80 percent of wrecks. That would mean 4.5 million fewer potential customers for body replacement and other items damaged in collisions. The major decline will be caused by vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technologies.”

The auto scrap industry and auto recycling market will likely not recognize a decrease in available scrap cars or wrecked vehicles anytime soon. When have government projections ever been accurate? How often do government initiatives come close to reaching their goals? The answer is almost never. Buyers of junk vehicles will not likely recognize an impact as a result of V2V technology for many reasons including the following:

  1. How much money in research and development are auto manufacturers actually going to allocate for this technology? They are in business to boost profit and is V2V technology appealing enough to impact buyer behavior?
  2. If V2V technology development, implementation and installation increase the overall costs in producing a vehicle, manufacturers will likely reduce quality and durability elsewhere in vehicle production to off-set these new additional costs that they are required to meet.
  3. It sounds too good to be true. Can a piece of technology actually reduce accidents by up to 80%? The dynamics and various factors that have an effect on traffic on our roadways such as weather conditions, speeds, potholes, inclines and declines is a lot to consider for even the “smartest” technology.

To summarize, I foresee a greater threat to the auto scrap market and auto recycling world being if 10-12% of the population chose to no longer use a vehicle on a daily basis. If 10% of drivers began using public transportation, mass transit, bicycling, vehicle “sharing” and upstart taxi-type startups such as Uber, the number of vehicles available overall would significantly diminish. To buyers of junk vehicles and wrecked vehicles, the impact would be negative. The auto scrap forecast, or outlook for the future of auto recycling is so complex that I am hard-pressed to see many technological advances that would reduce the volume of scrap cars in the market. Considering that vehicles are produced using valuable metals also has a stabilizing effect on the industry of auto scrap and demand for auto recycling. Humans are the operators of vehicles and inherently make mistakes, so there should be plenty of wrecked vehicles and scrap cars available to buyers of junk vehicles.


Scrap Processing Award Ohio

scrap cars, junk cars, Cleveland scrap auto buyer, scrap prcessing award Ohio

Scrap Cars

Scrap Processing Award Ohio

What happens to the various components of old junk cars and scrap cars? Auto scrap can be a problem since much of the waste associated with junk cars and scrap cars is potentially harmful to the environment. The Ohio EPA released an update on May 13, 2014 that specifically allocates $600,000 to scrap auto tire removal, processing and recycling. According to the release, “nearly 57,000 Ohio scrap tires are expected to be recycled over the next two years from these two projects. This is a great opportunity to team up with Ohio businesses to reduce the number of discarded scrap tires and reuse them as a valuable feedstock,” said Ohio EPA Director Craig Butler. Here is the link to this auto scrap article:

As a Cleveland junk auto buyer that buys junk cars, wrecked vehicles and scrap cars, we recognize the problems associated with environmental compliance. This scrap processing award Ohio is an excellent solution for auto scrap. Assuming that you sell a car for scrap, you may not be aware of what actually happens during the disposal. A Cleveland junk auto buyer, such as Cash 4 Cars Cleveland makes sure that when you sell a car for scrap, that your junk car does not pollute the environment. Scrap cars have many components that are directed in the used market and the metals are a great source of raw materials to manufacturers.

To sell a car for scrap call 216-359-1010 or visit today.


Cleveland Scrap Yard, Illegal Dumping

cleveland junk cars

Horses found Cleveland Scrap Yard

scrap car Cleveland

Raid Cleveland Scrap Yard


Cleveland Scrap Yard, Illegal Dumping

An auto scrap yard on Cleveland’s east side is the subject of a raid and investigation stemming from allegations concerning the illegal dumping of used auto tires and other items typically associated with an auto scrap yard and auto recycling. According to a article on May 8, 2014, “local authorities raided a Cleveland scrap yard that’s accused of illegally dumping tires. CPC’s Towing & Recycling on Kinsman Rd. was raided by police, sheriff’s deputies, and members of other agencies.” This Cleveland scrap facility houses junk vehicles and scrap vehicles for auto recycling.

Cleveland scrap vehicle facilities and other auto scrap yard sites are required to conform to environmental concerns with how they handle and process junk vehicles and scrap vehicles in their auto recycling operations. Two dogs and two horses were also found on the property and other details are to follow.

Buyers of junk vehicles and scrap vehicles that do not adhere to auto recycling guidelines continue to give the auto scrap yard industry a bad name. Many of these “cash for cars” companies are possibly not aware of the current local laws governing the environmental challenges of disposal of junk cars and scrap cars.

The complete article can be seen at:


Auto Scrap Buyer Investigation

Auto Scrap Buyer Investigation

According to the Chicago Sun Times in an April 2014 article, a buyer of scrap cars, trucks and vans is being investigated for purchasing many possible stolen vehicles.  Here is the link to the article:

Adelman’s Truck deals with a vast inventory of cars, trucks, equipment, and components and has locations in both Illinois and Ohio.  In a story in the April 4, 2014 edition of the Canton Repository, “Aaron Adelman, from Chicago was charged of receiving, possessing and/or selling a stolen vehicle.” Here is the link to the article:

Although Illinois state law requires that scrap car buyers obtain proof of vehicle ownership from sellers, apparently this operator was buying junk cars, scrap cars and disabled vehicles without verification. 

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Auto scrap & auto recycling update; junk and scrap cars

Auto scrap & auto recycling update; junk and scrap cars

See this article from Recycling Today (RT) by Curt Harler, posted on March 4, 2014:

Some recent news concerning the auto scrap, junk car and automobile metal salvage industry. The 2015 new Ford F-150 pick-up truck, will apparently be much lighter than the present truck model. It will feature increasing use of major components made of aluminum rather than the traditional use of steel.

“The frame of the new truck is 100 percent steel, and in fact the new F-150 uses more high-strength steel than the existing truck,” according to Wes Sherwood of Ford.

Other manufacturers are transitioning to alternatives to traditional steel frames, such as the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.  According to General Motors Co., headquartered in Detroit “It uses an aluminum space frame that replaces the steel frame used on cars. Both carbon-fiber and carbon nanocomposite units assist in reducing weight” Ford states they use “military grade alloy aluminum and high-strength steel in the F-150 and intends to use the aluminum alloy in the cab, tailgate and cargo areas.

Lawrence Kavanagh, president of the Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI) says “Steel is presently 60 percent of vehicle curb weight, but overall he does not see steel’s percentage falling anytime soon”

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Cleveland Recycling News: Rocky River Trash and Junk Removal

Cleveland Recycling News: Rocky River Trash and Junk Removal

Story from The Morning Journal about Rocky River’s Refuse & Recycling

The city of Rocky River presently has a public program for removal of refuse and recycling (hauling junk, trash and recycled items).  Amid budget challenges, the city is considering the possibility of privatizing this function or implementing an automated way to remove trash, junk and recyclable materials.  In the Morning Journal’s December 22nd article by Jon Wysochanski, the reason for a change in how scrap, trash, junk and materials for recycling are processed is based on economic factors. “According to Mayor Pamela Bobst, the city is considering instituting a fee for the $2.2 million program.  Bobst said the fee could fall anywhere between $8 to $10 per month.   Bobst said preliminary research has been conducted concerning the program and the 2014 budget.   Over the past two years the city has looked at automated collection or privatization of refuse and recycling, Bobst said, and in order to balance the 2014 budget, the city cut the refuse and recycling transfer portion of the general fund from $1 million to $500,000. This cut means the city must seek other revenue sources to pay for the program.”

This issue of how to handle cost associated with removal of junk, trash, scrap and recyclables is somewhat of a microcosm of a bigger issue. All Cleveland area communities and Cuyahoga County areas should consider disconnecting themselves from such non-critical functions. Can the government execute services in a cost effective manner?  Is there any reason why citizens would rather have the public removing the trash, junk, scrap items and recyclable items? The obvious answer is to generate a request for proposal for a private company to cost-effectively execute removal of trash, scrap and recycling related materials. The citizens will not likely notice the difference and the price will be low. Equally as important is that the Mayor and city council can narrow their focus to more important issues.

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