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Guy Complains After Junk Truck Parked in Street is Scrapped

If your car isn’t worth fixing and sitting around in Highland Heights, Maple Heights, or Middlefield–sell a car for scrap today! If your junk car has been sitting around awhile, you can ask your neighbors in University Heights, Richmond Heights, or Pepper Pike where to sell a junk car—they’ll find one! The guys who buys old cars throughout Euclid and Garfield Heights can include fast removal services. Don’t leave that old ride sitting there in Eastlake, Twinsburg, or Lakewood—get paid from a wrecked car buyer for the vehicle

An Oklahoma City man had left his 1993 Chevrolet Suburban parked in the street claiming he was going to make repairs to the engine. One day the car disappeared. He says that the vehicle had many family photos and other personal items that had value. He was apparently aware that the city wanted the vehicle removed—but they were not the ones who towed it. Apparently the truck was brought to a local recycler who had already crushed it. The recycler said that a woman came asked him to tow and remove that truck and he paid her $100. She claimed to have misplaced the title, but he took it anyhow. In addition, he says that he took a photo of her ID; however, his phone later “crashed” and he lost the photo. The truck owner wondered how this happened. The law say that 2008 (or older) vehicles do not require a title, registration or notarized bill of sale, unlike a newer model would. (This is NOT the case here in Ohio) The lady on the street who “sold” it was in the wrong for taking cash for it, yet I don’t blame her for trying to get someone else’s junk moved out of the street.

We are a recycler with a commitment to “green” practices, our auto recycling of steel uses 60% less energy. No need to worry, you can still sell a car for scrap by contacting our office in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights, & Collinwood. Are you wondering where to sell a junk car in Sagamore Hills, Middleburg Heights, or Glenwillow? Give us a call today for a scrap car price quote. Who buys old cars for salvage in the regions of Parma, Beachwood, or Bedford Heights? Are you wondering where to find a fast wrecked car buyer in Bratenahl, Mantua, and Lake County?  Contact us today by calling (216) 359-1010.

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Junk Vehicle Removal Offered for Free Following New Ordinance

Owners of junky unwanted scrap vehicles in the areas of Parma, Beachwood, & Bedford Heights can rest assured that we buy cars for cash. When it is time to tell your old car goodbye, get a junk car quote and we’ll be out on the fly in Bratenahl, Mantua, or Moreland Hills. The salvage car market is the entryway to the beginning of the auto recycling process in Chagrin Falls & Mayfield Heights.  To sell a car for cash in Lake County, South Euclid, or Cleveland Heights the process is quite simple and easy.

In the city of Columbus, IN, residents are now seeing increased enforcement of junk vehicles that often litter the yards, driveways and streets. City leadership is implementing a new ordinance to step up removal of junk vehicles by offering free towing. The Mayor says that thus far there has been some progress with this salvage program. The ordinance satisfies any legal requirements or other “red tape” that tends to slow down attempts to take action. Residents are apparently breathing a sigh of relief as these abandoned vehicles are unsightly, may leak contaminants, suppress property values and can psychologically encourage crimes such as vandalism and littering. The population of the city is roughly 44,000 and touts the existence of over 700 acres of parks, “green” space and trails.

Many auto recyclers dismantle all vehicles to recover fluids and components for many various uses. Selling your junk car with our cars for cash operation in Maple Heights, Middlefield, or University Heights is likely able to be done the same-day. We are on-hand now in Richmond Heights, Pepper Pike, & Euclid to provide you a fast junk car quote and cash for your car.  Don’t simply leave that salvage car just sitting around in Garfield Heights, Eastlake, or Twinsburg —sell it for cash today. The facts are that those in Lakewood, Linndale Village, & Newburgh Heights can sell a car for cash very quickly today. We can be reached at (216) 359-1010 today!

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Scrap Car Impound Lot is Getting Crowded

Car owners throughout the areas of North Randall, Solon, & Walton Hills should consider contacting our buyer of scrap cars. Believe me, you neighbors in Brooklyn, Streetsboro, and Fairview Park, want you to have our junk car hauler remove that old car. The overall price for a junk car is forecasted to remain low in the short-run in East Cleveland, Chesterland, & Seven Hills.  When you choose to sell us your car or truck in Northfield, Cuyahoga Heights, or Oakwood Village, you can be certain that it will be recycled via the best environmental practices.

Randy’s High Country Towing has the contract for towing car for the city of Colorado Springs. Lately, the storage facility has to call them out frequently to shuffle the cars around to make more room. The crowding problem apparently begins a chain reaction that impact getting the current junk vehicles off of the streets. Broken down vehicles are not being picked up due to the problem at the impound lot, which is bad news for neighbors hoping to see these vehicles removed.

Councilman Don Knight says that it is disturbing when the city is unable to follow through on a service. One reason for the overcrowding is that some vehicles must be retained for evidentiary purposes. The police department currently lacks the funding for a larger space, as they are operating with a few hundred fewer officers than a comparably sized city. A recent sale took place that resulted in over 150 of them being removed. Randy’s does more than simply towing to the impound, as they handle pretty much any towing needs for the city as part of the contract.

Were you aware that auto scrap recycling saves over 80 million barrels of oil, normally lost in manufacturing new components? Cash 4 Cars Akron is presently a buyer of scrap cars active in Bedford, Berea, & Tremont. We are an established junk car hauler in Avon, Warrensville Heights, & Reminderville that can usually pick up your damaged or wrecked vehicle the same day. In 2016 the price for a junk car has diminished quite a bit regardless if located in Geauga County, Wickliffe, or Macedonia. When you sell us your car in Aurora, Westlake, or Shaker Heights, you are allowing for the second generation or after-life of the vehicle to begin.

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Automotive Study About Regulatory Standards

Were you aware that we currently buy scrap cars and pick them up throughout Ohio City, Highland Heights, and Maple Heights, OH? Those who truly want to obtain cash for scrap vehicles in the regions of Euclid, Garfield Heights, and Eastlake, should give us a call. From an environmental perspective, our old car scrap processes do not harm the ecosystem in Twinsburg, Lakewood, or Linndale Village. Scrap pricing has remained much low these days in the Newburgh Heights, Collinwood, and Sagamore Hills, luckily vehicle removal expenses are low.

Here is a brief excerpt summary of some of the findings associated with the University of Indiana’s Macroeconomic Study of Federal & State Auto Regulations: “Causal Pathways for Economic Impacts:  We consider three options for how the regulations and such standards can impact the U.S. economy:

  • How the cost of manufacturing cars rises and effects the prices paid by purchasers
  • By stimulating the vehicle supply chains with innovation, hiring, and new advancements in electric vehicles, vehicle weight reduction and new styles of engines etc.
  • How reduced gas usage allows for other spending among households and the way it impacts the fuel market

The basic findings of the model are with increased with the following:

Increased regulations: As standards become more rigid there are drop in related employment, as well as reduced disposable income available to spend elsewhere.

Innovation: Along the supply chain, the innovations necessary to gain compliance serve to off-set the problems with employment and income.

Savings of gas: That when consumers spend less on gas they transition those funds back into the economy that actually has a better overall effect on the economy, despite the way it hurts the U.S fuel business segment.” The complete story is available here.

The Old Car Scrap Process

Did you know that old cars contain hazardous chemicals that we process in an environmentally compliant way to avoid contamination? No need to make it more complex than it is for junk car owners in Westlake, Shaker Heights, North Randall—we buy scrap cars. Paying cash for scrap vehicles in Solon, Walton Hills, and Brooklyn are among the basic functions of the recycling operation. Are you wondering how to handle old car scrap in Streetsboro, Fairview Park, or Bentleyville Village? Fast and complimentary vehicle removal services are included when you have a old cars in Mentor, Willoughby, and Lyndhurst.

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Junk Removal in CO

The recycling aspects of the cash for junk cars business in Glenwillow, Parma, Beachwood, are critical to the environment. The progressively lower scrap my car prices lately are not without repercussions for those in the markets of Bedford Heights, Bratenahl, and Mantua. The variety of scrap yards that buy cars now is limited in Moreland Hills, Chagrin Falls, and Mayfield Heights due to commodity prices. If the question is where to scrap a car for cash, the answer in only a simple phone call away in Lake County, South Euclid, and Wickliffe. If preparing for selling an old car, grab the title and contact our buyer of scrap cars.

“The Wasson brothers want your junk: old furniture, worn-out mattresses, the treadmill gathering dust in your garage since the dawn of the millennium—and more. Whatever it is, they will come haul it away, and they’ll recycle, donate or sell as much of the haul as possible. The father-son duo is in charge of the new Junk King, an international chain focused on sustainable junk removal. Rates vary and depend on the amount of space your items take up in the Wassons’ truck, plus surcharges for recycling certain items. “People just want to get on with life,” said Adam Wasson, Allen’s son. “They don’t want to have to deal with getting rid of stuff. They just want to get their new stuff and move on. That’s where we come in.”

That’s because there’s a lot of junk in Northern Colorado: The average American generates about 4.4 pounds of garbage every day, according to estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency. The Larimer County Landfill is filling up fast and is projected to be out of space by 2025. It’s a lot easier to get rid of junk sustainably than it once was. Fort Collins residents can take a wide array of materials to the new and improved recycling center on Timberline Road. Businesses will recycle your appliances, electronics and mattresses for a price.

But if you have a lot of stuff, not a lot of time or no easy way to haul your unwanted items, Junk King will do the job. The Wassons donate much of what they collect to thrift stores, sell rare or valuable items, and take electronics, construction waste, appliances and more to various recyclers. Their goal landfill diversion rate is about 60 percent.

So what ends up in the landfill? Anything that can’t be sold or recycled and isn’t in good enough condition to donate, like a 40-year-old torn vinyl couch the Wassons picked up recently. With just a month in business, the Wassons have already collected a lot of unique stuff in their big red truck. They have a stack of professional-grade paintings from an artist’s home. And even a bounce house — that one’s for sale.” The full article is available here.

Receiving cash for junk cars

Our goal is to make the scrap my car process as simple and as easy as possible in Garfield Heights, Eastlake, and Twinsburg. Stop pondering where to scrap a car in Richmond Heights, Pepper Pike, and Euclid and call Cash 4 Cars today for the cash! We are among one of the local scrap yards that buy cars in Lakewood, Linndale Village, and Newburgh Heights and the surrounding areas. If selling an old car to us in Collinwood, Sagamore Hills, or Middleburg Heights, we can usually offer same-day pickup if you contact us prior to 1PM.

Junk Vehicle Rules Revised

When you need a buyer of scrap vehicles in the regions of Richmond Heights, Pepper Pike, or Euclid—call us. Fortunately, junk car buyers are not too picky about the condition of a car for scrap in Garfield Heights, Eastlake, or Twinsburg. As a long-standing scrapper and junk vehicle buyer, we can tow away your car in the areas of Lakewood, Linndale Village, and Newburgh Heights. Those with an unwanted salvage vehicle in Collinwood, Sagamore Hills, or the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood should call for a price. It only takes a phone call to receive same-day scrap my car services in Cuyahoga County. reported about a local community’s efforts to rid the area of scrap vehicles: “The local City Council passed legislation this past week to improve the looks of Richmond Heights. This legislation amends a prior ordinance aimed at removal of unsightly cars, trucks & other rubbish from the line of vision. The ordinance simplistically states that an unlicensed motor vehicle cannot be stored on a property beyond 15 days. The exception is when the property was zoned for industrial or if the vehicle was contained entirely within a garage with a door. Now, vehicles can’t be kept on a property more than 14 days, unless that vehicle is presently licensed, fully functional and fully assembled. Further, the amendment says that only minor motor vehicle repairs and maintanance may be made in driveways.

Any car, including historical and non-street legal vehicles, that fail to comply with the ordinance due to absent or deflated tires, damage, or rust in an area spanning greater than 150 square inches, must be stowed within a closed structure or moved from the site. Lastly, the amendment says that any RV or trailer must be parked on a correct paved parking surface. In residential areas, campers, boats and other RVs must be stored along the side of or in the rear yard area behind the outside corner of the dwelling unit. Phil Seyboldt, the commissioner, has had some problems with (residents’) off-street parking. These problems especially at apartment complexes have a lot of unlicensed cars sitting around for a long time. The city government has also had to cope with residents who have left cars in their yards for extended periods while making repairs, or claiming to make repairs. Junk cars have been resting in some driveways for a too long. Council put through the ordinance suggesting amendments without opposition.” The full story is available here.

The area’s premier buyer of scrap vehicles

Our car buyers are only a phone or a mouse click away to bringing you some money for your vehicle in Bratenahl, Mantua, or Moreland Hills. Our junk vehicle buyer is prepared to buy vehicles in virtually any condition in Beachwood, Bedford Heights, or Tremont. Believe me when I tell you that your neighbors have had it with viewing your salvage vehicle in Middleburg Heights, Glenwillow, and Parma. We have been working as a scrap my car hauler in Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights, and Lake County, Ohio, for several years now.

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Junk Car Enforcement

Why do people on leave a junk car sitting around, when you can call a scrap vehicle buyer for removal in Bedford, Berea, or Avon? Nobody wants to be forced to look at your scrap car—contact us today for selling a junk car in Geauga County, Macedonia, and Aurora. The truth is that we buy any car in Westlake, Shaker Heights, or North Randall, even if damaged or wrecked. In case you were not aware of where to sell a junk car in Solon, Walton Hills, or Streetsboro—now you do. Are you attempting to learn how to scrap my car for cash? Green companies like Cash 4 Cars Cleveland are good for the environment and also create green jobs. Many scrap auto recyclers use preventative measures to insure that their emissions are friendly to the atmosphere.

An August 2016 article by Kevin Landers titled “Abandoned junk cars target of Franklin Township clean-up” was posted on with the following information: “People that leave abandoned junk cars amid their property will soon get a warning notice in the mail. This is part of a plan by Franklin Township Trustees to remove unwanted vehicles in the community that hurt property values. The Pontiac Firebird sitting in Kathryn Augenstein’s driveway made the list. Augenstein says the Firebird which sits in her driveway, is missing a wheel making it appear like junk to many people. The car does not run and it’s not insured, but has sentimental some value. The township says if she has to move it, or it will be towed. Warning notices are going out to homeowners with junk cars. The township figures it has between 50 and 60 more out there.

Junk cars are defined as follows under the revised code: Abandoned junk motor vehicle” is any motor vehicle that has been left on property for forty-eight hours or longer without the permission of the person having the right to possession of the property, on a public or other property open to the public for purposes of travel or parking, or upon or without the right-of-way of any road or highway, for forty-eight (48) hours or longer; that is three (3) years or older; that is badly damaged, such damage including but not limited to the absence of wheels, tires, motor or transmission; that it appears inoperable; and that has a fair market value of 1,500.00 or less.

Police Chief Byron Smith is sending staff to homes to inform them of the junk car policy. He says cars with current tags won’t be towed and that only cars that are visible from the street qualify. The township has partnered with a tower who will house the vehicles and sell them for scrap. As for Katheryn Augenstein, she plans to get the Pontiac moved before the city does, but says the Firebird is like family to her. Franklin Township is planning a vote on the rule to remove junk cars from the private properties. Residents will receive a certified letter alerting them of the decision to tow their cars, and have fourteen days to comply.” The full story is available here.

Scrap Vehicle Buyer in Cleveland

When selling a junk car in Bentleyville Village, Mentor, or Willoughby, it is important to consider whether the service provider is environmentally conscious. We buy any car that is wrecked, damaged or otherwise in some state of disrepair throughout Lyndhurst, Ohio City, or Highland Heights. Why ponder where to sell a junk car in Maple Heights, Middlefield, or University Heights? Get it done right today by contacting Cash 4 Cars Cleveland. Are you attempting to determine how to scrap my car quickly in Warrensville Heights, Richmond Heights, or Pepper Pike?


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Abandoned Scrap Vehicles

We are among the many of who purchases junk cars in Ohio for cash. Are you thinking that it may be time for you to contact us for old car scrap? Our sound environmental processes insure your car is properly handled when you scrap a car for cash. When you choose to sell a car for scrap to Cash 4 Cars you are choosing a viable eco-conscious option. Many of those in Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga Counties weren’t aware that we buy junk cars.

In a recent article posted on The Triplicate by Heidi Graham titled ‘130+ vehicles abandoned per year’, we were made aware of the following: “An abandoned car or truck is an unwelcome sight and a violation of the local law. Tedd Ward, the director of the Del Norte Solid Waste MA says that he estimates the volume of abandoned vehicles in Del Norte County is over 130 vehicles a year. This is based only on the vehicles they know about; there are many abandoned vehicles that are hidden and not reported. These old and beat eyesores can be expensive to remove. The process may require the cooperation of a couple agencies working together to provide the staff, tools and skills necessary. Laws regarding disabled vehicles, those that are immobilized since they lack an engine, tires, doors, or other needed equipment, require that they are put into an enclosed garage or behind a fence.  CA code 9.57.020 defines a vehicle as abandoned if left on a street or highway in an inoperable or neglected condition, or left for a period of 72 hours without being moved and it appears deserted.

The removal of such vehicles in Del Norte County isn’t fast or easy. Once the vehicle is located, a culmination of agencies have to determine the most efficient & economical demolition. Next, they must figure out if they could tow it, or if it needs to be hauled away. They also have to find a contractor and determine the fees involved. Working closely with Ward to rid the community of these vehicles is the Smith River Alliance (SRA). Grant Werschkull, their director, says it takes a team to handle the clean-ups — and they need more volunteer partner. The Del Norte resource committee has made yearly clean-ups possible through grants. The last cleanup sponsored by the SRA netted 14 tires and a mattress found at different locations, as well as a water heater. Over 40 volunteers collected tons of trash and materials. The processing of junk vehicles and large items is challenging.

Other significant partners working with SRA and the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority include the Trash Dogs, California Highway Patrol (CHP), and The Home Depot. Supplies, mileage & dump fees are funded through the Forest Service grant from the Secure Rural Schools and Community Act. Towing and scrap companies, Curry Transfer & Recycling, heavy equipment companies, local landowners and citizen donations are critical to the Trash Dogs success. The Del Norte County Abandoned Vehicle Abatement (AVA) program gathers $1 from each vehicle registered in the county to support these junk car removals.” The story is available in its entirety at this link:

A solid option for old car scrap

Typically, junk cars in Ohio are worth a small amount of cash to scrappers. To scrap a car for cash is quicker and easier with us. We give you a price over the phone and come out to haul it away. Sell a car for scrap now and you get fast cash and a free tow. Do you need a junk vehicle removed? We buy junk cars with same-day pickup.  Automobile wastes are kept from contaminating the local environment; therefore, we strive to be sure that we have a positive environmental influence for the preservation of the resources.

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Junk Car Ordinance

We are now offering cash for scrap vehicles in the greater Cleveland, OH area. The junk car removal service is included at no additional charge when we buy a vehicle. To junk your car for cash, pick up the phone and contact us for a quote. We are usually able to provide same-day junk car towing and removal if you call earlier in the day. The environmentally sound way in which we process a salvage car is the best around. Did you know that in the United States between 12M to 15M cars are scrapped, providing vast amounts of salvageable components & recyclable materials?

On June 20, 2016 posted a story titled ‘Raymondville Planning to Crack Down on Junk Cars’ with the following update: “The city of Raymondville is trying to remove unsightly vehicles in town by enforcing an old ordinance. The city wants to clear junk vehicles from through streets and private property. All over the streets of Raymondville, parked cars sit in the same spot for extended periods, sometimes years. A truck in Mary Ambriz’s yard sits in the yard without tires. She says her boyfriend removed the tires to get fixed, but hasn’t had the money to go retrieve them. Ambriz doesn’t consider her truck to be really junk.

The City Ordinance # 995 does define a junk vehicle as one that is inoperative, doesn’t have a active license plates or an inspection sticker, or is wrecked, dismantled or partially disassembled. Soon, city workers & police will start removing those junk vehicles. The city of Raymondville says they will start sending out notices to owners of these cars next week. Once received, it gives them 10 days to bring the vehicle up to code.

If the 10-day deadline is exceeded, the vehicles are to be towed. On properties where a wrecker can’t remove the vehicle, the owners will be issued a fine. Ambriz says it’s unfair because some people don’t currently have jobs. I don’t think we’ll have money to be paying fines. Ambriz does not feel the operation will work out very well in a town where people can’t afford to fix them or pay fines. Raymondville officials said it is all in an effort to make the town appear somewhat nicer. Ambriz said she plans to keep her truck where it is until she can afford to fix it. Just because they think the city needs to improve, I agree with that, but the truck is not in the way. The ordinance declares junk vehicles are public pains, and it’s against the law to create or continue a public nuisance. The penalty for violating the law is a misdemeanor. People will have the chance to appeal the notices and fines in the courts. Anyone convicted will have to pay a fine of at least $200. They will have to pay that for every day the problem isn’t fixed.” The complete article is available here.

Junk your car for cash today

Were you aware that you can receive cash for scrap vehicles in Lakewood, Mentor, and Brecksville, OH? Are you wondering where to scrap a car? You have found the finest junk vehicle removal solution in the area! Are you asking yourself where to get rid of your clunker at? You have found it—and junk car towing is included! If you have an old salvage car just sitting around like an eyesore to those in your neighborhood—take action to have it scrapped! We strive to elevate positive public outlook of the auto scrap and vehicle recycling community. For additional stories on the latest Ohio scrap news visit this site:

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Continued Scrap Slowdown

Those wondering how to sell a junk car or receive cash for a damaged car are in luck! Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is here and may often be the highest paying for junk cars. Those trying to figure out how to scrap my car for cash should know that we offer same-day and next-day scrap vehicle remove, plus cash for a damaged car. Our program addresses the how to scrap my car problem through paying cash for a damaged car 6 days a week.

In the April 10, 2016 edition of Buffalo News a story by Matt Glynn titled ‘Scrap economics hit home: Drop in price follows boom times’ told us the following: “Scrap prices have fallen by 50% in four years, forcing scrap sites to find ways to navigate a tough market. The demand from overseas markets such as Turkey and China, which were big customers of scrap, has slowed. That puts pressure down the supply chain, all the way to scrap sites in the Buffalo area that collect material to feed the industry’s pipeline. Industry watchers say 2015 was an exceptionally awful year for scrap prices. And while the boom times have not returned, observers say prices are showing at least some signs of improvement.

Marks Auto in Buffalo sees the ebbs and flows of the industry as it collects junk cars known as end-of life vehicles. After customers harvest the cars of reusable components, the vehicles are crushed in a machine, stacked, and shipped out for shredding, to a steel mill. Martin T. Marks, VP, says business has weathered the drop in prices by emphasizing its auto component sales. The Institute for Scrap Recycling Industries said nationwide, about 78 yards have closed in the past year, including some that had multiple yards. The industry group said that based on the current climate, additional closings and consolidations are expected this year. According to data from the Steel Index, U.S. scrap steel prices were about $200 per ton last month, compared to more than $400 per ton in 2011 & 2012.

Dan Marks, operations manager for Marks Auto says he avoided the mistake some yards made of getting hooked on a bull market for scrap, the same way some investors hold on to a hot stock too long. Everything boils down to price. Nowadays, Marks pays an average of $150 for an end-of-life car. When prices were hotter, they would pay about $300 for a vehicle – assuming a rival yard wasn’t willing to outbid. Scrap prices often are determined by global economics. Todd Levin, president of Niagara Falls-based Niagara Metals says there was a lot of demand out of China. But as China’s manufacturing upswing abated, so did demand for scrap exported from the US. When oil prices dropped last year, it should have been a hint that scrap metal prices would fall. And when export markets cool off, the U.S. scrap metal suppliers who used to export try to sell to the domestic market, creating greater competition for yards that don’t send their material to overseas customers.

Niagara Metals collects about 50% of its material from factories, about 30% from demolition and construction projects, and the other 20% from the public. It sends what it processes to steel mills as close as Hamilton, Ont., and as far away as Indiana. Last year, when scrap metal prices fell off, Niagara Metals saw the volume of material it took in fall 40%. In some cases, he said, building demolitions were put on hold because the projects would recover too little for the steel that would be salvaged. And some potential customers were less inclined to gather material and bring it in if they weren’t going to receive much for it. Dan Marks explained that from the environmental standpoint, it’s the worst thing that can happen, because you don’t want these heavy metals in a landfill, you want them recycled. The article can be viewed in its entirety at this link.

Where is the place that is the highest paying for junk cars?

Those anxiously wondering how to sell a junk car for fast cash—have good news coming their way! We can assure you that our junk car removal practices have environmental benefits such as reducing air pollution and water pollution. Our auto scrap and recycling processes also help to alleviate global warming and its detrimental effects. Doing what is best for our environment is our goal with our auto scrap and recycling operation. Get your scrap car towed away and receive a cash payment. If your car, van, truck or SUV doesn’t run, is damaged, wrecked or in need of costly repair bills, we can help!

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Junk Vehicles in Neighborhoods

Are you trying to determine how to scrap my car with someone who buys crashed cars? Those wondering what is a junk car worth–should contact our wrecked vehicle buyer today. Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a wrecked vehicle buyer who buys crashed cars and junk vehicles 6 days a week. What is a junk car worth that is no longer running?

In the March 29, 2016 edition of an article by Mark Miller titled ‘Burien cracks down on junk cars; opponents worry it will target the poor’ was posted with the following details: “Shattered windshields, missing wheels, no steering wheel, or a transmission that is long gone. Residents despising the sight of a broken down car on their neighbor’s property might soon have a new city-based ordinance to help solve their problems. The City of Burien is considering a junk vehicle ordinance giving the city the power to remove jalopies from private property.

One city council member, however, is leading an effort to derail the proposal because she believes it will unfairly burden poor individuals & families who lack the means to fix their vehicles. Lauren Berkowitz thinks using city funds to crack down on junk cars is a waste of money. She would prefer to use those tax dollars to help increase opportunities for lower-income people to improve their situations. Berkowitz says to address this problem is to support living-wage jobs and protections for workers so people can afford to repair or dispose of these vehicles for themselves, not punish impoverished residents by removing vehicles that may be an income source or hope for future income of transport. City Manager Kamuron Gurol says the ordinance would target only egregious cases of junk cars on private property and who points out junk cars can have a negative impact on the well-being of a neighborhood. Gurol feels they are unsightly and creating a sense of disorder within neighborhoods. People don’t feel as safe or as comfortable. They’re complaining to the city about the vehicle detracting from the sense of the neighborhood, detracting even from perceived property values. Gurol says a car would have to meet strict criteria to be considered a junk vehicle, and the city would give owners ample opportunity to take care of the situation themselves before officials would proceed with legal action. The ordinance would allow the city to tow away a junk vehicle if the owner fails to fix the problem, and the city could file a lien to collect the expense of removing the vehicle. City staff estimates it could cost about $25K a year to enforce a scrap vehicle ordinance. There are currently 14 open cases. Council member Berkowitz thinks the city should instead spend that money on social services. The full article is available at this link.

Ms. Berkowitz has a very foolish view on this issue for many reasons including:

  • The presence of junk & scrap vehicles in the neighborhoods has a negative economic impact on the city. It signifies that an area is blighted and hinders property values, rental prices and may deter small businesses from locating nearby.
  • The owners of these junk vehicles are not necessarily poor. They may simply be careless, may be transient renters with no concern for the area, or simply from regions where this type of auto abandonment is the norm.
  • The city should be encouraging conscientious and prideful property maintenance within the community!
  • Ms. Berkowitz apparently views the solution to the problem to be “throwing” more money at social service handouts is not a direct solution to this issue. Simply because someone is on the lower end of the economic spectrum, does not entitle them to be careless and untidy.
  • Ms. Berkowitz should consider heightening standards and promoting self-respect and pride among the citizens.
  • The bulk of her efforts are focused on the entitlement class, as clearly illustrated by her consistent support of programs as follows:
    • Medicaid
    • Unemployment
    • Homelessness
    • Preventing criminal background checks

What is a junk car worth around here?

As an established wrecked vehicle buyer and scrap vehicle removal specialist, we pride ourselves as being among those who buys crashed cars in any condition. We can explain how to scrap my car quickly; after all, we now offer same-day and next-day junk vehicle hauling services. Are you speculating how to scrap my car since it is broken down at a repair or transmission shop? Did you know that our eco-friendly auto recycling practices preserve scarce resources, lower costs and decrease pollution? Selling a scrap car for cash with us actually protects the environment, since our auto scrap program is an extremely effective means to reduce overall reliance on expanding landfills. We are paying cash for cars and include free damaged car removal—no drawbacks here!

Pre-Owned Vehicle Schemes

Pre-Owned Vehicle Schemes

Are you wondering how to scrap my car for cash, or who buys crashed cars in your area? We are a wrecked vehicle buyer that can inform you of what is a junk car is worth right over the phone. Cash 4 Cars Cleveland has been a wrecked vehicle buyer who buys crashed cars for several years throughout Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake Counties. We are an environmentally conscious company that will address how to scrap my car for cash related questions. Our scrap vehicle buyer is on hand 6 days a week to explain what is a junk car worth—and facilitate fast scrap car removal services.

In the March 11, 2016 edition of an article was composed by Ellen Chang titled ‘Buying a Used Car Is Rife With Hazards’ that reminded us of the following: “Purchasing a used car involves more research nowadays, because criminals have become adept at tampering with titles, rolling back odometers and cloning VINs. Not only do consumers have to ensure that the vehicle was not involved in a flood or in an accident, but they also need to confirm it was not stolen and being resold. Following these steps can help you avoid apprehension about facing costly repairs and that the purchase is of a reliable and safe vehicle.

Very few consumers realize that once you purchase a used car, even from a large, reputable dealer, there is no going back. It is rare for a dealer to allow drivers to return a car. Chris Basso, a used car expert for Carfax, says it doesn’t hurt to ask about your options, but normally, once you buy the car—it is yours. Most used cars are purchased “as is”, and if the car has mechanical problems, those issues are yours. Jack Nerad, executive editorial director for Kelley Blue Book’s says the buyer might have some legal leverage if he or she can prove the seller knowingly misrepresented the car’s condition, but that is difficult to substantiate. Money-back guarantees are rare, but the exchange of one vehicle for another is common. Choosing where you purchase a car can make a large difference because not all dealers are honest about problems the vehicle may have. Take extra steps to make sure the vehicle is still in good shape. He also says drivers wind up becoming victims to scams like odometer fraud or VIN problems by not carefully considering whom they are buying it from. and other online shopping sites where vehicle history reports are available are great places to start, as is buying from dealers who have good reviews and a solid reputation. The number of cases of odometer rollbacks is rising since the fraud is not complicated to perpetrate & many consumers are unaware of it. Currently about 1.5M cars which have incorrect mileage and a minimum of 200,000 new cars are tampered with annually.

The highest number of fraud cases is in CA, followed by ID, NV, MA, NY, GA and Texas. Since 38M used cars were sold in 2015, there is a lot of opportunity for consumers to get ripped off. By artificially inflating the value of the car, consumers have to contend with making repairs sooner. Another common tactic among criminals is to steal a vehicle’s airbag and hide the theft from the unsuspecting driver or future used car seller. The full article is available here.

What is a junk car worth?

Those wondering how to scrap my car quickly should call the area’s best cash for cars provider. Our wrecked vehicle buyer who buys crashed cars will insure your old clunker is picked up fast! Auto scrap and recycling saves millions of barrels of oil each year that may normally lost in manufacturing new products. Junk auto recycling with Cash 4 Cars Cleveland also helps to reduce energy consumption and limits the usage of raw materials. Did you know that our practices have environmental benefits that a wide-ranging such as a reduction in air pollution and potential water pollution.


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Scrap Car Controversy

Scrap Car Controversy

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a wrecked car buyer and scrap vehicle buyer that will process a salvage car for junk car scrap in Berea, Avon, and Geauga County. To receive money for a scrap car in Shaker Heights, North Randall, or Richmond Heights, simply call the wrecked car buyer. Those seeking a scrap vehicle buyer for junk car scrap in Solon, Walton Hills, or Streetsboro, can reach us at (216) 359-1010. Our next topic discusses an auto shredding related controversy.

In the February 1, 2016 edition of, Maria Jacketti authored an article titled ‘Cease-and-desist order issued for shredder project’ with the following information: “Controversy continues over the building of a $10M automobile shredder in Green Ridge at Harry’s salvage yard. Jim Montone, chairman of the Hazle Township supervisors says that the Kresses never had permission to construct a foundation that is in place since zoning awaits reports from Luzerne County’s engineering department & planning department before it grants permits. Montone says the township solicitor advised them that if they moved ahead with construction, they would be doing it at his own risk. The township sent them a letter to cease and desist. In a letter to the editor on Jan. 20, the Kresses took issue with comments made at a meeting of Citizens Against the Shredder (CATS).

According to the Kresses, CATS is attempting to scare the public; they are working with an engineer, who in turn is working with the PA Department of Enviro-Protection & the Luzerne Conservation District to ensure compliance with state & federal regulations. A letter from the Law Offices of Edward NcNelis states that Hazle Twp never issued a permit in the matter for the shredder’s construction. According to Recycling Today, shredders are now operating in Beaver Falls, Coatesville, Erie, Morrisville, New Castle, Nanticoke, Philadelphia, Plainfield Township, Schuylkill Haven, Temple, West Mifflin, Wilkes-Barre, Williamsport and York. Information from the U.S. EPA says the products and practices used by auto salvage businesses have the potential to pollute the land, groundwater and the air. One primary threat is polluted storm water runoff resulting from the mishandling of auto fluids. The Kresses referred the Standard-Speaker to their attorney to address questions that arose at CATS’ first meeting.

DEP spokeswoman Colleen Connolly says no permits for the shredder have yet been requested or issued, although a preliminary meeting has taken place. Concerns also were voiced at the CATS meeting over the amount of water to be drawn potentially from the Hazleton City system to operate the shredder. According to Randy Cahalan, the authority’s executive director, the system processes 6 million gallons a day, and the amount of water used by the shredder would be minimal. For storm water runoff the shredder will have an infiltration basin to collect it.” The full article is available at his link.

Need money for a scrap car?

As a salvage car and wrecked car buyer serving the areas of Mentor, Willoughby, Lyndhurst, we understand the junk car scrap market. We support the environment when acting as a scrap vehicle buyer that employs eco-friendly processes and practices to insure that you salvage car is properly reused and repurposed. Get fast money for a scrap car and complimentary junk vehicle removal from our damaged or wrecked vehicle buyer throughout Ohio City, Highland Heights, and Maple Heights. Did you know that used motor oil and antifreeze can be recycled and reused? Fluids from junk and scrap vehicles can leak and ultimately revert back into our water supply; therefore, those in Middlefield, University Heights, and Warrensville Heights are encouraged to call Cash 4 Cars to insure that the process in handled properly. Even if you have a car sitting at a local repair shop in Euclid, Garfield Heights, Eastlake, we will pick it up recycle it in accordance with the best “green” practices. Good news for those in Chesterland, Chardon and Willowick, as we know offer scrap my car services locally.

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Auto Recycling Model

Auto Recycling Model

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is where to get money for a scrap car in Lyndhurst, Ohio City and Highland Heights. We process junk car scrap while acting as a salvage car buyer. When a wrecked car buyer purchases junk car scrap, the recycling phase begins. Those that you sell your junk car to–will pay you money for a scrap car. The process to sell your junk car begins by simply calling for a quote for an old car. Our next topic is centered on a newer business model found within the auto scrap and recycling industry offers savings to those who need auto components by allowing them to bring their own tools and remove items themselves.

In the December 23, 2015 edition of an article composed by David Brown titled ‘Pull-n-Save plays part in auto recycling’ was posted with the following info: “The recently opened Pull-n-Save self-serve auto shop in Glendale, is a supporter of recycling. It is clean, efficient and friendly place with a convenience store. Ken Hardison, the GM, says It is a green shop providing the NW Valley a new service. It offers customers the opportunity for low-cost repairs by combining recycled auto components.

Established in 1919, AZ Auto was purchased by the Pierson’s of Phoenix in the 1930s. Today, 3rd-generation family member Mike Pierson is the leader. The 10-acre Glendale Pull-n-Save maintains an inventory of 1,000 late-model cars, trucks & SUVs. The vehicles have been drained of all fluids and staged on a cleaned asphalt lot awaiting the customer to pull needed items. There is also a designated motorcycle section. New, fresh inventory is the key. After ninety days, the cars are cycled out & taken to the post-dismantling lot, where the metals and the previously removed oils & fluids to be sold to return to the market as usable products. The hours are 7 days a week, and there is a $2 entrance fee. Customers tell one of the bilingual greeters the items they are looking for and the computer outputs availability. The full article is available here.

A new style of wrecked car buyer

This self-serve model has increased in popularity over the last decade or so. These providers earn money for a scrap car by selling off components to the DIY auto community. The savings from the perspective of the wrecked car buyer is found in the lessened dependency on labor for dismantling. Junk car scrap is truly valuable to both the salvage car buyer and the self-serve consumer. As an example, a new radiator may cost between $70 up to over $135, while pulling your own from such a place may only cost approximately $25-$55.

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland offers salvage car buyer services throughout Berea, Geauga County and eastern Lorain County 6 days a week. To sell your junk car in Bedford, Pepper Pike, or Aurora, simply contact our vehicle buyer at (216) 359-1010. Residents of Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe and Brecksville, will likely receive same-day removal of their junk vehicles if they call before 2PM. Next-day scrap car purchasing service is available in Northfield, Cuyahoga Heights and Oakwood Village. Free towing of your old car is included in price we quote you for junking a car regardless of whether the car is located in Garfield Heights, Eastlake, or Twinsburg. If you have a car that is not worth fixing that needs to become junk car scrap and located in Newburgh Heights, Collinwood, or Sagamore Hills—give us a call!

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Cost of Scrap Recycling

Cost of Scrap Recycling

The costs of scrap recycling can often outweigh the benefits gained from the process. Among people that buy junk cars (Aka a scrap vehicle buyer), most can attest to this recent problem. The amount of money for a junk car that you now get for a salvage vehicle is certainly much lower than 1 year ago. This reflection in pricing is likely to persist regardless of your choice of where to scrap a car. The price for scrap cars is closely tied to the market prices for various commodities, which account for the amount of money for a junk car that is paid. People that buy junk cars must account for their costs of picking up a salvage vehicle.

On December 18, 2015 edition, William F. Shughart posted a story titled ‘Pro/Con: Are America’s recycling programs too costly, ineffectual?’ with the following highlights: “Some love recycling, but it’s a burden for the rest of us; if you’re worried about the planet, please make sure your trash is buried in a landfill. There is plenty of space landfill available. Minnesota’s governor & legislator want to reduce, reuse and recycle and to limit carbon emissions and reduce the amount of waste. The reality, however, is that the costs associated with many recycling processes often outweigh the benefits. The U.S. EPA says it only makes sense economically and environmentally to recycle about 35% of waste materials. Among these are paper and aluminum cans. Recycling 1 ton of paper or aluminum cans, the agency says, can save about 3 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over producing those materials new. Paper mills pay for the trees they process and if it was cost-effective to recycle scrap paper, producers would buy it. It’s more expensive to recycle old paper than to cut & pulp pine trees and then replant seedlings for processing later. Given the recent dramatic decline in crude oil prices, it is now cheaper to make a new plastic container than to recycle one. Even if that were not true, the EPA says that recycling a ton of plastic saves only about a ton of carbon dioxide; that doesn’t take into account the water most consumers use to rinse their plastic containers before putting into a recycling bin.

NY Times science columnist John Tierney wrote, citing the work of author Chris Goodall, if you wash plastic in water that was heated by coal-derived electricity, then the net effect of your recycling could be more carbon Glass is an even worse recyclable; to reduce greenhouse gases by one ton you have to recycle three tons of glass. If you include costs of collecting glass waste and the pollution produced by the collection trucks, glass recycling creates more greenhouse gas emissions and is more expensive than making it new. Many municipalities continue to pick up glass in recycling trucks only to dump it at a landfill. Recycling is an emotional mantra, not reasonable policy and has left most Americans blind to the actual evidence surrounding recycling programs. By sending extra trucks around town each week, we are undermining their stated goal of protecting the environment. If recycling were truly cost-effective, private companies would be buying trash. Is someone is willing to pay you to sort & save your trash-if not, what you’ve been told about recycling is probably just garbage.” The complete article is available here.

A scrap vehicle buyer

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland pays money for a junk car throughout Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake Counties. The people that buy junk cars typically will also have a means of removing the cars. A salvage vehicle in Bedford, Pepper Pike or Berea can be scrapped with us by calling (216) 359-1010. Those seeking money for a junk car in Aurora, Shaker Heights and North Randall can rest assured that their vehicle is being sold to a scrap vehicle buyer that is environmentally sound. Among the people that buy junk cars, the typical percentage of the car that is recyclable tends to range between 80-90%. Residents of Richmond Heights, Solon, or Walton Hills that are wondering where to scrap a car are encouraged to call. We offer a fast price for scrap cars right over the phone in Lyndhurst, Ohio City and Highland Heights. Even if your car has a faulty motor or needs a new transmission in University Heights, Warrensville Heights, or Euclid, we will typically provide money for a junk car in that condition. Those who have a car parked at a Conrad’s, Midas or transmission shop in Eastlake, Twinsburg, or Lakewood should know that we can meet you there to sell it. Selling a junk vehicle is simple, regardless of whether located in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights, or Collinwood.

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Oil Recycling to Auto Fuel

Oil Recycling to Auto Fuel

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with a recycling topic that is seasonally related to Thanksgiving. We are an auto scrap outfit that offers junk vehicle removal and who junks cars throughout NE Ohio. We allow those wanting to get cash for a car to do so and provide a quote for the value of a junk car right over the phone. It is common in the auto scrap industry to discuss the recycling of oil. If we assume that you sell us your vehicle and get cash for a car, once we process the junk vehicle removal, we are required to drain the vehicle fluids to begin the auto scrap process. Today we are looking at another type (other than motor oil) of oil that is now being recycled – cooking oil. In a November 24, 2015 article on with the headline ‘Turn used cooking oil into energy by recycling it’, Brittney Verner tells us the following: “The West Lafayette Waste Mgmt. is encouraging people to recycle their used cooking oil instead of pouring it down the drain. Utility Director David Henderson says recycled grease & cooking oil helps produce about 20% of the electricity at the plant. Grease and cooking oil can clog up your sewer lateral, and the main also.

The plant uses the old grease to feed digestion tanks, which produces methane and helps produce electricity. You can pick up a free container to dispose of the used grease. The recycling center is available 24/7. Small, one gallon containers are available to use.

To properly dispose of the used cooking oil remember:

  • Allow used cooking oil to cool before placing it in the container.
  • When full, take it to the recycling center & exchange for a new one.
  • Don’t pour it down the drain

The full story is available at this link.

On November 25, 2015 a story by Brianne Britziuson on titled ‘Where to recycle cooking oil in Jefferson County’ informed us of the following recycling program: “Jefferson County is reminding residents to never pour cooking oil or grease in the drain. The oil becomes a threat to the environment when the grease makes its way into the water system. Jefferson County continues to fight to keep grease out of the sewers, which can be a costly clean-up operation for the environmental services department. It costs about $100,000 to clean up the oil and cover penalties. 20 locations across the county take your cooking oil and provide containers to put the oil in. They don’t accept glass, fuel or motor oil. The article can be seen in its entirety here.

The Value of a Junk Car

The auto scrap market has recently endured a significant reduction in the value of a junk car. The materials which compose a vehicle, most notably steel, have plummeted. Those of us who junks cars are now forced to drastically limit the amount we offer for you to get cash for a car. The cost of the junk vehicle removal process is rapidly approaching the value of a junk car and makes those who junks cars consider other options until the market rebounds. We buy old vehicles 6 days a week throughout Willoughby, Lyndhurst and Highland Heights. Residents of Newburgh Heights, Macedonia and Lakewood are encouraged to call us for a junk car quote. As a long-standing car scrapping outfit serving Wickliffe, Brecksville and Bainbridge, we provide excellent junk vehicle scrap services. Even if your car is broken down and currently located at a local transmission shop, Midas, Conrad’s or Firestone, we can pay you cash and tow it away. Those seeking to scrap an unwanted or damaged car in Walton Hills, Streetsboro, or Mentor, can reach us Monday-Saturday at (216) 359-1010.

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Junk and Scrap Auto Tires

Junk and Scrap Auto Tires

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland, a greater Cleveland’s site who buys old cars, is back with another update relating to the auto scrap and junk vehicle removal industry. To get cash for a car is much simpler then you may realize, as those of us who buys old cars will allow you to sell an old car by simply giving us a call. The scrap my car business is an environmentally friendly alternative to abandonment and our service is typically able to process your junk vehicle removal the same-day. We process auto scrap in a systematic process where you get cash for a car and we recycle the materials and components at a rate of nearly 90% of the vehicle’s composition. Our next story involves the recycling of scrap auto tires, a topic we cover frequently because it is a segment of our industry that has proven to be more environmentally challenging then most and is evolving rapidly. On November 10, 2015 an article titled ‘Houghton applying for DEQ grant to create tire recycling drop-off’ on was composed by Aleah Hordges with the following details: “A tire recycling drop-off site is coming to Houghton. The City is applying for a $3,000 grant to the Dept. of Environmental Quality. The site will provide residents a place to tires for recycling. The location for the site will be at the Dept. of Public facility.

If approved for the grant, the site will open in May. Houghton City Manager Eric Waara says it is a part of an overall area initiative the cities are working on to bring about more recycling opportunities. The City will find out the status of the grant by January.” The full article is available here. Unfortunately, the article does not elaborate on the process of which these units will be recycled.

On November 6, 2015 an article on discussed a new method for managing their “doughnuts” in a piece titled ‘New recycling plant to melt away tire mountain’ completed by Doug McDonough as follows:

“The mountain of unwanted tires in Seth Ward, TX could be gone within a year after NeoWaste opens a recycling plant in Plainview. Company VP Gil Bartee and Sales Manager Tony Altemus, outlined their plan to locate a demonstration plant in Plainview to Hale County commissioners. Company representatives have met with the Plainview-Hale County Economic Development Corp. and are negotiating to acquire a 5-acre tract owns on Industrial Blvd. to build a Tire Pyrolysis Plant.

NeoWaste was founded in May 2015; it utilizes the pyrolysis method for recycling tires, which involves heating whole or shredded tires in a reactor vessel containing an oxygen-free atmosphere and a heat source. In the reactor, the polymers break down into smaller molecules. These molecules eventually vaporize and exit the reactor. The vapors can be burned directly to produce power, or condensed into a liquid, used as a fuel similar to diesel. The process produces syngas, which will be captured & used to power the plant. Other byproducts include carbon black & wire steel. Bartee says this process is efficient with low emissions & waste; the facility could process 24-30 tons per day, roughly 3,000 tires depending on size. A tire grinder or cutter will turn out small rubber squares; the squares will be stored away from public view until processed in the vessel. The million-plus tires at the Tyre King facility at 34th and Wood could be processed and remediated within a year. Estimated construction costs are $1 million and $1 million for equipment; the facility is projected to employ 20-30 people. They are working to create a reinvestment zone & secure tax abatements and incentives. The facility will also handle plastic & medical waste; the county has been paying $80/ton taking them to the closest tire recycler. To read full article visit this link.

Who buys old cars?

Merriam Webster defines pyrolysis as “a chemical change brought about by the action of heat” and states it is “transformation of a compound into smaller & simpler compounds, under elevated temperatures, differing from combustion in that it occurs in the absence of air–therefore no oxidation takes place. Read more at

It’s great that two more communities (Texas & Michigan) and pursuing auto scrap recycling solutions. When you get cash for a car, the hope is that the majority of the materials will be recycled and not simply transferred to landfills. Those operating in the junk vehicle removal business or those of us who buys old cars have traditionally had limited options in disposal of these old tires and often have to pay to properly discard them. Are you looking to scrap a car for cash in Bedford, Bentleyville Village or Tremont? Those residing in Macedonia, Cleveland Heights and Wickliffe can contact our scrap car buyer at (216) 359-1010. Residents of Brecksville, Bainbridge and East Cleveland should keep in mind that we buy wrecked cars, damaged cars and totaled vehicles. If your vehicle need costly repairs and is sitting at a transmission shop or mechanic garage in Chesterland, Seven Hills or Northfield—contact the best spot to get cash for cars!

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Recycling Old Vehicle Oil

Recycling Old Vehicle Oil

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with another auto recycling related topic. C4C is where to scrap a car in Mentor, Lakewood and Seven Hills. We include free damaged car removal in the price quote for a junk car. Are you asking yourself where to scrap a car in Mentor, Parma or Independence? To take the 1st step in vehicle scrap you simply need to contact our junk vehicle buyer for a quote for a junk car. If you wish to proceed, the next step is to schedule the time for damaged car removal. Our story today was inspired by a September 24, 2015 article on titled ‘How to Recycle Your Used Motor Oil’ authored by Sommer Poquette with the following details: “The very first thing my dad taught me when I got a new car was how to change my own oil. It’s a great skill to have, but his lesson skipped a step: how to recycle used motor oil. Until recently, I had no idea that motor oil could be recycled. I also didn’t realize that motor oil never goes bad—it just gets dirty. Used oil can be refined into base stock for lubricating oil, and it can be recycled over & over again. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that over 200M gallons of motor oil are improperly disposed of.

The used oil from just one oil change can contaminate 1M gallons of fresh water—a year’s supply for 50 people. It is easier to recycle your oil than you may think and there are environmental benefits that you’ll want to consider.

The Benefits of Recycling Motor Oil

  • Prevents polluting our ground water supply and soil.
  • Saves energy because it takes less energy to recycle used oil than to make new.
  • Reprocessed oil can be used in furnaces or power plants to generate heat & electricity.

How to Recycle Used Motor Oil

  • If changing your own oil, pour used oil into an empty container—this reuses the new oil bottles just emptied.
  • Check online or call 1-800-CLEANUP for local drop-off centers.
  • Ask your local auto store if they accept used oil.
  • If you stop in for a professional oil change, inquire about their process of disposing and recycling”

To view the complete article, visit this link.

At Cash 4 Cars Cleveland we insure that after handling vehicle removal (damaged car removal) that the fluids within the vehicle are all recycled in a manner that protects the environment. This should be a consideration when deciding where to scrap a car. Regardless of whether you scrap a car in Mentor, Brecksville, or Brook Park, the quote for a junk car includes free towing. Those that contact us before 1PM during the week or before Noon on Saturday can usually receive same-day “cash for cars” service. We are always able to schedule a pick up for the following day and those who work during the week will benefit from our Saturday availability.

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EPA Auto Scrap Info

EPA Auto Scrap Info

One of the many reasons we recommend Cash 4 Cars Cleveland for where to junk a car in Cleveland is that when you sell your junk car to us, where insure that the recycling of the vehicle is handled in a manner that protects the environment. We are an established buyer of scrap cars and one of the topics we cover in our ongoing informational blog relates to environmentally related best practices. The EPA posted ‘Stormwater Management: A Guide for Auto Recycler Owners and Operators’ with the following information: “All US vehicle dismantling sites (except those in a combined sewer service area or facilities that do not discharge stormwater) are required by the Clean Water Act to obtain a storm water permit either from the U.S. EPA or an appropriate state agency.

Inspect all incoming vehicles for leaking fluids as they enter your facility. Promptly contain leaks with drip pans or absorbent material. Establish a procedure for processing vehicles. Before any vehicle is placed in the yard, drain the following fluids from the vehicle: Fuel, Oil, Transmission Fluid, Brake Fluid, Antifreeze and Freon. These activities should be conducted in the same area, which should be covered with a roof. Your fluid draining & vehicle dismantling areas have the most potential to contaminate storm water. Properly covering this area can eliminate contact with rainfall. Rain or snow can carry harmful materials like oil or gasoline into the soil and nearby streams, rivers, and lakes. Roofs not only keep out rain & snow, but also make the work area more comfortable for workers. You should also have a concrete pad in the draining & dismantling area, and drain all vehicles on this surface. Draining over concrete makes spills easier to clean up & minimizes environmental harm.

Storing fluids properly helps cut down the amount of contaminants that end up in storm water. When you remove fluids, transfer them to the proper container. Confine fluid storage to areas that are covered and have secondary containment. Keep drums containing fluids away from drains; consider storing fluids near the location where fluids are drained. Do not leave open drain pans that contain fluids around. For smaller spills, use shop rags & oil dry. Used absorbents should be placed in a designated container for disposal.

Regular maintenance of equipment such as forklifts reduces risk of breakdown & fluid release. Check for leaks & spills and malfunctioning items. Do not steam-clean or pressure wash items without proper wash water management. Do not hose down the shop floor if water will run into a storm drain or off the property. Inexpensive filter systems or absorbents can provide an extra level of defense against storm water pollution.

Mercury switches are commonly found under vehicle hoods, trunks and braking systems. The switches can be removed to prevent contamination and human health problems. Some states require mercury switches to be removed before vehicles are crushed. If you choose to remove mercury switches before your vehicles are crushed, store the switches in a leak-proof, clearly marked, closed container. Also take care to ensure that the switches do not break during handling or storage.” The complete document is available at this link.

Are you pondering where to junk a car in Cleveland, Lakewood or Broadview Heights? There are options when finding a buyer of scrap cars to sell your junk car. To receive cash for scrap cars, the title for the vehicle will always be required. Our buyer of scrap cars allows you to sell my car for cash 6 days a week. To junk a car in Cleveland, Willoughby or Parma, simply contact us at (216) 359-1010 to scrap a car for cash. Sell your junk car today and get cash for your clunker.

What do we do with the junk vehicles? Much depends on the condition of the car. Generally, it will be salvaged, which means the fluids, electrical components & usable items are removed & disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. The remainder is crushed for scrap metal. Call us or send your car’s year, make and model through our website to get a junk car quote and we’ll call you to pick up your vehicle and hand you cash on the spot. There should be no question that Cash 4 Cars is the place where to junk a car.

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Abandoned Cars Towed Away

Abandoned Cars Towed Away

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with an unusual story relating to vehicle abandonment in CA. As readers know, we are a buyer of scrap vehicles that will provide a quote for an old car over the phone. To scrap a car in Lakewood, Berea or Brunswick, we are where to junk a car quickly. When a vehicle is abandoned on public property the authorities typically will contact the tow service provider(s) for the jurisdiction to remove the car. In the July 19, 2015 edition of the a story by Doug Saunders titled ‘High towing fees irk those caught in 15 Freeway firestorm’ discussed one such tow organization accused of overcharging people recently as follows: “Angry owners flooded social media with complaints that they had been charged $1,000 or more in towing fees after being forced to abandon their cars Friday in the 15 Freeway firestorm. They are charging $220 an hour to all those people, according to Michelle Sepulveda. She said a family yesterday has to pay over $2,600 to get a car out.

California Highway Patrol officials quickly acted on the multiple complaints, opening an investigation into the allegations. Inland CHP spokesman Steve Carpia said they called several tow companies, resolving this issue. The manager of Gonzales Tow in Victorville stated they do not operate on people’s hopelessness or overcharging. Gloria Chairez, who owns the AZX Auto Transport operation in Fontana, has a powerful message aimed at tow companies accused of gouging victims whose cars had to be towed, she went up to carry their cars down for free. She said the CHP asked for volunteers to help clear the vehicles from the site to a dirt lot near the Highway 138 turnoff. Twenty vehicles on the freeway were destroyed by flames when drivers couldn’t escape the fire, and 10 more were damaged.”
The complete story is available at this link:

Perhaps some of the tow companies could add a reasonable surcharge to account for something like unexpected overtime pay or such; however, just multiplying the usual charges on unsuspecting customers is certainly inappropriate. Those forced to abandon vehicles amid a firestorm deserve better treatment then that!  

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a buyer of scrap vehicles the will allow you to scrap a car in Lakewood, Chagrin Falls and Solon. You can receive a quote for an old car and same-day pickup of your car by calling (216) 359-1010. If you are looking for where to junk a car in Cuyahoga County, you have found it. Our buyer of scrap vehicles is standing by to give you a quote for an old car, wrecked car or non-running vehicle. To scrap a car in Lakewood, Twinsburg or Chesterland you will need the vehicle title and a photo ID. We are where to junk a car when you need fast cash.

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5 Steps in Vehicle Scrap

5 Steps in Vehicle Scrap

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland here with additional news regarding the auto scrap and recycling business. People often ask us about what is involved when you scrap a car in Cleveland. What is the process after you sell us your car or among the other sites where to junk a car. Selling an old car is a very simple process, as you essentially are paid cash to scrap a car in Cleveland as long as you have the vehicle title and an ID. Our next update is about the 5 steps in vehicle scrap and recycling.

  1. The junk vehicle is towed away and dropped in the yard. Your junk car or scrap car is brought back to a yard to be prepped by place where to junk a car. Often when you sell us your car we are so busy picking up inbound scrap cars, trucks and vans that the recycling process may not begin for a day or two.
  2. The vehicle must be converted to a state where it is not hazardous to the environment or hazardous to those in the work place. What this means is that the toxic and dangerous liquids such as antifreeze, oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid and gasoline are removed. When you sell us your car, we certainly do not want highly flammable gasoline left to chance. The gas tank is removed and drained and then disposed of in accordance with state laws. Usually the fuel is drained, filtered and stored for use among the vehicle scrapper’s own fleet of cars and trucks. Additionally, the mercury contained in the vehicle is to be disposed of according to EPA regulations.
  3. The components of the vehicle are remarketed. Mirrors, interior components, mechanical components, exterior panels, and glass then become available for resale. When you scrap a car in Cleveland, chances are that the components of the junk vehicle will live on as an affordable option for a car, truck or van that is still on the road.
  4. Various commodity oriented metals are recycled. Certain products used in vehicle manufacturing such as steel, aluminum, brass, copper and chromium are typically sorted and recycled to be used in production of new and/or remanufactured items.
  5. The remaining vehicle shell is usually shredded for recycling. Shredding is a way of making the remaining content more conducive to transporting and recycling the content. As you can see, it is common that over 90% of a vehicle’s composition is recycled!

Here at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland you can sell us your car regardless of whether it is damaged, wrecked or not running. Selling an old car to us is simple because the only requirements are that you have the vehicle title and an ID. Those looking at selling an old car should contact us at (216) 359-1010. Wondering where to junk a car for cash? Our junk car buyer is able to provide you a junk car quote and offer scrap vehicle removal throughout Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga & western Lorain County.

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5 Reasons to Junk a Car

5 Reasons to Junk a Car

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland, an auto buyer and resource for selling a scrap car offers a fast price for a damaged car. Whether you seek to scrap a car in Parma, Eastlake, Macedonia, or anywhere in between, call the home of junk car buying! Our next topic is the top five reasons to junk a car. All are viable reasons to consider selling a scrap car for cash to an auto buyer.

  1. The price for a damaged car repair exceeds the value of the vehicle. If your 1994 Corolla is only worth $800 these days, (assuming it were running) it doesn’t make sense to spend any amount near its value on repairs.
  2. Replacing an automatic transmission in a vehicle over twelve years old or with over 160,000 in mileage. Transmission replacements are pricey; according to a rebuilt transmission is typically between $2,800 and $3,800 and a new replacement begins at approximately $4,000+. Buying a used transmission and having it installed is a slightly less expensive, yet potentially a risky option. I have put together an estimated cost analysis below of replacing the transmission with a used model:
    1. 2002 Ford Taurus: Used Transmission: $450; Labor for Replacement: $500. (I am estimating the labor cost on the low to average side) The total with tax is around $1,000.
    2. 2005 Honda Accord: Used Transmission: $500; Labor for Replacement: $500. Again, it’s going to be $1,000-$1,100 to go this route. The pitfall: What if the used transmission is found to be damaged? The place you purchased it typically will honor a 30-90 warranty, but you likely have to pay the labor again for removal and installation! Many reputable mechanics will likely discourage you from purchasing a used tranny. A rebuilt or remanufactured option is a much safer way to go. (Please note: this analysis is based on an automatic, not manual transmission)
  3. Replacing the engine when a vehicle is more than twelve years old or with an odometer past 160,000 in mileage. A remanufactured or rebuilt motor will typically range from $1,500 to $4,000 and if you can find some inexpensive option for installation it should cost at least $800. So for most domestic models the total will be in the $2,500-$3,000 range. (Import vehicles and less common models can expect to increase costs by at least 20%) As far as opting for a used motor, you can expect a similar situation. (see #2 above) You can probably find a used motor for $500 and have it installed for $800 if you are lucky.
  4. Fixing a major auto body repair from an accident. We’re assuming that you don’t have full coverage auto insurance. If we assume your parked car was hit in a parking lot damaging the side of the cars exterior. If both the driver side door & driver side rear door are damaged to the extent that they are unable to be locked and keep closed. This can vary quite a bit because if your vehicle has a factory (original) paint color & you can find the doors used and in the correct paint finish, a determined person can likely buy the doors for $150/each ($300 total) and have a half-assed mechanic install them for 120 bucks. At only a total of about 450 bucks you are OK. If unable to find the doors in the same paint color and need them painted you’ll go from 450 to likely $650 to $750, which is still reasonable. The problem with body repairs is that they can get expensive. In this scenario, if the structural frame of the car is compromised & additional exterior body accessories are needed and/or airbags are deployed, then you will be looking at a lot more—perhaps $2,000-$5,500.
  5. Severe fire damage. A large fire that spreads under the hood can cause a lot of problems. In today’s vehicles the electronic systems are more complex. The small-shop mechanic may not have the diagnostic equipment or know-how to accurately assess all of what will need replaced. This may result in his initially $350 projected cost to repair it rising to $1,000 very quickly as he starts from the area most severely damaged outward in a “guessing game” and continues to realize other things that need replacing.

We are an experienced auto buyer that is available 6 days a week to provide you a price for a damaged car. Regardless of whether you seek to scrap a car in Parma, Avon or Mentor, we will buy it. Selling a scrap car is fast and easy; you simply need to contact our junk car buyer for a junk car quote. Those seeking to scrap a car in Parma, Geauga County and western Lorain County are encouraged to review if scrapping the car is a better option when facing high cost repair bills.

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Junk Car Law

Junk Car Law

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back again with more news regarding the auto scrap and recycling world. We are a buyer of scrap cars that handles damaged vehicle removal & old car removal services throughout Cuyahoga, Lorain, Lake and Geauga Counties. Our next topic involves some local governmental activity in Luzerne County PA. This county is located in NE Pennsylvania with an approximate population of 300,000. In reviewing its demographics, it seems to be a fairly stable region as it relates to economy, with average household income nearing $40,000. In the May 27, 2015 edition of, Eric Mark produced an article titled ‘County council rejects amended junk car ordinance’ with the following details: “Luzerne County Council has changed its mind & rejected a junk car ordinance it adopted in March. Council voted 6-5 to reject the amended ordinance, which would have allowed the county zoning office to cite owners of old, non-functional vehicles determined to be eyesores and fine them $500 per week, up to $2,500, after 60 days of non-compliance. The ordinance pertained to the 23 municipalities in Luzerne County that rely on the county to enforce zoning regulations.

The vote means the ordinance adopted is repealed. Even after approving that ordinance, council waited to implement it until it got feedback from the county planning commission & municipalities; that feedback resulted in the amended ordinance on Tuesday’s agenda. Debate over the junk car ordinance provided sparks at the council meeting. Council members who voted in favor called it an attempt to deal withhold car re a public nuisance & clean up hazardous situations. Those opposed said the issue of junk cars is better left to municipalities to deal with on their own.  The rejected ordinance defines a “junk vehicle” as one that is visible from 500 ft. away & meets 2 of these criteria:

  • 10 years or older;
  • extensively damaged;
  • apparently inoperable;
  • covered in debris, vegetation, moss or weeds;
  • Not been moved in 120 days;
  • Doesn’t display valid license plate, registration sticker or inspection sticker.

The complete story is available at this link:

As a buyer of junk cars in Macedonia, Berea and Pepper Pike, we offer fast damaged vehicle removal. For old car removal in Shaker Heights, North Randall and Richmond Heights, simply call us at 216-359-1010. To sell your junk car in Streetsboro, Mentor or Willoughby, you simply must possess the vehicle title and an ID. Are you seeking a buyer of scrap cars in Lyndhurst, Highland Heights or Moreland Hills? Do you need fast damaged vehicle removal in Maple Heights, University Heights or Warrensville Heights? We provide damaged vehicle removal in Euclid, Garfield Heights and Eastlake. Those in Twinsburg, Lakewood and Linndale Village seeking old car removal should contact us Monday through Saturday. Do you need to sell your junk car in Newburgh Heights, Middleburg Heights or Parma? Our buyer of scrap cars will pick up your car regardless of the condition in Beachwood, Bedford and Bentleyville Village. Residents of Tremont, Bratenahl and Chagrin Falls can receive damaged vehicle removal on the same-day if you contact us before 2PM. The requirements for old car removal in Mayfield Heights, Lake County and South Euclid are that you possess the vehicle title and a valid ID. When you sell your junk car to us, next-day pick up is available throughout Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe and Brecksville.

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Scrap Vehicles Abandoned

Scrap Vehicles Abandoned

Here at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland, an auto buyer of junk cars in Ohio, we next look at problems associated with the auto scrap and recycling business in a remote area of Alaska. Selling a junk car in the Dillingham area is a challenging task, unlike here in the Cleveland area where there are several companies that will give you a quote for an old car. The fundamental reason it seems is that the region is not accessible via roads, but only via boat or plane. In the May 10th 2015 edition of the Alaska Dispatch News contributor Clark Fair released an article titled ‘Dead, abandoned, vandalized vehicles pile up in Dillingham’ with the following details: “One local mechanic, noting the high cost of purchasing a vehicle & barging or flying it into town, recently estimated that fewer than 5% of the cars that arrive here ever leave. The rest remain when their drivers tire of them or desire more dependable rides. They are advertised by word of mouth, bulletin-board fliers at the Alaska Commercial Co. or via the online Trading Post & resold.

Other elapsed vehicles can be found lying where they perished, their wheels spinning just long enough to reach a convenient ditch. And still others are abandoned in yards. Some such yards, are lined with the fallen — cars, trucks and vans — and usually boats & shipping containers, as if the owners were scrap dealers laying out their wares for display. In these yards, over multiple hard winters, vehicles & environment unite. Old tires develop deepening fissures and release their supplies of air until the steel rims draw earthward and sink into the soil. Vandals smash out windows, taillights & headlights. Leaves and other windblown debris plummet into interiors.

The problem so many vehicle owners face in Dillingham, besides the difficulty & expense involved in maintenance & replacement items, is the high cost of proper disposal. Residents here pay thousands of dollars to barge or air-freight cars & trucks into Dillingham. For many, then, it makes more sense to sell them or give them away, to abandon them or simply drive them into the trees behind their homes, rather than fork over thousands more to send them somewhere they can be disposed of properly.

I expect this “car-tastrophe” is just as dire in other remote Alaska communities, especially those with just enough roads to warrant large modes of transportation. It costs so much to deliver cars & trucks to such destinations in the first place that it makes more economic, albeit not environmental, sense to simply pile them somewhere and allow nature to take its course.” The complete article is available at this link:

On the City of Dillingham’s website they are have a free landfill “clean-up” day where all bagged garbage will be removed for free & now have an incinerator for trash; however, if glass is mixed in the, the incinerator can be damaged (which is apparently a problem). One strange thing I noticed on the site is that the city accepts vehicles at its landfill for a charge and requires that the fluids be removed.  

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland pays cash for junk cars in Ohio. We are an auto buyer serving Macedonia, Berea, Geauga County and most of Lorain County. For a quote for an old car in Streetsboro, Mentor or Willoughby, please call 216-359-1010. Selling a junk car in Lyndhurst, Highland Heights and Moreland Hills is easy to do. Looking for a quote for an old car in Maple Heights, University Heights or Warrensville Heights? We are an auto buyer specializing in junk cars in Ohio including the areas of Euclid, Garfield Heights and Eastlake. Residents selling a junk car in Twinsburg, Lakewood and Linndale Village are encouraged to contact us for a quote for an old car. We service Newburgh Heights, Middleburg Heights and Parma regularly. We offer same-day junk car removal in Beachwood, Bedford and Bentleyville Village if you contact us before 2PM. Even if your car is not running in the cities of Tremont, Bratenahl and Chagrin Falls we will buy it. If you have a broken down car in Mayfield Heights, Lake County or South Euclid—we’ll buy it. If seeking a junk auto buyer in Cleveland Heights, Wickliffe, Brecksville or Bainbridge—you have found it! Other service areas include East Cleveland, Chesterland, Seven Hills, Solon, Walton Hills and Northfield.

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Scrap Vehicle Tires

Scrap Vehicle Tires

Scrap vehicle tires are certainly plentiful. They can be found at scrap yards that buy cars, places to sell a junk car and vehicle removal provider lots. What are the options for disposal of junk and scrap vehicle tires? A story posted January 21, 2015 by Ionut Ungureanu on entitled ‘TireFlops Could Solve One of Auto Industry’s Biggest Waste Problems’ provides the following insight on the issue: “It’s estimated that around 1.5 billion new tires are produced annually, but that number is constantly growing. More than 1/2 of all used tires are simply burned for their fuel value, but that also implies heavy pollution. Since approximately one tire is discarded per person a year, a team of smart entrepreneurs believes there is a better way–turning them into flip flops. Due to their heavy metal and other pollutant content, tires pose a risk for the (leaching) toxins into the groundwater when placed in wet soils. Research has shown that very little occurs when shredded tires are used as light filling material, however, limitations have been put on use of this material. Then there’s “ecotoxicity”. Studies show that zinc, heavy metals and rubber chemicals leach into water from tires. Many organisms are sensitive, and without dilution, contaminated tire water has been shown to kill them.

Simply throwing them away or burning them is not really the best solution to get rid of the huge pileup of scrap tires that is continuously growing. But what if we all started reusing the material on a bigger scale? TireFlops is a start-up company that wants to create high tech flip-flop sandals in a responsible & sustainable manner. Designed and created in The Basque Country, Spain the source for the materials comes from local scrap yards. The recycling company GomaVial claims their team has spent 3 years perfecting its TireFlop design, testing anti-slip properties & the strength of the rubber support. They are currently seeking support on Kickstarter and it seems the feedback was quite good.” For the full article, please visit this link:

This is certainly a creative option for recycling old tires. I have no idea if the demand for flip-flops in the market is high enough to put any kind of “dent” in the enormous inventory of old tires in the market. Unfortunately, the Kickstart video that accompanies the article is in a foreign language, thus I am unable to elaborate on its content. Are you looking for scrap yards that buy cars to sell a junk car today? Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is who buys junk cars throughout Garfield Heights, Eastlake, Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights and Beachwood. For fast vehicle removal in Bedford, Bentleyville Village, Euclid and Parma Heights—call the area’s leader among scrap yards that buy cars. To sell a junk car in Lakewood, Seven Hills, Highland Heights, Richmond Heights and Streetsboro you must possess the vehicle title and an ID. C4C is who buys junk cars in Cuyahoga County including the areas of Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights and South Euclid. Free towing is included in our vehicle removal service in Bainbridge, East Cleveland, Maple Heights and Warrensville Heights. Sell your car for cash, even if it is at a repair shop in Twinsburg, Walton Hills, Northfield, Oakwood Village or Glenwillow.

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Old Junk Vehicle Disposal

Old Junk Vehicle Disposal

As a member of the auto recycling junk cars market, we are familiar with how to get cash for junk cars. A junk car buyer may not be the only option for your old junk vehicle disposal, as donating it to charity is a possibility. In an article dated Friday, December 19, 2014 on the Cleveland Jewish News, the topic was discussed as follows: “We live in a very philanthropic community (Cleveland, OH) and there are so many people willing to give. Being active in a local nonprofit and in the automotive world, it is interesting to see how donating a vehicle can be beneficial or not to both parties. This can be a great alternative to trading in a car that does not make a huge dent in a down payment, but can make a big difference to a local non-profit or charity. It used to be more beneficial to the taxpayer before the IRS revised the donation stipulations in 2005. People used to donate cars all the time and it didn’t matter what the condition was to deduct fair market value off your taxes. Even if the car being donated was in poor condition, not running or only good for scrap. That has been revised. Now, if you donate the vehicle and it is sold for less than $500, you can claim the fair market value of the vehicle up to $500. If it is sold for over $500, you can claim the exact amount. It does get tricky when your car is worth more than $500 and sells for more. The IRS defines fair market value as the price a willing buyer would pay & a willing seller would accept for the vehicle. By the time many come to the conclusion of donating their car to a local charity, it is probably unsafe, running poorly and not able to be used as a daily driver. This equates into not much of a tax deduction. At the end of the day you need to decide what the motive is behind the vehicle donation. Are you just going for the tax deduction, the desire to help toward the greater good or both?” To view the complete article visit:

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a junk car buyer involved in auto recycling junk cars. We pay cash for junk cars 7 days a week throughout Cuyahoga County. We are not involved in the auto donation side of auto recycling junk cars; however, recognize it as a potential resource for saving cash for junk cars. We pay cash for junk cars in the areas of Macedonia, Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga Heights, Highland Heights and Richmond Heights. Our junk car buyer is available to provide a junk car quote for scrap vehicles and wrecked vehicles in the regions of Euclid, Garfield Heights, Eastlake, Parma Heights, and Lakewood. Free towing of your damaged car, truck or van is available throughout Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights, Parma, Seven Hills, Beachwood and Bedford. Residents of Bentleyville Village, Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights and South Euclid should contact us at (216) 359-1010. If your car is not running and at an auto repair shop in Wickliffe, Maple Heights, Brecksville, or Bainbridge, you should visit today to receive a price for your scrap car from our junk car buyer.

Junk Vehicles at Residence

Junk Vehicles at Residence

Today we venture to NC to review a new story regarding a resident who is “working from home” by using his residence in the southern part of Charlotte as a haven for scrap cars and junk car repair and service. Here at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland, we are in the auto recycling junk cars business and pay cash for wrecked cars. We do not endorse using a residence as a site for auto recycling junk cars.  Why do people think that their neighbors want to look at a junk yard or auto repair shop in your yard? On December 9, 2014 an article by Coleen Harry was posted on (Channel 3) titled ‘Charlotte property with long list of repeat sanitation, health and zoning issues hit with $500 citation’, explaining the problem as follows: “The house on Sleepy Hollow Rd is well known – to Charlotte’s Code Enforcement, and to neighbors.” According to Henry Anderson, a neighbor, “I turned the corner and there is a car hauler sitting there at the curve with several vehicles on it. On December 3, Charlotte Code Enforcement division issued a $500 citation to the property. City records found heavy vehicle repairs, and staging vehicles in a residential zoned area. This isn’t the first time city inspectors have had to deal with the house; a lengthy list of repeat health & sanitation issues dates back years. It includes junk motor vehicles, weed and grass violations. In April 2012, city records show inspectors received a complaint of an operation of auto repair garage; investigators from the state Department of Motor Vehicles went to the house. City records show 3 unlicensed vehicles on the property then in August 2012, another complaint: a flatbed delivered 3 cars for repairs.  In March, a citizen stated that residents are running a car repair business out of their home; stating that they have about 10-15 cars on property.” The Department of Code Enforcement has apparently levied several fines against this property owner for conducting heavy vehicle repairs. “At the beginning of December, inspectors took photographs of cars, and issued another zoning violation notice, warning citation, and citation. The city said the homeowner was staging vehicles in a residentially zoned area, and still doing heavy vehicle repairs. For a third violation of heavy vehicle repairs, inspectors issued a $500 citation. Neighbors are hoping this time the cars will be kept away permanently.” For the complete story visit this link:

Looking for a price for a junk car or price for scrap cars? Look no further then Cash 4 Cars Cleveland, who pays cash for wrecked cars and damaged vehicles throughout Cuyahoga County. The price for a junk car can vary widely based on a variety of factors. The price for scrap cars can be influenced by reusable items on the particular car, the vehicle’s weight and the severity of the damage. For auto recycling junk cars in Parma, Seven Hills, Beachwood, and Bedford, we offer same-day removal services. Other cities where we offer scrap car hauling and cash for wrecked cars include Lakewood, Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights and Streetsboro. If you need a price for a junk car in Solon, Twinsburg, Walton Hills or Northfield, simply call us at (216) 359-1010. Residents of Cleveland Heights, Euclid, Garfield Heights and Eastlake are encouraged to visit us online at for a price for scrap cars. Free towing service is available throughout the areas of Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights, University Heights and North Randall 7 days a week.

Junk Car Controversy

Junk Car Controversy

Our next riveting story involving junk cars & scrap vehicles takes us to a thriving metropolis known as Watervliet Township, MI. This town of 3000 people is approximately 94% white and average household income is about $45,000. (per Wikipedia) In the October 30, 2014 edition of The Herald-Palladium, staff writer Andrew Lersten has a story titled ‘Art v. junk’ which is summarized as follows: “A rusty old pickup truck in the front yard of a house has become the focus of controversy. Officials have cited owners Cyndi Garrone & Brian Richardson for violating the township’s ordinance that bans junk vehicles, defined as inoperable vehicles, and are asking it to be removed from their property, a few miles east of Watervliet. The owners claim the 1949 Chevy is lawn art, and there has been support for the truck to remain. The Township Board last week discussed the truck’s fate, and the clerk said all but a few of the 32 letters received have been in support of the truck. Supervisor Dan Hutchins said township officials will continue to study the issue and make a decision as to whether to overturn the citation. Zoning Administrator Bob Lohr said he’s not against art, but the truck meets the definition of a junk vehicle and should be removed, saying it’s unsightly and very rusty. Lohr said the truck was one of 22 junk vehicles cited in the township this year.  Garrone says the truck has proven so popular that people have been stopping by and taking photos with it.  She admits some people may disagree with her and her husband that it is art, not junk.  She said if more trucks like it were in the township, it could get a positive reputation as a travel destination.  Garrone and Richardson had 20 days after getting the citation last month to appeal to the township Construction Board of Appeals, but they chose not to do so.” The complete story is available here:

A couple thoughts on this story:

  • Yes, this junk truck is from 1949, making it 65 years old and of historical significance.
  • Neighbors should not have to view someone else’s junk vehicle.
  • Perhaps they should restore the vehicle and register it as a classic?
  • Garrone’s idea of collecting these vehicles for display to generate tourists to the town is completely ridiculous.

Asking where to sell my car for cash? Where is a place to junk cars for cash? Look no further than Cash 4 Cars Cleveland, as we buy junk cars seven days a week. What is required to sell my car for cash? All that is needed is the vehicle’s title and a photo ID. To junk cars for cash in Garfield Heights, Maple Heights and Solon, simply call (216) 359-1010 for a junk car quote. We buy junk cars throughout Cuyahoga County including the cities of Richmond Heights, Eastlake, Collinwood and Cleveland Heights. If considering whether or not to sell my car for cash, the first step is to visit today and see what the current pricing is to junk cars for cash in Lakewood, Gordon Square, West Park and Parma.  As a scrap vehicle buyer, we buy junk cars with pride in Independence, Twinsburg, Chesterland, Bedford and Northfield. If tired of paying costly repair bills for a junk vehicle in East Cleveland, Mayfield Heights, Shaker Heights or the Warrensville Heights area, we can relieve you of the problem vehicle—usually the same-day.


Electric Vehicles Study 1.0 Tesla

Electric Vehicles Study 1.0 Tesla

As a local, Cleveland based junk car buyer & aka “cash for cars” company, the new vehicles being manufactured today are important since they will be the junk cars & scrap cars of tomorrow (10 years from now). In chapter 1.0 we study Tesla Motors, a US maker of electric cars, now a public company. In 2009 Tesla was approved to receive $465 million in interest-bearing loans from the US Dept. of Energy, which was repaid in 2013. [1]  Now Tesla offers the Model S sedan & Model X SUV & is initially used Toyota’s former Fremont, CA NUMMI plant for production.

Features of Model S

The S goes from 0-60 MPH in 5.4 seconds, has a top speed of 125 mph & generates zero tailpipe emissions. According to Tesla, “Model S can be recharged at the rate of 29 miles of range per hour. A fifty-percent charge in as little as 20 minutes can be achieved with a Tesla Supercharger. Most Tesla owners plug in at night. By morning, their battery is completely recharged.”[2]  The S has a safety glass panoramic room that blocks 100% of UV light & 81% of heat. The frame uses aluminum & steel & the curb weight is higher than I expected at 4,600lbs. Thus far, the Tesla is certainly a premium vehicle with a price tag beginning at $60,000 & includes 19” wheels, a 17” dashboard touchscreen, a high-def backup camera, 200 watt sound system, eight airbags & rain sensing wipers.

The Battery

They offer a 60kwh & 80kwh battery with claimed “ranges” of 244 miles & 306 miles. There are 3 primary ways to charge: 1) Using a public station with J adapter, which charges at a rate of 20 miles of range per hour; 2) Using a 240 volt outlet, which provides 29 miles of range per hour; 3) A Tesla Supercharger station which can provide 170 miles of range per hour. There are approximately 150 Supercharger stations in the US currently. The warranty for the battery is currently 8 years.

Future of Auto Scrap

Steel currently makes up about 60% of a vehicle’s curb weight.  Aluminum is an alternative to steel, but can be more costly; however, aluminum lasts longer then steel, so junk car buyers may notice that vehicles are on the road longer. Scrap car buyers may benefit from recycling the expensive batteries used in electric and hybrid vehicles, but it is possible that manufacturers themselves could establish “buy-back” programs on the batteries if recycling them provides economic advantages.

About Us

Where to sell a junk car?  What are the current scrap car prices? Cash 4 Cars Cleveland can be reached at 216-359-1010 for a junk car quote. Additionally, a junk car quote can be obtained by sending the junk car’s information through our website  Those looking to sell a junk car will be glad to know that we are available 7 days a week and include free towing on scrap cars that we buy throughout Cuyahoga County.  To sell a junk car, we strive to make the process easy, requiring simply the vehicle title and an ID. Scrap car prices do vary quite a bit, so shop around when determining where to sell a junk car. C4C buys old cars, wrecked vehicles, scrap cars, trucks and vans throughout the greater Cleveland area. [1] [2]

Scrap Auto Recycling Concern

auto scrap, scrap car dealer, buyer of junk vehicles

scrap auto recycling

Scrap Auto Recycling Concern

Auto scrap facilities, scrap car dealers, buyers of junk vehicles and “cash for junk car” companies are potentially hazardous to the environment. The industry of recycling cars and trucks is large since automobiles are the number one recycled product in the U.S. This year approximately 8 million cars and 5 million trucks will be recycled by junk car buyers. The process is geared toward scrap auto recycling and many scrap car dealers and buyers of junk vehicles are offering cash for junk cars and auto scrap.

In the April 2014 edition, the American Recycler addresses the growing concern that chemicals handled by junk car buyers and “scrap my car” facilities will adversely impact our water supply. “Scrap and automotive recyclers handle a wide variety of hazardous materials that could trickle down from storm water runoff and contaminate drinking water and pollute rivers, lakes and oceans.” One particular toll that is available is EnviroRack:  “John Kitchens, VP of Iron Ax, said his company’s Enviro Rack, an advanced auto fluid removal and dismantling system will allow for meeting EPA and state regulations concerning fluid removal and preventing fluids from entering storm water. We have dealt with a lot of people having problems with local, state or EPA officials. Most owners want to be compliant with laws concerning groundwater contamination but a lot of them aren’t. I think most owners have good intentions when it comes to keeping oil and gas off of the ground,” said Kitchens. The complete article is available at:

Those involved in the auto scrap trade, particularly junk car buyers and “scrap my car” sites must insure that fluids are tightly controlled. A single scrap car dealer could potentially have hundreds of vehicles leaking toxics such as gasoline, mercury and harmful battery related fluids that ultimately make their way into the water supply. Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a junk car buyer that recognizes the importance in preventing groundwater contamination. We pay cash for junk cars and are 100% compliant with local regulations.

Toyota Auto Scrap Recycling Program

Toyota Auto Scrap Recycling Program

Scrap metals in automobiles are in demand for junk car buyers, scrap car buyers and “cash for cars” companies. When junking or scrapping a car, an auto scrapper or recycler must determine how to offer the best scrap car prices by harvesting the best metals, one of which is copper.

This article is from Recycling Today on March 28, 2014 (

Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC), recently established a unique program to recycle copper used in their wiring harnesses. Working with Yazaki Corp., a manufacturer of vehicle components; Toyota Tsusho Corp., the exchange arm of the Toyota Group; and eight Japan-based auto recycling companies, has developed a system that is able to harvest copper with an estimated pureness level exceeding 99% from the wiring found in automobiles, according to the company.

“Toyota says when wiring harnesses are removed from end-of-life vehicles using conventional methods, it is extremely difficult to separate the copper from the fuse box and other components. As a result, it has not been possible until now to recycle harnesses using mechanical sorting methods.” In 2011, TMC developed the first mechanical sorting method that is designed to prevent contamination from minute impurities. Trial production involving small amounts of recycled copper began at TMC’s Honsha, Japan, plant in 2013. Once quality had been assessed by Yazaki, the copper was introduced to the wiring harness manufacturing line. Stable production involving recycled copper has been achieved, and the partner companies say annual production of recycled copper using this method will increase to about 1,000 tons in 2016.”

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is where to scrap a car, junk a car, sell a scrap car and get cash for cars in Cleveland.  As a committed junk car buyer, scrap car buyer and “cash for cars” company, we are where to get cash for a scrap car. Are you looking to junk your car? We offer scrap car price quotes over the phone or through our website.


Cleveland Area Scrap Auto Tire Disposal

Cleveland Area Scrap Auto Tire Disposal

As a proud Cleveland-based automotive recycler, scrap car buyer, junk car hauling and “cash for cars” company, we are committed to protecting the environment. Car tires that are no longer usable can be a problem to dispose of. Scrap car tires take up a great deal of space and potentially can be a fire hazard. Burning old automobile tires is environmentally harmful, since the smoke these scrap tires generate contains many toxins. Junk auto tires also hold water from rain which creates standing water, which we know is a breeding ground for mosquitos and other harmful insects.
Many automobile components are valuable to scrap car recyclers and junk car or scrap processors, such as aluminum, copper, brass and steel; however, the supply of old tires in the US exceeds the demand for those that dispose of scrap auto tires.  Here is a list of cities in Cuyahoga County that handle removal and scrap services for junk car tires and scrap automobile tires:

Bay Village: Last Friday of each month, 31300 Naigle Road, 7:30-3:00. (440) 871-1221 Beachwood: All year, 23355 Mercantile Road M-F 7:30-3:30 p.m.  (216) 292-1922
Bedford: Curbside collection on regular trash day.  Up to two tires off rims.  (440) 735-6583 Bedford Heights: Year-round drop-off, 25401 Solon Road, M-F 8:00-3:00. (440) 232-8832 Bratenahl: Year-round drop-off, 57 Garfield Lane.  Call (216) 681-7652
Brecksville: Does not sicipate.
Broadview Heights: Call. 9543 Broadview Rd – Bldg. 10, M-F 7:00–3:00.  (440) 526-4718
Brook Park: Year-round, 19065 Holland Road, M-F 7:00-3:00. (216) 433-7192
Brooklyn: Year-round drop-off, 9400 Memphis Avenue, M-F 8-4:30. (216) 635-4232
Brooklyn Heights:  Year-round behind service garage, 233 Tuxedo Avenue. (216) 351-0131
Chagrin Falls: All year. 1st Wednesday of ea. month, 240 Solon Rd, M-F 7:30-3. (440) 247-5053 Cleveland: Drop-off: Ridge Road Transfer Station, 3727 Ridge Rd. Fee is charged for more than 4 tires. City residents are allowed 4 free dumps/year. Proof of residency required.  (216) 664-3162
Cleveland Heights: All year curbside collection.  (216) 691-7311
Cuyahoga Heights:  Curbside collection on Tuesdays. (216) 641-3505
East Cleveland: Call for info.  (216) 681-2419
Euclid: Drop-off dates TBA, 25500 Lakeland Blvd, 8:00-3:00. No large truck tires accepted. Fairview Park:  Curbside collection on regular trash day.  No rims.  (440) 356-4410
Garfield Hts.:  Doesn’t participate; Gates Mills:  Unknown; Highland Hts.:  Doesn’t participate
Hunting Valley: Year-round, 38251 Fairmount Blvd., M-F 8:00-3:00. (440) 247-6106
Independence: Special curbside collection dates TBD. (216) 524-9191
Lakewood: Year-round, 12920 Berea Road, M-F 8:00-3:00; Sat. 8:00-12:00 (216) 252-4322 Lyndhurst: Drop-off dates TBD, 5301 Mayfield Road during open hours.  (440) 473-5100
Maple Heights:  Drop-off  TBD, 5501 Dunham Road, 7:30-3:00. (216) 587-9014
Mayfield Heights: Does not participate.
Mayfield Village: 610 SOM Center Rd, M-F 7:00-3:00; Sat. 9-1. (440) 442-5506
Middleburg Heights: Year-round drop-off, 7375 Engle Road. (440) 234-2216
Moreland Hills: Dates TBA, 4350 SOM Center Road, 7:00-3:00. (440) 248-1188
Newburgh Heights: Call for more information.  (216) 641-2714
North Olmsted: Dates TBA, 5200 Dover Center Road. (440) 716-4151
North Randall: Year-round drop-off.  (216) 662-0430
North Royalton: Doesn’t participate.
Oakwood Village: Curbside collection late Summer.  (440) 232-6957
Olmsted Falls: Year-round drop-off, 8051 Brookside Drive, 7:30-4:00.  (440) 235-1345
Parma: Call for dates, 5680 Chevrolet Blvd 7:30-2:30. 661-7375 or  Parma Heights: Dates TBD, 6184 Pearl Road, 9:30-11:30 and 12:30-3:00.  (440) 884-9607 Richmond Heights: Drop-off dates TBD, 26260 Chardonview Road, 9:00-1:00. (216) 731-7014 Rocky River: Curbside collection dates TBA. (440) 356-5630
Seven Hills: All year curbside. (216) 525-6225 or
Shaker Heights: Drop-off (Saturday & Sunday only), 15600 Chagrin Blvd. 8-4:00.  (216) 491-1490 Solon: Doesn’t participate.
South Euclid: Drop-off dates TBD, 4224 Monticello Blvd., 8:00-3:30. (216) 381-0402
University Heights: Year-round drop, 2300 Warrensville Center Rd, M-F 7:30-4.  (216) 932-7800 Valley View: Does not participate.
Walton Hills:  Drop-off dates TBA, 6800 Dunham Road, 8:00-3:30. (216) 587-2574
Warrensville Heights: Does not participate.
Westlake: Year-round curbside collection on rubbish day.  (440) 835-6432

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Auto Scrap Law in effect 2014

Auto Scrap Law in effect 2014

Recently North Carolina’s laws concerning auto scrapping have changed to bring them up to speed with other states such as Ohio.  Prior to the new NC Salvage Yard Reporting System, individuals could pull into an auto recycler, vehicle scrap yard or other “cash  for cars” buyer and “junk” the automobile with simply signing their signature.  The North Carolina DMV is now able to use the SYRS to cross reference vehicle titles to curb the potential of stolen cars ending up in a scrap car crusher.

According to a story by FOX 8 WGHP on January 3, 2014, “All salvage customers must have this information checked before they can sell properly. Division of Motor Vehicles’ License and Theft Bureau has received 41 reports of stolen vehicles, stopping 22 from being sold to salvage yards and confiscating 19 following sales since Dec. 1. Two vehicles were recovered from Lily’s Recycling and Auto Salvage and one from Winston- Salem’s Pull-A-Part. 109 U-Pull-It owner Bob Young said he has always asked for title information before the law change along with extensive security camera photos. Young said with the law all scrap owners can compete fairly and maintain integrity knowing their items are not stolen. All salvage yards are required to register for the DMV database system or face felony charges.”
Link to story:

In Ohio, those that purchase scrap cars, junk cars and other vehicles for the purposes of recycling are required to obtain the vehicle title and verify the seller’s photo ID.  It seems hard to believe that it took NC so long to implement this law.

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Understanding Scrap Vehicle Removal

Selling Your Scrap or Junk Car for Cash in Cleveland, OH

You may have an older vehicle that you have parked at a repair shop, driveway or in your garage that needs to go. Often these cars are deteriorating and the tires are deflated. Why keep that old car? Many folks will take these vehicles and scrap them. There is a series of steps that you can take to scrap your car and make some quick cash. First, you may call a few auto scrap yards, scrap metal dealers or “cash for cars” buyers and gauge the market value of your old car.
Some buyers may be interested in the “as-is” components from the junk car, truck or van.  The usable items maybe resold to other owners of that year, make and model vehicle. Sometimes the items can be sold independently, but finding a willing buyer can be challenging. Many buyers of junk or scrap cars will negotiate pricing with you.  Please keep in mind that if the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Many independent junk car removal services will offer you a price quote over the phone and then switch it to a lower amount once they arrive.

Other thoughts on selling your junk car:

Locating a company who is easy and fast is critical. Many scrap yards will offer higher prices for your vehicle, but you are responsible for transporting it to their location. We recommend using a junk car buyer that includes free towing in the price offer.  In the state of Ohio, you will need to have the junk car’s title and a photo ID on hand.  Good Luck!


Ohio Vehicle Scrap Law Information


Ohio law has specific requirements for the transfer of motor vehicles, including “scrap” motor vehicles. These requirements combat theft or fraud, track motor vehicle transfers and ensure legal compliance.


Scrap metal processors primarily receive, process, and ship types of scrap.  These processors receive motor vehicles from seller/owner(s).  On the title they mark that the title certificate is “TO BE CANCELED” and forward it to the clerk or local authority within 10 days. Scrap metal processors must obtain the certificate of title.  A record of the cancellation, with a copy of the title must be kept on file for 36 months. If the seller of vehicle is not the owner listed on the title, then documentation of the following must be kept: seller’s name, address; ID # and seller’s physical description (ORC 4738.16)


Salvage Dealers mainly function as a seller of pre-owned auto components.  (O.R.C. 4738.02) If an Ohio title or salvage title of a vehicle is assigned to a salvage dealer, they aren’t required to obtain an Ohio certificate of title or a salvage certificate of title in the dealer’s own name if the salvage dealer’s license is on it.  (ORC 4505.11)


Businesses engaged in towing may purchase vehicles. If the vehicle is bought for scrap, sold or transferred, the tow company must obtain a valid title for the vehicle in their name prior to transfer (ORC 4505.03).  Tow companies must obtain a motor vehicle dealer license upon engaging in the business of selling used motor vehicles.


If you transfer ownership, have your signature notarized by a registered notary public.  All information required above your signature must be completed prior to notarization.


National Motor Vehicle Title Information System

Information on how businesses report vehicles received. Ohio BMV

Research & information about title transfer & registration.