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Cleveland Waste Removal

Cleveland Waste Removal

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is among the people that buy junk cars and process junk car scrap in Northeast Ohio. We offer money for a junk car 6 days a week functioning as a damaged or wrecked car buyer. If you are asking where to scrap my car and get fast vehicle removal, simply contact us at (216) 359-1010. Our next topic from the wonderful world of junk, scrap and recycling is outside of the private sector, as we are made aware of the City of Cleveland’s Waste Collection Department’s severe budgetary concerns.

On January 11, 2016 Leila Atassi authored a story on titled ‘Cleveland waste collection workers blow through overtime budget’ with the following information: “The city of Cleveland paid trash collectors nearly $1.3 million in overtime last year to pick up the slack for co-workers who routinely didn’t show up. City Finance Director Sharon Dumas told members of City Council that chronic absenteeism has become a major problem in the city’s Division of Waste Collection & Disposal, and that (5) employees were terminated recently for failing to come to work. The administration has brought in a manager from outside the division to assist with the operational problems.

The overtime expenses incurred in 2015 amounted to 274% of what was budgeted for the department. Many council members argued that the problems in waste collection run deep and display inefficiencies & mismanagement that have destroyed departmental morale. Councilman Michael Polensek says that he met with a group of longtime waste collection workers who say they lack enough people and equipment; as a result, trash hasn’t been collected in some areas for (3) weeks. Councilwoman Dona Brady said that waste collection crews often don’t get to some routes until 10 p.m. and that the job has gotten easier with automation.” The link to the full article is available here.

This story certainly lends credibility to the belief that governmental employees tend to deliver subpar performance that is traditionally over-budget. Most private businesses would simply not tolerate a department that exceeded their budget by over 200%. It sounds like the city is aggressively addressing this issue and will hopefully “curb” these excessive costs.

Where to scrap my car?

We are a damaged and wrecked car buyer that offers money for a junk car in Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga Counties. The people that buy junk cars and process junk car scrap are certainly have to monitor their expenses closely. The amount of money for a junk car currently being paid out has dropped significantly, while the costs of vehicle removal have remained steady. In 2015, the scrap price for steel has plummeted in the global market. This means that people that buy junk cars are unable to receive much money for a junk car body from regional junk car scrap processors. If you are seeking a scrap or wrecked car buyer in the greater Northeast Ohio area, we encourage you to contact Cash 4 Cars Cleveland today!