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Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

Here at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland we buy junk cars as part of our cars for cash program. We have operated as a buyer of junk cars for a few years now and do so in a manner that is eco-friendly. Do you have an unwanted salvage vehicle just sitting around? When we provide you a price quote over the phone, the old car removal is included. Were you aware that we are a recycler with a firm commitment to “green” practices, thus our auto recycling of steel uses 60% less energy.

The Idaho National Laboratory published a 2016 study on electric-type vehicles with the following introduction: “In 2011 the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt arrived and there has been an increase in the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), particularly in the western coastal regions of the US and some urban areas in the eastern US. In PEVs are transitioning from the early stage to the mass market phase. In 2015, most major automakers have PEVs in the market, with approximately twenty-one models available in distribution. For the PEV charging infrastructure, in February 2016, there were 12,248 public electric vehicle charging stations in the US; this includes 30,756 charging stations so far.

Despite some growth in PEV sales and its charging infrastructure, several factors currently limit the momentum. Low fuel prices have reduced the financial incentives of purchasing and buyer preferences lean toward larger SUVs and crossover models that presently have limited PEV options. Awareness and education about PEVs, incentive availability, and recharging station presence are also affecting growth. The majority of PEV sales so far have been in selected metro areas; rather than more broadly distributed across the country. This study provides a sample of a PEV-supported initiative beyond these urban areas for other small to mid-sized communities

Small to mid-sized towns in the US, with populations of 50,000 or less, are often ideal PEV communities due to their typically shorter driving distances. The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) “EV Everywhere Challenge” is looking carefully at potential barriers & opportunities that exist for these communities to enter in the PEV market and at the benefits from the financial and environmentally-related benefits of PEVs. One EV Everywhere is exploring a national pilot program that would enable such US communities to implement PEV growth plans. In order to progress a sound pilot, it is important that the DOE grasps the challenges to PEV market penetration that must be hurdled by small & medium sized communities. This is needed for attracting these locations to participate and support the stakeholders” The complete report is available here. We will further expand on this subject later this week.

Who buys cars for cash in Cleveland?

Our buyer of junk cars is standing by to take your call at 216-359-1010.  The process is quick and very stress-free—you simply must have the title in your name to get cash for a salvage vehicle.   One key to old car removal is to insure that we can handle same-day and next-day vehicle pick up. We buy junk cars throughout Lake, Geauga and Cuyahoga County now 6 days a week!  Our practices have multiple environmental advantages including reductions in air pollution and water pollution.