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EPA Auto Scrap Info

EPA Auto Scrap Info

One of the many reasons we recommend Cash 4 Cars Cleveland for where to junk a car in Cleveland is that when you sell your junk car to us, where insure that the recycling of the vehicle is handled in a manner that protects the environment. We are an established buyer of scrap cars and one of the topics we cover in our ongoing informational blog relates to environmentally related best practices. The EPA posted ‘Stormwater Management: A Guide for Auto Recycler Owners and Operators’ with the following information: “All US vehicle dismantling sites (except those in a combined sewer service area or facilities that do not discharge stormwater) are required by the Clean Water Act to obtain a storm water permit either from the U.S. EPA or an appropriate state agency.

Inspect all incoming vehicles for leaking fluids as they enter your facility. Promptly contain leaks with drip pans or absorbent material. Establish a procedure for processing vehicles. Before any vehicle is placed in the yard, drain the following fluids from the vehicle: Fuel, Oil, Transmission Fluid, Brake Fluid, Antifreeze and Freon. These activities should be conducted in the same area, which should be covered with a roof. Your fluid draining & vehicle dismantling areas have the most potential to contaminate storm water. Properly covering this area can eliminate contact with rainfall. Rain or snow can carry harmful materials like oil or gasoline into the soil and nearby streams, rivers, and lakes. Roofs not only keep out rain & snow, but also make the work area more comfortable for workers. You should also have a concrete pad in the draining & dismantling area, and drain all vehicles on this surface. Draining over concrete makes spills easier to clean up & minimizes environmental harm.

Storing fluids properly helps cut down the amount of contaminants that end up in storm water. When you remove fluids, transfer them to the proper container. Confine fluid storage to areas that are covered and have secondary containment. Keep drums containing fluids away from drains; consider storing fluids near the location where fluids are drained. Do not leave open drain pans that contain fluids around. For smaller spills, use shop rags & oil dry. Used absorbents should be placed in a designated container for disposal.

Regular maintenance of equipment such as forklifts reduces risk of breakdown & fluid release. Check for leaks & spills and malfunctioning items. Do not steam-clean or pressure wash items without proper wash water management. Do not hose down the shop floor if water will run into a storm drain or off the property. Inexpensive filter systems or absorbents can provide an extra level of defense against storm water pollution.

Mercury switches are commonly found under vehicle hoods, trunks and braking systems. The switches can be removed to prevent contamination and human health problems. Some states require mercury switches to be removed before vehicles are crushed. If you choose to remove mercury switches before your vehicles are crushed, store the switches in a leak-proof, clearly marked, closed container. Also take care to ensure that the switches do not break during handling or storage.” The complete document is available at this link.

Are you pondering where to junk a car in Cleveland, Lakewood or Broadview Heights? There are options when finding a buyer of scrap cars to sell your junk car. To receive cash for scrap cars, the title for the vehicle will always be required. Our buyer of scrap cars allows you to sell my car for cash 6 days a week. To junk a car in Cleveland, Willoughby or Parma, simply contact us at (216) 359-1010 to scrap a car for cash. Sell your junk car today and get cash for your clunker.

What do we do with the junk vehicles? Much depends on the condition of the car. Generally, it will be salvaged, which means the fluids, electrical components & usable items are removed & disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. The remainder is crushed for scrap metal. Call us or send your car’s year, make and model through our website to get a junk car quote and we’ll call you to pick up your vehicle and hand you cash on the spot. There should be no question that Cash 4 Cars is the place where to junk a car.