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We moved here in 1990 from Minneapolis, MN & now call Cuyahoga County home.  We buy scrap cars in Cuyahoga County 6 days/week. Call us for a junk car quote.


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Cash 4 Cars Cleveland – 99th and North Blvd. Cleveland, OH 44108 – (216) 359-1010 Give us a call to sell your junk vehicle today! We answer calls during business hours 6 days a week. After hours, please send us your vehicle’s information and we will get you a cash price quote for the car within 8 hours. Cash 4 Cars Cleveland pays you cash “on the spot” for your vehicle title. If you call most days before 3PM, we should be able to have a tow truck out the same day.  We DO NOT make exaggerated price claims, the price you are quoted for removal of your old car is the price you get. When scrapping a car in Northeast Ohio, call (216) 359-1010.  Did you know that auto recycling is a great environmental option for the disposal of your wrecked car, scrap car or junk car? As an environmentally conscious junk vehicle buyer, we offer fast pickup, free towing and consistent junk vehicle pricing. A junk my car buyer.

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We are a Crain’s Cleveland Women Owned Business

Auto Scrap & Recycling Glossary

The Global Recycling Network (GRN) put together a list of the common terminology used in the “cash for cars” industry. Words regularly used among scrap car buyers; scrap my car outfits and those you may sell a car for scrap to. There are many sides to the cash for cars industry & these will better explain.

Biodegradable: Broken down or decomposed quickly in  natural conditions
Buy-Back Center: A recycling center that buys materials from the public.
“CATS”: Short for catalytic converters, an emissions control item recycled by junk car buyers
Crusher (Vehicle): Machine used to compress scrap cars & junk cars.
Ferrous Metals: (FE) magnetic metal items made up mostly of iron
Recycling: items that would otherwise become waste are gathered, classified and returned to usefulness in another capacity. Begins after items are gathered by a “sell a car for scrap” outfit Remanufacturing: items are disassembled and reassembled and parts are cleaned, fixed (as needed) or replaced to be used as aftermarket options for cars that are still on the road.
Scrap: the excess of waste which can be economically recycled by junk car buyers
Shredding: material shearing of recycled materials in the cash for cars business

These terms were sourced from

Auto Salvage: process where scrap & junk cars are recycled in the scrap my car business
Auto Recycling: efficient, ecological disposal of motor vehicles & reclaiming reusable parts
C.A.R: Certified Automotive Recycler. A title awarded to a scrap car recycler
Fluid Recovery System for Junk Car: system used by scrap car haulers togather & recycle  fluids remaining in salvage vehicles. Needed to protect fluids from contaminating areas.
Junk Car Removal: outfit that tows junk vehicles for recycling; AKA “cash for cars”.
Junk Cars for Cash: a organization buys junk & scrap cars, trucks and vans.
Recycling a Car: quick, environmentally conscious disposal of automobiles
Scrap Cars (for cash): a company that buys junk cars for cash.
ATotaled’ Vehicle: The insurance company confirms that it is better to pay a claim on a scrap vehicle to the insured rather then to repair the vehicle
We Buy Junk Cars: A marketing statement from a junk car buyer

The above terms were sourced from the (Automobile Recyclers Association)

Contamination: When scrap cars (or their fluids) negatively effect the ecosystem.
Detergent: Cleaning agent that to remove dirt, oil etc… from scrapped vehicles.
Junk Vehicle Hauler: Those who collect wrecked cars, damaged vehicles & abandoned cars
Scrap scavenger: A thief targeting scrap metal
TPY: The measurement of tons per year.

These scrap terms are from

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