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Guy Complains After Junk Truck Parked in Street is Scrapped

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An Oklahoma City man had left his 1993 Chevrolet Suburban parked in the street claiming he was going to make repairs to the engine. One day the car disappeared. He says that the vehicle had many family photos and other personal items that had value. He was apparently aware that the city wanted the vehicle removed—but they were not the ones who towed it. Apparently the truck was brought to a local recycler who had already crushed it. The recycler said that a woman came asked him to tow and remove that truck and he paid her $100. She claimed to have misplaced the title, but he took it anyhow. In addition, he says that he took a photo of her ID; however, his phone later “crashed” and he lost the photo. The truck owner wondered how this happened. The law say that 2008 (or older) vehicles do not require a title, registration or notarized bill of sale, unlike a newer model would. (This is NOT the case here in Ohio) The lady on the street who “sold” it was in the wrong for taking cash for it, yet I don’t blame her for trying to get someone else’s junk moved out of the street.

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