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Junk and Scrap Auto Tires

Junk and Scrap Auto Tires

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland, a greater Cleveland’s site who buys old cars, is back with another update relating to the auto scrap and junk vehicle removal industry. To get cash for a car is much simpler then you may realize, as those of us who buys old cars will allow you to sell an old car by simply giving us a call. The scrap my car business is an environmentally friendly alternative to abandonment and our service is typically able to process your junk vehicle removal the same-day. We process auto scrap in a systematic process where you get cash for a car and we recycle the materials and components at a rate of nearly 90% of the vehicle’s composition. Our next story involves the recycling of scrap auto tires, a topic we cover frequently because it is a segment of our industry that has proven to be more environmentally challenging then most and is evolving rapidly. On November 10, 2015 an article titled ‘Houghton applying for DEQ grant to create tire recycling drop-off’ on was composed by Aleah Hordges with the following details: “A tire recycling drop-off site is coming to Houghton. The City is applying for a $3,000 grant to the Dept. of Environmental Quality. The site will provide residents a place to tires for recycling. The location for the site will be at the Dept. of Public facility.

If approved for the grant, the site will open in May. Houghton City Manager Eric Waara says it is a part of an overall area initiative the cities are working on to bring about more recycling opportunities. The City will find out the status of the grant by January.” The full article is available here. Unfortunately, the article does not elaborate on the process of which these units will be recycled.

On November 6, 2015 an article on discussed a new method for managing their “doughnuts” in a piece titled ‘New recycling plant to melt away tire mountain’ completed by Doug McDonough as follows:

“The mountain of unwanted tires in Seth Ward, TX could be gone within a year after NeoWaste opens a recycling plant in Plainview. Company VP Gil Bartee and Sales Manager Tony Altemus, outlined their plan to locate a demonstration plant in Plainview to Hale County commissioners. Company representatives have met with the Plainview-Hale County Economic Development Corp. and are negotiating to acquire a 5-acre tract owns on Industrial Blvd. to build a Tire Pyrolysis Plant.

NeoWaste was founded in May 2015; it utilizes the pyrolysis method for recycling tires, which involves heating whole or shredded tires in a reactor vessel containing an oxygen-free atmosphere and a heat source. In the reactor, the polymers break down into smaller molecules. These molecules eventually vaporize and exit the reactor. The vapors can be burned directly to produce power, or condensed into a liquid, used as a fuel similar to diesel. The process produces syngas, which will be captured & used to power the plant. Other byproducts include carbon black & wire steel. Bartee says this process is efficient with low emissions & waste; the facility could process 24-30 tons per day, roughly 3,000 tires depending on size. A tire grinder or cutter will turn out small rubber squares; the squares will be stored away from public view until processed in the vessel. The million-plus tires at the Tyre King facility at 34th and Wood could be processed and remediated within a year. Estimated construction costs are $1 million and $1 million for equipment; the facility is projected to employ 20-30 people. They are working to create a reinvestment zone & secure tax abatements and incentives. The facility will also handle plastic & medical waste; the county has been paying $80/ton taking them to the closest tire recycler. To read full article visit this link.

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Merriam Webster defines pyrolysis as “a chemical change brought about by the action of heat” and states it is “transformation of a compound into smaller & simpler compounds, under elevated temperatures, differing from combustion in that it occurs in the absence of air–therefore no oxidation takes place. Read more at

It’s great that two more communities (Texas & Michigan) and pursuing auto scrap recycling solutions. When you get cash for a car, the hope is that the majority of the materials will be recycled and not simply transferred to landfills. Those operating in the junk vehicle removal business or those of us who buys old cars have traditionally had limited options in disposal of these old tires and often have to pay to properly discard them. Are you looking to scrap a car for cash in Bedford, Bentleyville Village or Tremont? Those residing in Macedonia, Cleveland Heights and Wickliffe can contact our scrap car buyer at (216) 359-1010. Residents of Brecksville, Bainbridge and East Cleveland should keep in mind that we buy wrecked cars, damaged cars and totaled vehicles. If your vehicle need costly repairs and is sitting at a transmission shop or mechanic garage in Chesterland, Seven Hills or Northfield—contact the best spot to get cash for cars!