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Junk Auto Battery Reuse

Cash 4 Cars in Cleveland is where to receive fast cash for cars 6 days a week in Cleveland. Our junk car buyer will provide you a quote for an old car over the phone and that is a firm price. Our scrap my car program could not be much simpler, with same-day or next-day scrap vehicle removal included. When we pay money for a junk car the vehicle is essentially in end-of-life status, meaning is will be salvaged.

In the June 21, 2016 edition of Green Tech Media, Julia Pyper authored an article titled ‘Used i3 Batteries Into Home Energy Storage Units’ with the following report: “BMW is making a major push into the battery energy storage market. They are turning new & used i3-style batteries into energy storing solutions for homes & small businesses. With a storage system powered by BMW, we are taking the next step toward a new sustainable energy options. Through an agreement, BMW owners receive a $1,000 credit toward SolarCity’s home solar option. BMW’s sustainability package is quite similar to one from Tesla

The product that is ready currently uses i3 high-voltage batteries, but will begin to incorporate recycled batteries as they become available. There aren’t many of these used batteries on the market today, because the i3 vehicle has only been on the market since 2013. This will change as those batteries degrade and are no longer considered suitable for auto use. A recycled battery can offer many additional years of service. As i3 batteries reach the end of their vehicle life, BMW & German-based Beck Automation plan to turn them into plug-and-play energy storage systems by unbolting them from the i3 and installing them in a multi-charging module. The system could be setup in a basement or a garage where it can be used to power electrically operated devices in a house or to charge a car.

The energy storage units are equipped with BMW i3’s 22-kw-hour or 33-kw-hour capacity batteries, which are best suited to operate appliances & entertainment devices. A typical US home consumes between 15-30 kw-hours of energy a day. The systems have software to determine the optimal time to charge or discharge the system. The BMW storage system also includes a volt converter and electronics to manage the energy flow between renewable energy resources, the home and the battery. The idea should give i3 drivers a new way to make money from their used cars by creating a market for second-life batteries. However, it’s not yet clear how a battery buyback program would work. Tesla’s 6.4-kilowatt-hour home battery sells to installers for $3,000 and is estimated to be reailed for around $7,000.

BMW is currently evaluating a market strategy; and are preparing to enter the fixed energy storage market. Cliff Fietzek, manager of connected e-mobility at BMW says it’s expensive to reconfigure batteries for re-use, which is why they came up with a plug-and-play solution the battery. There’s no need for unique software in or take units out and can take advantage of all of the engineering work; with the same heating & cooling system for the vehicle battery and the same safety features. They are the latest automaker to enter this market. Tesla has reaped an enormous amount of hype with the launch of its big battery Gigafactory. Toyota, GM and Nissan are also testing potential solutions” The complete feature is available at

Where to receive money for a junk car

Contact us today for fast cash for cars regardless if wrecked or otherwise damaged. As the (216) and (440) area’s premier junk car buyer, we will get the job done quickly. The quote for an old car is a basic price that we will pay you when we tow away the vehicle. How do I determine how to scrap my car? No need to look further than calling (216) 359-1010 and telling us the year, make and model of the vehicle. Our “green” practices preserve important resources and energy for the next generation, without compromising or wasting material.