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Junk Car Enforcement

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An August 2016 article by Kevin Landers titled “Abandoned junk cars target of Franklin Township clean-up” was posted on with the following information: “People that leave abandoned junk cars amid their property will soon get a warning notice in the mail. This is part of a plan by Franklin Township Trustees to remove unwanted vehicles in the community that hurt property values. The Pontiac Firebird sitting in Kathryn Augenstein’s driveway made the list. Augenstein says the Firebird which sits in her driveway, is missing a wheel making it appear like junk to many people. The car does not run and it’s not insured, but has sentimental some value. The township says if she has to move it, or it will be towed. Warning notices are going out to homeowners with junk cars. The township figures it has between 50 and 60 more out there.

Junk cars are defined as follows under the revised code: Abandoned junk motor vehicle” is any motor vehicle that has been left on property for forty-eight hours or longer without the permission of the person having the right to possession of the property, on a public or other property open to the public for purposes of travel or parking, or upon or without the right-of-way of any road or highway, for forty-eight (48) hours or longer; that is three (3) years or older; that is badly damaged, such damage including but not limited to the absence of wheels, tires, motor or transmission; that it appears inoperable; and that has a fair market value of 1,500.00 or less.

Police Chief Byron Smith is sending staff to homes to inform them of the junk car policy. He says cars with current tags won’t be towed and that only cars that are visible from the street qualify. The township has partnered with a tower who will house the vehicles and sell them for scrap. As for Katheryn Augenstein, she plans to get the Pontiac moved before the city does, but says the Firebird is like family to her. Franklin Township is planning a vote on the rule to remove junk cars from the private properties. Residents will receive a certified letter alerting them of the decision to tow their cars, and have fourteen days to comply.” The full story is available here.

Scrap Vehicle Buyer in Cleveland

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