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Junk Car Ordinance

We are now offering cash for scrap vehicles in the greater Cleveland, OH area. The junk car removal service is included at no additional charge when we buy a vehicle. To junk your car for cash, pick up the phone and contact us for a quote. We are usually able to provide same-day junk car towing and removal if you call earlier in the day. The environmentally sound way in which we process a salvage car is the best around. Did you know that in the United States between 12M to 15M cars are scrapped, providing vast amounts of salvageable components & recyclable materials?

On June 20, 2016 posted a story titled ‘Raymondville Planning to Crack Down on Junk Cars’ with the following update: “The city of Raymondville is trying to remove unsightly vehicles in town by enforcing an old ordinance. The city wants to clear junk vehicles from through streets and private property. All over the streets of Raymondville, parked cars sit in the same spot for extended periods, sometimes years. A truck in Mary Ambriz’s yard sits in the yard without tires. She says her boyfriend removed the tires to get fixed, but hasn’t had the money to go retrieve them. Ambriz doesn’t consider her truck to be really junk.

The City Ordinance # 995 does define a junk vehicle as one that is inoperative, doesn’t have a active license plates or an inspection sticker, or is wrecked, dismantled or partially disassembled. Soon, city workers & police will start removing those junk vehicles. The city of Raymondville says they will start sending out notices to owners of these cars next week. Once received, it gives them 10 days to bring the vehicle up to code.

If the 10-day deadline is exceeded, the vehicles are to be towed. On properties where a wrecker can’t remove the vehicle, the owners will be issued a fine. Ambriz says it’s unfair because some people don’t currently have jobs. I don’t think we’ll have money to be paying fines. Ambriz does not feel the operation will work out very well in a town where people can’t afford to fix them or pay fines. Raymondville officials said it is all in an effort to make the town appear somewhat nicer. Ambriz said she plans to keep her truck where it is until she can afford to fix it. Just because they think the city needs to improve, I agree with that, but the truck is not in the way. The ordinance declares junk vehicles are public pains, and it’s against the law to create or continue a public nuisance. The penalty for violating the law is a misdemeanor. People will have the chance to appeal the notices and fines in the courts. Anyone convicted will have to pay a fine of at least $200. They will have to pay that for every day the problem isn’t fixed.” The complete article is available here.

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