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Junk Cars Surfacing

Junk Cars Surfacing

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a buyer of junk cars in Ohio that provides both old car removal and damaged vehicle removal services. To sell your scrap car we suggest you call (216) 359-1010 to speak with a “sell a car for cash” specialist who buys junk cars. Our next story relating to the auto scrap and recycling industry takes us to Durango, Colorado. Durango is located in the SW portion of the state with a population of about 17,000. The Animas River flows through the area and recently some unusual findings have emerged. In the October 2, 2015 edition of the Durango Herald and article was posted by Jonathan Romeo titled ‘Junk cars emerge from river’s banks’ with the following details: “The Animas River is a waterway known for its scenic beauty and winding path through the awe-inspiring San Juan Mountains. What the river is not so commonly known for are the scattered rusting junk cars that line and blemish its embankments, many of which are starting to reappear as erosion exposes the decades long buried scrap metal.

The story of how the junk cars got there traces back to a nationwide trend in the 1950s and 1960s. To prevent erosion, riprap – a catch-all term for materials used for embankment stabilization – would be installed along the sides of the river. Riprap usually consisted of dirt, concrete or rock. But with the boom of the automotive industry in the mid-20th century, a new practice was born. Unusable vehicles would be dumped along riverbanks, usually reinforced by steel cables that tied together the car bodies. Because the vehicles were heavy, the practice was highly effective as opposed to using dirt or concrete. The method soon became known as “Detroit riprap.”

The use of Detroit riprap stopped, or at least became illegal, in the 1970s with the passage of the Clean Water Act. Legislation was the signal to ranchers that the country was changing its attitude toward certain traditional practices as it became more environmentally conscious. Kara Hellige, chief of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Durango office stated that cars provided great bank stabilization, but it’s just not good for water quality & safety purposes. Removal of rusting cars would be up to the property owner. Tim Holt, also a longtime rancher, remembers it differently. He said the Corp of Engineers was in charge of constructing the line of cars. But, he said, most of the evidence of the junkyard automobiles is now gone. These days, property owners looking to prevent erosion use more natural methods. Depending on the nature of the stream channel, rocks, wooded debris or plant growth usually work best.”   The full article is available here.

This would seem quite strange to be canoeing down the river and see junk cars that are submerged along the river banks. At least their intentions were good—to prevent bank erosion. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate good pictures illustrating the view of the cars.

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland buys scrap and junk cars in Ohio. We offer same-day damaged vehicle removal and next-day old car removal when you sell your scrap car. We pay cash for cars throughout the (216) and the (440) area codes. You can call us to sell your scrap car Monday through Friday between 8AM and 5:30PM and on Saturday between 8AM and 3:30PM. At the present time we are not providing damaged car removal on Sunday. (closed) The first step to junk cars in Ohio is to locate the title for the car. Next, you call our junk car buyer for a junk car price quote. If you like the price then we will schedule the old car removal, where we pay you cash for the car and tow it away!