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Oil Recycling to Auto Fuel

Oil Recycling to Auto Fuel

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with a recycling topic that is seasonally related to Thanksgiving. We are an auto scrap outfit that offers junk vehicle removal and who junks cars throughout NE Ohio. We allow those wanting to get cash for a car to do so and provide a quote for the value of a junk car right over the phone. It is common in the auto scrap industry to discuss the recycling of oil. If we assume that you sell us your vehicle and get cash for a car, once we process the junk vehicle removal, we are required to drain the vehicle fluids to begin the auto scrap process. Today we are looking at another type (other than motor oil) of oil that is now being recycled – cooking oil. In a November 24, 2015 article on with the headline ‘Turn used cooking oil into energy by recycling it’, Brittney Verner tells us the following: “The West Lafayette Waste Mgmt. is encouraging people to recycle their used cooking oil instead of pouring it down the drain. Utility Director David Henderson says recycled grease & cooking oil helps produce about 20% of the electricity at the plant. Grease and cooking oil can clog up your sewer lateral, and the main also.

The plant uses the old grease to feed digestion tanks, which produces methane and helps produce electricity. You can pick up a free container to dispose of the used grease. The recycling center is available 24/7. Small, one gallon containers are available to use.

To properly dispose of the used cooking oil remember:

  • Allow used cooking oil to cool before placing it in the container.
  • When full, take it to the recycling center & exchange for a new one.
  • Don’t pour it down the drain

The full story is available at this link.

On November 25, 2015 a story by Brianne Britziuson on titled ‘Where to recycle cooking oil in Jefferson County’ informed us of the following recycling program: “Jefferson County is reminding residents to never pour cooking oil or grease in the drain. The oil becomes a threat to the environment when the grease makes its way into the water system. Jefferson County continues to fight to keep grease out of the sewers, which can be a costly clean-up operation for the environmental services department. It costs about $100,000 to clean up the oil and cover penalties. 20 locations across the county take your cooking oil and provide containers to put the oil in. They don’t accept glass, fuel or motor oil. The article can be seen in its entirety here.

The Value of a Junk Car

The auto scrap market has recently endured a significant reduction in the value of a junk car. The materials which compose a vehicle, most notably steel, have plummeted. Those of us who junks cars are now forced to drastically limit the amount we offer for you to get cash for a car. The cost of the junk vehicle removal process is rapidly approaching the value of a junk car and makes those who junks cars consider other options until the market rebounds. We buy old vehicles 6 days a week throughout Willoughby, Lyndhurst and Highland Heights. Residents of Newburgh Heights, Macedonia and Lakewood are encouraged to call us for a junk car quote. As a long-standing car scrapping outfit serving Wickliffe, Brecksville and Bainbridge, we provide excellent junk vehicle scrap services. Even if your car is broken down and currently located at a local transmission shop, Midas, Conrad’s or Firestone, we can pay you cash and tow it away. Those seeking to scrap an unwanted or damaged car in Walton Hills, Streetsboro, or Mentor, can reach us Monday-Saturday at (216) 359-1010.