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Old Junk Car Seat Recycling

To get cash for a car in the greater Cleveland area, we are a solid option when seeking junk car removal. It is quite simple to receive money for a junk car with us. The process begins by calling (216) 359-1010 for a junk car quote, which is essentially the price for a junk car with the tow included. We are proud to be a member of the auto scrap and recycling market in Northeast Ohio, since we strive for environmental sustainability and eco-conscious recycling efforts.

On April 22, 2016 an article titled ‘Expired car seats get recycled on Earth Day’ by Sarah Anderson on AZ Central told us the following: “With tools, over 60 volunteers took apart kid’s car seats Friday AM at a fire station in Phoenix. According to Boyd Tong, some of the seats that won’t come apart easily will be taken home to work on it with additional tools. Apparently, the key is that it gets the plastic and metal recycled.

Our Planet Neat, Recycle Your Car Seat project, by Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Safe Kids WW and a group called Western Refining. Angelica Baker is a child safety expert at PHX Children’s Hospital, says the goal is to keep children safe by using good car seats, and to prevent them from ending up in a landfill. All year, they collect these seats at the hospital. Annually, around Earth Day, they are collected, and volunteers sort them into pieces based on the type of material to be recycled.

Kid’s car seats have an expiration date and typically they are good for about (6) years. The plastic breaks down naturally over time. The recycling is setup sort of like an assembly line, with one group removing the seat covers and harnesses and such with a screwdriver. Next, the remainder is removed by those experienced with power tools. The program claims to have recycled over one-thousand car seats last year. The complete article is available here.

Where to get cash for a car

Those seeking junk car removal throughout the (216) and the (440) are in luck. We recently expanded our service area to scrap cars in Cuyahoga, Lorain and Geauga counties. To determine the price for a junk car that you can receive, simply call us or send the vehicle year, make and model through our website. Get money for a junk car today and know that you are benefitting the environment by preserving resources and diverting excess material from landfills.