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Old Vehicle Auction Story

Many of the junky can owners in North Randall, Solon, and Walton Hills need to locate a wrecked vehicle buyer. Vehicles needing repair in Streetsboro, Fairview Park, or Bentleyville Village, should seek out who buys crashed cars. We are often asked if we buy scrap cars in the areas of Mentor, Willoughby, and Lyndhurst. The people in Ohio City, Highland Heights, and Maple Heights know where to sell a junk car.

A recent article composed by Ayan Basu on Jalopnik explained the following: “Wholesale car auctions are where used car dealerships obtain much of their inventory, and it is a complex & stressful process. Old car lots don’t simply get their inventory from trade-ins–many buy vehicles through auctions. Cars were littered everywhere. Only 2% or so of the vehicle looked good. At many dealer auctions, the cars are clearly marked with mechanical issues it may have—oil leaks, transmission concerns or bad brakes. This auction is known as a “red light” auction. This means that cars are sold “as-is”.

The auction organizers keep the process going quickly so you have to make your decisions fast. There are so many vehicles to see; you have to be focused on which ones you care to bid on. The vehicles that appear to be in great shape aren’t always the best deals because they’re more expensive to purchase. The goal at an auction is to buy cars for the cheapest possible price and then sell them for as much as possible so that you can profit. This means you must look past all the minor defects; however, cleanliness and dings can be simply addressed.

Josh purchases a variety of autos that he knows he can fix up and sell easily. They are usually higher mileage ones since those tend to have the highest sale to purchase price ratio. As long as an auto isn’t a maintenance nightmare or on the verge of collapsing, it can be a moneymaker. Anything that will be too expensive to fix or take too much time in the shop wouldn’t be worth it to flip.  He also inspects for structural defects to make sure the auto isn’t glued together. Once the bidding process starts you have to instantly get your act together because it all takes place at lightning speed. As each auto is driven up, the auctioneer starts talking insanely fast and the auto is gone. Just like that. If that doesn’t work they keep lowering the price until someone finds it worth bidding on. Then as long as others are interested, the bid keeps going up until it doesn’t &the auto is sold. What’s more problematic than understanding what the auctioneer is articulating is figuring out who is actually bidding.

Unlike a traditional auction, no one is holding up a card or raising their hand. It’s usually something much more subtle like a head nod, a thumbs-up or a wink. Everyone has their own odd ways of bidding & there is some reason why it operates this way. You don’t want to reveal what you’re bidding on because it’s a competition & if you show too much interest, someone may outbid you. You are in an area full of sharks & everyone seeks to make as much money as they can. Sure, they may be willing to work with you to some extent, but this is a cutthroat, ruthless & unforgiving industry. Not everyone bought a vehicle–if the price isn’t right you shouldn’t buy. It’s critical to keep emotions suppressed & only look at the buys from a pure economic perspective.”  The complete story is available at this link.

Geauga County Wrecked Vehicle Buyer

Those in Middlefield, University Heights, or Warrensville Heights in desperate need of a wrecked vehicle buyer should call us. Junky vehicle owners throughout Richmond Heights, Pepper Pike, and Euclid can find those of us who buys crashed cars. When we buy scrap cars throughout Garfield Heights, Eastlake, and Twinsburg—the prices tend to fluctuate. When determining where to sell a junk car in the regions of Lakewood, Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights—we are the solution.