Pre-Owned Vehicle Schemes

Pre-Owned Vehicle Schemes

Are you wondering how to scrap my car for cash, or who buys crashed cars in your area? We are a wrecked vehicle buyer that can inform you of what is a junk car is worth right over the phone. Cash 4 Cars Cleveland has been a wrecked vehicle buyer who buys crashed cars for several years throughout Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake Counties. We are an environmentally conscious company that will address how to scrap my car for cash related questions. Our scrap vehicle buyer is on hand 6 days a week to explain what is a junk car worth—and facilitate fast scrap car removal services.

In the March 11, 2016 edition of an article was composed by Ellen Chang titled ‘Buying a Used Car Is Rife With Hazards’ that reminded us of the following: “Purchasing a used car involves more research nowadays, because criminals have become adept at tampering with titles, rolling back odometers and cloning VINs. Not only do consumers have to ensure that the vehicle was not involved in a flood or in an accident, but they also need to confirm it was not stolen and being resold. Following these steps can help you avoid apprehension about facing costly repairs and that the purchase is of a reliable and safe vehicle.

Very few consumers realize that once you purchase a used car, even from a large, reputable dealer, there is no going back. It is rare for a dealer to allow drivers to return a car. Chris Basso, a used car expert for Carfax, says it doesn’t hurt to ask about your options, but normally, once you buy the car—it is yours. Most used cars are purchased “as is”, and if the car has mechanical problems, those issues are yours. Jack Nerad, executive editorial director for Kelley Blue Book’s says the buyer might have some legal leverage if he or she can prove the seller knowingly misrepresented the car’s condition, but that is difficult to substantiate. Money-back guarantees are rare, but the exchange of one vehicle for another is common. Choosing where you purchase a car can make a large difference because not all dealers are honest about problems the vehicle may have. Take extra steps to make sure the vehicle is still in good shape. He also says drivers wind up becoming victims to scams like odometer fraud or VIN problems by not carefully considering whom they are buying it from. and other online shopping sites where vehicle history reports are available are great places to start, as is buying from dealers who have good reviews and a solid reputation. The number of cases of odometer rollbacks is rising since the fraud is not complicated to perpetrate & many consumers are unaware of it. Currently about 1.5M cars which have incorrect mileage and a minimum of 200,000 new cars are tampered with annually.

The highest number of fraud cases is in CA, followed by ID, NV, MA, NY, GA and Texas. Since 38M used cars were sold in 2015, there is a lot of opportunity for consumers to get ripped off. By artificially inflating the value of the car, consumers have to contend with making repairs sooner. Another common tactic among criminals is to steal a vehicle’s airbag and hide the theft from the unsuspecting driver or future used car seller. The full article is available here.

What is a junk car worth?

Those wondering how to scrap my car quickly should call the area’s best cash for cars provider. Our wrecked vehicle buyer who buys crashed cars will insure your old clunker is picked up fast! Auto scrap and recycling saves millions of barrels of oil each year that may normally lost in manufacturing new products. Junk auto recycling with Cash 4 Cars Cleveland also helps to reduce energy consumption and limits the usage of raw materials. Did you know that our practices have environmental benefits that a wide-ranging such as a reduction in air pollution and potential water pollution.