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Recycling Old Vehicle Oil

Recycling Old Vehicle Oil

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with another auto recycling related topic. C4C is where to scrap a car in Mentor, Lakewood and Seven Hills. We include free damaged car removal in the price quote for a junk car. Are you asking yourself where to scrap a car in Mentor, Parma or Independence? To take the 1st step in vehicle scrap you simply need to contact our junk vehicle buyer for a quote for a junk car. If you wish to proceed, the next step is to schedule the time for damaged car removal. Our story today was inspired by a September 24, 2015 article on motherearthnews.com titled ‘How to Recycle Your Used Motor Oil’ authored by Sommer Poquette with the following details: “The very first thing my dad taught me when I got a new car was how to change my own oil. It’s a great skill to have, but his lesson skipped a step: how to recycle used motor oil. Until recently, I had no idea that motor oil could be recycled. I also didn’t realize that motor oil never goes bad—it just gets dirty. Used oil can be refined into base stock for lubricating oil, and it can be recycled over & over again. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that over 200M gallons of motor oil are improperly disposed of.

The used oil from just one oil change can contaminate 1M gallons of fresh water—a year’s supply for 50 people. It is easier to recycle your oil than you may think and there are environmental benefits that you’ll want to consider.

The Benefits of Recycling Motor Oil

  • Prevents polluting our ground water supply and soil.
  • Saves energy because it takes less energy to recycle used oil than to make new.
  • Reprocessed oil can be used in furnaces or power plants to generate heat & electricity.

How to Recycle Used Motor Oil

  • If changing your own oil, pour used oil into an empty container—this reuses the new oil bottles just emptied.
  • Check online or call 1-800-CLEANUP for local drop-off centers.
  • Ask your local auto store if they accept used oil.
  • If you stop in for a professional oil change, inquire about their process of disposing and recycling”

To view the complete article, visit this link.

At Cash 4 Cars Cleveland we insure that after handling vehicle removal (damaged car removal) that the fluids within the vehicle are all recycled in a manner that protects the environment. This should be a consideration when deciding where to scrap a car. Regardless of whether you scrap a car in Mentor, Brecksville, or Brook Park, the quote for a junk car includes free towing. Those that contact us before 1PM during the week or before Noon on Saturday can usually receive same-day “cash for cars” service. We are always able to schedule a pick up for the following day and those who work during the week will benefit from our Saturday availability.