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Scrap Car Recycling, BMW

Scrap Car Recycling, BMW

So our next auto junk posting is underway. Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is a local “where to scrap my car” outfit that allows you to sell an old car for vehicle scrap and receive cash. Regardless of who buys old cars in your area, they are all feeling the effects of the significant drop in the value of a scrap car. The value of a scrap car is greatly influenced by the auto junk the makes up its composition. As a firm who buys old cars, we have experienced the reduction in the price of scrap steel over the last year. Our next topic outlines how the auto manufacturer BMW recycles their auto products. On October 27, 2015 there was an article posted on written by Horatiu Boeriu titled ‘How does BMW recycle cars’ which discussed the following: “The BMW Group Recycling & Dismantling Center (RDC) in Germany first opened in 1994. Research is conducted into the compatible & efficient recycling of BMW’s. Although officially the RDC is a recycling firm, it primarily recycles their trial vehicles.

Using cutting edge technology, almost 90% of the vehicle is recycled and the reused when its life-cycle ends. Prototypes, pre-production cars, and cars used in marketing campaigns, are all arranged in a graveyard waiting to be transformed into scrap. First, the car is drained of fluids (oil, transmission fluid etc…). Airbags & belt tensioners are deactivated, and the battery and components are safely neutralized. Over time, BMW has been researching ways to improve this process, such as in oil removal from shock absorbers. Group experts worked with partners to develop a device for the quick and safe removal of oil. The fluids & some car components go to waste disposal, while the undamaged can be used as spares (e.g. panels, wheels, tires or radios). Metals like platinum are recycled. Engines are reconditioned and the body of the car is transformed into a cube by the crusher.  This cube is shredded into pieces and sorted, with the purpose of separating from plastics by using magnets or screening. This is done in order to reuse these as raw material.  It is certainly not an easy process. This process has become so important that they are exploring possibilities to dispose the materials in the best and most efficient way.

At the same time, BMW takes into account a “design for recycling” approach – for example, laying out vehicle components in such a way that fluids like oil, fuel or coolants can be removed quickly and easily at the end of the car’s lifecycle.” The complete article and a video can be viewed at this link.

Where to scrap my car

This interesting process outlines how auto junk is transformed into materials used in new vehicle production. The value of a scrap car to someone who buys old cars can certainly fluctuate based on a variety of factors. Some of the factors that influences the price are commodity scrap pricing, the costs associated with physically obtaining the car and the age of the particular model. Are you wondering where to scrap my car in Cuyahoga Heights, Oakwood Village or Glenwillow? We are a service provider who buys old cars 6 days a week throughout Tremont, Macedonia, and Bratenahl. Those seeking where to scrap my car services in Beachwood, Bedford and Bentleyville Village can contact our junk vehicle buyer at (216) 359-1010. If your car is broken down at a repair shop such as Midas, Monro, Firestone or Conrad’s in the areas of Maple Heights, University Heights or Warrensville Heights, we can be out to pick it up. Same day scrap vehicle removal is available in Streetsboro, Mentor and Willoughby as long as you can before 1PM during the week and 12PM on Saturday.