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Scrap Car Tire Disposal

Cash 4 Cars in Cleveland is back with continuing news from the realm of auto junk and recycling. We are experienced car buyers that will buy scrap cars with complimentary damaged car removal services included. The eco-friendly in which we handle scrap recycling helps in the conservation of key raw materials & protects various habitats. Speaking of caring for habitats, someone in Michigan is dumping scrap and junk auto tires by the truckload in the next story.

Jenna Sachs posted a report on Fox 6 Now on May 1, 2106 titled ‘Restaurant must pay for cleanup of 100’s of tires dumped near Lake MI’ informed us of the following: “Illegal dumping in the Kenosha County regions is occuring near the lakeshore. Neighbors think that someone is trying to make a fast buck, and now they are stuck to handle the cleanup. Neighbors at first said it looked like a group of whales swimming in the Lake Michigan water. It was really many tires floating out on the water surface. Kara Wunderle of the Hob Nob says it is very frustrating.

At The HobNob restaurant guests 1st noticed a pile behind the supper club in March. Tires were seen floating down in the water area. So after–it happened again with approximately 150 tires dumped near the site. It seems that somebody drove into the restaurant parking lot & rolled the tires down the hill toward the lake. The restaurant officials will be paying for the cleanup; they say they will haul them to a recycling facility. 

Many of the tires have washed ashore onto properties. Neighbors think that a person responsible for this dumping collected money to recycle tires, and then dropped them into the Lake Michigan instead. The restaurant didn’t have security cameras then — but there are now. HobNob officials were told there have been similar dumping grounds discovered in the area.” The complete article is available here.

Why do these people go to such lengths to save a few bucks on environmental disposal fees? They can simply recycle their auto junk like that rest of society. When we buy scrap cars, trucks and van in the greater Cleveland area, rest assured that the bulk of the material involved is handled in an environmentally sound manner. As long-established car buyers in the counties of Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga, we strive for the best outcomes. Keep in mind that our cash for junk car program does include free damaged car removal.