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Scrap Car Tire Dump

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On March 23, 2016 an article headlined ‘DEP cites illegal tire dump in Pennsylvania county’ was posted on Recycling Today with the following information: “The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and the municipality of Penn Hills, PA, cited Monster & Mom and Bobo’s Car Wash LLC, for illegally housing an estimated 50K junk car tires. Penn Hills PD discovered the dump, which is next to a daycare center. The operators of the dump solicited them from throughout the area. Penn Hills PD filed summary criminal charges against the owners of Monster & Mom in the Penn Hills DOJ. In a hearing the district justice found Monster & Mom guilty and levied a fine.

In addition to the Penn Hills PD court action, the DEP issued an order requiring immediate cleanup of the site and the proper recycling and disposal of them all. An investigation into other incidents of illegal tire dumping there continues. PA law requires a waste aggregation & storage facility to obtain a permit from the DEP. The records showed that Monster & Mom doesn’t have a permit to store, collect, process or dispose of them. Monster & Mom has a Waste Tire Hauling Authorization, which authorizes only the transport of end-of-live tires.

Recently, local officials have noted an increase in the number of illegal dumps in Pittsburgh and the southwest region. The dumps are potential fire hazards, scar the land and provide a breeding environment for mosquitos during the warmer months. Sources of end-of-life tires, like gas stations and tire retailers, have a responsibility of consigning their tires to permitted haulers & disposal facilities. These sites also must keep records documenting the proper handling of all such scrap. DEP regulations require that all tires should be sent for recycling or recovery. Further notes of the agency’s waste tire program can be found here.” The complete article is available at this link.

What is a junk car worth?

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