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Scrap Recycling Machine

Scrap Recycling Machine

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with our auto scrap and recycling news. C4C is known as a place where to scrap my car in Northeast Ohio. Recently the value of a scrap car has significantly dropped in response to plummeting steel prices within the global economy. What this means is that you with encounter the reduction in prices with all of those who scraps cars in the US. As we look forward to 2016, we anticipate a slight rebound in the value of a scrap car. Among those of us who scraps cars, excess inventory needs to be cycled through and the significant reduction in new steel production (underway for several months now) will reduce overall supply. Aarian Marshall composed an article titled ‘This New Printer Is Also an In-Office Recycling System’ in the December 9, 2015 edition of GOOD with the following details: “Epson’s new printer is the PaperLab papermaking system. It takes documents, shreds them, and produces new sheets of paper. It’s a full-cycle recycling system.

Epson says the printer is able to produce paper of various sizes & weights and the process works without water. The new printer cuts down on water use and carbon emissions normally used during the transportation of the recycling process. The process breaks documents down into paper fibers; the system completely destroys sensitive documents. This technology could be helpful for highly sensitive businesses that use volumes of paper—such as law firms or government works. The firm has yet to release a price for the system. (Rumors are at around $80,000 for the machine). This is an exciting development for eco-friendly firms with some capital on hand. The complete article is available at this link.

I can certainly appreciate this product, but wonder if perhaps this product would be much more successful 25 years ago. In the US it seems we have been transitioning away from printed copy, instead converting to electronic formats such as PDF files whenever possible. Are there still that many businesses printing several thousand sheets per day? Also, what’s the big deal if the machine uses water or not? How much water could the machine use?

Where to scrap my car

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