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Scrap Prices Relating to Auto Steel

Paying cash for cars in any condition in Bentleyville Village, Mentor, and Willoughby–if you have the title we have the cash. All those procrastinators with junky cars sitting should convert them to auto scrap in Middlefield, University Heights, or Richmond Heights.  Those with junky cars in the regions of the Pepper Pike, Euclid, or Garfield Heights should contact the office for a price for scrap cars.  It is quick and easy—you simply need the title in your name to sell a car to a scrap vehicle buyer in Chesterland, Seven Hills, & Northfield.

A recent Market Realist story provided the following update: “The process of making steel is obviously dependent on the raw material pricing. U.S scrap steel prices are also driven by a host of additional factors. Nucor is a steel company that has been around since the early 1900’s. The Chief Executive is John Ferriola explained recently that scrap prices have trended downward. Iron ore has impacted the steel prices. Over the longer term periods the changes in raw materials that are considered to be alternatives play a role on the marketplace.

Turkey is many mills which purchase scrap product from the United States. Industry analysts say that if demand is reduced in Turkey, it will have a negative effect on pricing. Declines in scrap pricing do have an impact on overall U.S. pricing.  It appears that the initially boost that many markets enjoyed during the beginning of the new federal administration post-election will continue to recede. It is yet to be determined how this administration will approach the importation of foreign steel.” The full article is available here.

Cleveland Cash for Cars

Our auto scrap and recycling processes help to alleviate global warming and its environmental effects. Cash for cars is available to provide you pricing over the phone, via email or text in Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights, or Collinwood. Why put it off further when we are buying auto scrap 6 days a week throughout Middleburg Heights, Glenwillow, and Parma. When your vehicle is ready to retire in Cuyahoga Heights, Oakwood Village, & North Olmsted–call us for a price for scrap cars. Our scrap vehicle buyer will provide you money for a junk car and even pick it up for you in Eastlake, Twinsburg, & Lakewood, OH.

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Automobile Sales News

The primary objective in auto recycling of junk cars is to profitable serve the industry while benefiting the environment in the towns of Warrensville Heights, Richmond Heights, and Pepper Pike. Those in need of cash for cars in Euclid, Garfield Heights, and Eastlake, should know that we are boasting over a 90% rate of recycling for vehicles. Our damaged car removal program is increasing in popularity in Twinsburg, Lakewood, and Linndale Village, as a result of fast pickup in the majority of cases. Our salvage car buyer is awaiting your call for a price in the Newburgh Heights and Collinwood areas. Complimentary junk vehicle removal and hauling is always included in our program.

A recent Yahoo Finance article by Mayank Marwah informed us as follows: “The U.S. auto industry showed a slight decline for the month of August, ending the month on a gloomy note. This was long expected as consumer demand has begun to drop. General Motors (GM), Ford (NYSE:F) and Toyota (TM) – the top (3) automakers – posted declines of at least 5%. This additionally reduces the prospects of corresponding this year’s auto sales with the record from last year’s sales. Almost all automakers missed budgetary estimates as the lengthy six years’ growth for the business appeared to have slowed in August. According to Autodata Corp., overall industry sales plunged 4.2% to 1.51M cars.

While automakers like GM, Ford and their Japanese rivals struggled to post gains, Chrysler did to register some gains though it missed their estimates as well. The seasonally modified annual sales for August came in at 16.98M. This remains less than in July when it was 17.88M vehicles. GM registered a decline of 5% year over year to over 250,000 vehicles. Sales of the company’s best seller Chevrolet Silverado fell 5% versus August 2015. Brands like Buick, Chevrolet and GMC failed to impress also; rental fleet numbers also dropped 34% year over year. On the contrary, Cadillac has a spike of sales around 4%. Ford also exhibited a decline in its August sales, down 8% to 214,482 units sold from the same timeframe last year. Lincoln has sales up 7% on the back of the all new MKX SUV. Ford brand sales, unfortunately, fell 9%, as their fleet sales dropped 10%. Deliveries of both F-Series pickup trucks and the Explorer SUV were down. Nevertheless, retail sales for these trucks sustained for the most part.

Chrysler was the only one of the U.S. automakers to post much activity, up 3% year over year; despite the company’s bad analyst estimates of a 5% gain. Chrysler brand sales sunk 22% while Fiat sales were down 21%. Ram, Jeep and Dodge sales were strong again. Retail sales amounted to 150,153 units in the month whereas fleet sales were 46,603 units.

Nissan (NSANY) was another manufacturer that struggled to reach any gains in August as sales dropped 6.5%. Deliveries for both Nissan and Infiniti line brands were shaky. However, crossovers, SUVs and pickups showed record sales for August, up 19% compared with a year ago. Honda (HMC) sales dipped 3.8%, taking analysts by surprise; who thought a drop of 1%. Honda’s brands sustained a drop of 10%, and Acura sales are down 7%. August sales repeat the shifting momentum from sedans and hatchbacks to SUVs & trucks. The major needs for these automakers include how to figure out a way to overcome these challenges. Declining sales may trigger automakers to cut production or offer greater incentives to jump-start volumes, but this will limit their top and bottom lines. It will be concerning to see how sales chart continues over the next few months. The full article is available at this link.

Receive cash for cars in Cuyahoga County

Proper auto recycling of junk cars is important to protect the environment in Middleburg Heights, Glenwillow, and Parma. Damaged car removal is the perfect solution for the backyard mechanic in Beachwood, Bedford Heights, or Tremont, who never seems to do any work. Those acting as a salvage car buyer are responsible for protecting the environment amid their recycling and disposal process in Bratenahl, Mantua, and Moreland Hills. Residents of Chagrin Falls, Mayfield Heights, and Lake County are encouraged to contact us for junk car pricing today, with the junk vehicle removal service included.

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Auto Production in Mexico

We are the greater Cleveland area’s premier home for cash for cars. Are you seeking a location to obtain cash for wrecked cars? The requirements to get cash for a car include that the listed owner be present with a clean title. Those residents near Cuyahoga County seeking junk my car buyer services are encouraged to contact us. Are you wondering what the price quote for a junk car would be? Auto recycling with Cash 4 Cars Cleveland helps reduce significant energy usage and unnecessary consumption of key raw materials. Our solid program has environmental benefits such as a reduction in air pollution & potential water pollution.

Alisa Priddle and Brent Snavely on USA Today outlined these details: “The auto industry is looking south for new factories–much further south. Canada is struggling when it comes to retention of many auto jobs, while the US is also divided with the majority of the new auto investments & jobs heading to Mexico. The (3) countries are a united trading block under NAFTA, but are also fierce rivals where auto executives decide where to invest in the latest equipment and jobs. Of the vehicles built in N. America last year, Mexico produced about 20%, or twice the rate from 2004. WardsAuto, which tracks suc data, expects the % to increase to 25% by 2020. Dennis DesRosiers, president of DesRosiers Automotive says Mexico is winning the battle with over ½ the capacity and investment dollars going there.” The complete article is available at this link.

John Irwin recently posted an article titled ‘UAW chief blasts Detroit 3 for shifting output to Mexico’ with the following information: “Dennis Williams, the UAW President criticized auto manufacturers for moving vehicle production to Mexico. He denounced the notion that the unions negotiated such moves last year in return for the end of tiered wages for workers & investments in U.S. plants.

Williams, spoke with reporters at a media roundtable saying that automakers are taking the easy way by shifting car production to lower-wage countries. A Mexico-based company called Detroit 3 investments says this move should raise eyebrows since it is not a country that’s purchasing a lot of vehicles. The Detroit 3 have come under fire from the UAW, as well as GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, for shifting vehicle production to Mexico while opting to produce more profitable models in the U.S. Ford is the latest auto manufacturer to invest in Mexico, saying last month that it will spend $1.6B for a new vehicle assembly plant near Mexico City.” The full story is available here.

Where to get cash for wrecked cars

Our cash for cars program insures your car is picked up quickly. You can get cash for a car regardless of condition and towing of your junk vehicle is always included. We are a local, dedicated ‘junk my car’ service provider that will give you a price right over the phone by calling (216) 359-1010. Contact our junk car buyer today for a quote for a junk car if you have one broken down, or just sitting around taking up space. Our organization has an eco-friendly recycling program that provides benefits since it generates less pollution.

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Auto Battery Scrap Recycling

Auto Battery Scrap Recycling

Here at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland we support recycling of automobiles and their components. When we pay cash for cars we seek to ensure that vehicles are processed in a manner that is friendly to the environment. This should be a factor in your decision when seeking a junk car hauler and shopping scrap yards that buy cars. One issue of concern is what happens to old, scrap car batteries? Proper disposal of components from scrap cars and junk vehicles is critical in protecting the environment and ultimately to our health. On March 21, 2015 an LA Times article by Tony Barboza titled ‘Exide faces a long, costly cleanup of closed Vernon plant’ discussed the following: “Federal prosecutors struck a deal with Exide Technologies to close its battery recycling plant in Vernon & avoid criminal charges; the beginning of a long and costly cleanup. The plant leaves behind decades’ worth of pollution & hazardous waste, along with questions about how the mess will be taken care of. Exide’s March 11 agreement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office requires it to spend at least $50 million to demolish & clean the 15-acre facility that had melted down lead from used car batteries. Officials estimate it will take about 2 years for the company to remove buildings & structures. It will take at least 2 more years to study the extent of contamination at the Vernon site and clean it. Exide is required to put most of the cleanup money into trust funds in a series of payments over the next 5 years. The company has paid about $16 million so far. In April 2014 the LA County Dept of Public Health began a program to test for lead in the blood of residents who live near the plant. The testing, funded by Exide, is available to more than 100,000 people who live & work within about a two-mile radius of Exide.” The complete story is available at the following link: http://www.latimes.com/science/la-me-exide-cleanup-20150321-story.html

The Exide plant is in Vernon, a city of only 100 residents, which is primarily an industrial area, situated a few miles south of Downtown LA. The plant is located about a block north of the Los Angeles River. The severity of the plant’s pollution as it relates to human health does not appear to have been fully measured. Either way, it seems that the company will be held accountable for the cleanup.

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland pays cash for cars in NE Ohio. We offer junk car hauler services in North Randall, Macedonia, Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga Heights and Highland Heights. We are among the scrap yards that buy cars in Richmond Heights, Streetsboro, Mentor, Willoughby, Berea, Middleburg Heights, Geauga County and most of Lorain County. To receive cash for cars in Euclid, Garfield Heights or Eastlake, feel free to call us for a junk car quote at (216) 359-1010. We have recently expanded our service area to allow for people outside of Cuyahoga County to sell their junk cars to us for cash. Are you looking for a junk car hauler in Parma Heights, Lakewood, Linndale Village or Newburgh Heights?  If seeking scrap yards that buy cars in Seven Hills, Beachwood or Bedford—we are the one to contact. Free towing is included in all our quotes to buy junk cars in Bentleyville Village, Tremont, Bratenahl and Chagrin Falls. Same-day removal of old cars is available in Mayfield Heights, South Euclid and Cleveland Heights if you contact us before 2PM. Do you live in Wickliffe, Brecksville, Bainbridge or East Cleveland and want to get cash for cars? The required documents for us to provide junk car hauler services in Chesterland, Moreland Hills, University Heights, Maple Heights and Warrensville Heights are the vehicle title and a photo ID.

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Scrap Vehicle Mileage

Scrap Vehicle Mileage

When paying cash for cars or buying a used vehicle, the mileage is an indicator of the value of the car and expectations on its remaining life span. We are a buy my junk car company; therefore, since we are scrapping cars, our junk car quote doesn’t fluctuate based on mileage. When buying a used car that you plan to use, the mileage can be a key factor.  An issue that the Ohio BMV takes very seriously is Odometer Tampering. Sellers of cars know that with less mileage, the vehicle has more sale value and thus unscrupulous individuals could try to decrease or halt the true mileage of the car. The Ohio BMV defines Odometer Tampering as follows: “Resetting, disconnecting or altering a vehicle’s odometer to conceal the true mileage.  No person shall adjust, alter, change, tamper with, advance, set back, disconnect or fail to connect an odometer of a motor vehicle, or cause any of these to occur with the intent to alter the number of miles registered on the odometer.  It is illegal for anyone to engage in odometer tampering or sell a vehicle knowing the odometer has been altered without informing the purchaser.” The penalties for violating this law are as follows: “A 1st offense is a 4th degree felony, which carries a penalty of 6 to 18 months in jail and up to a $5,000 fine. A 2nd offense is a 3rd degree felony, which carries a penalty of 1 to 5 years in jail and up to a $10,000 fine.” One important and common tactic involves taking the car into another state to sell to avoid an adequate paper trail of the vehicle’s true mileage. The OH BMV recommends “if the vehicle was previously titled out of state, seriously consider checking further with the issuing state before purchasing the vehicle.” For the complete overview of this topic visit the following link: http://www.bmv.ohio.gov/odometer_tampering.stm

Ms. Keli Rabon with RBC 6 in Indianapolis posted an article in November 2014 that revealed this information: “Bill McKinney found a 2003 Honda CRV on Craigslist, a car he thought would be perfect for his 16-year-old daughter. After taking it for a test drive he purchased the car for $6,000. But the excitement of buying a car for his daughter came to an end on the ride home. The odometer jumped from 77,000 miles to 177,000 miles. McKinney filed a report with Lakewood PD and kept investigating. Robinson originally purchased the car and the odometer read 230,000 miles, but when McKinney bought it just 1 day later the odometer read 77,000 miles. The CALL7 Investigators found odometer fraud is common. Based on the cars registered in Colorado, a 2013 CARFAX report ranks Colorado in the top 10 states for rollbacks.” To see her complete story visit this link: http://www.theindychannel.com/news/used-car-buyers-beware-odometers-can-be-quickly-rolled-back-and-prices-marked-up11032014

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland offers a quick junk car quote for scrapping cars throughout Cuyahoga County. If looking for someone to buy my junk car and receive same-day cash for cars, contact us today. If needing buy my junk car buyers in Garfield Heights, Eastlake, Parma Heights or Euclid should call our cash for cars buyer at (216) 359-1010 for a junk car quote. We are actively scrapping cars in the area of Lakewood, Linndale Village, Newburgh Heights, Parma, Seven Hills, Beachwood, as well as in Bedford, OH. An experienced cash for cars outlet in the business of scrapping cars, we provide free towing in the cities of Bedford Heights, Bentleyville Village, Bratenahl, Chagrin Falls and Mayfield Heights. Residents with a broken down car at a repair shop in East Cleveland, Maple Heights or Warrensville Heights, should call for a junk car quote and fast buy my junk car removal services. We purchase wrecked vehicles and non-running cars throughout Glenwillow, Aurora, Collinwood, and Sagamore Hills, as we pay cash for cars in the (216) and (440) area codes. For scrapping cars in Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights, Chesterland, Moreland Hills or University Heights simply visit us at http://www.cash4carscleveland.com. If you have a vehicle in Macedonia, Lyndhurst, Cuyahoga Heights, Highland Heights or Richmond Heights that’s not worth fixing, grab the title & give us a call