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How Trump Allows U.S. Auto Manufacturers to be Freed of Regulations

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A January 24th story in the Washington Post by Steven Overly explains Trump’s auto industry outlook: “President Trump told largest automakers he will curtail “unnecessary” environmental regulations. He wants to make it simpler to build U.S. plants; changes that he expects will shore up the manufacturing jobs, Trump met with executives of GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler just days into his term. He pressured them to build more vehicles in the US & hire more Americans. Economics favor erecting plants and hiring workers in Mexico, where labor is less costly and there are less trade barriers. Dziczek says the big automakers make investments knowing they will outlive any president, regardless of what policies or regulations are put in place. Trump told the executives that environmental regulations are “out of control” and his administration will focus on “real regulations that mean something” while eliminating those detrimental to business.  The industry said the stringent fuel economy standards increases the cost of making cars, which are then be passed on to buyers or paid for with job cuts. Those restrictions were introduced after the Obama administration rescued GM and Chrysler during the financial crisis.  Safe Climate Director Daniel Becker said job creation doesn’t need to come at the expense of regulations that are positive for the environment. The fuel economy standards, help save consumers money at the pump and reduce dependence on oil.  Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a largely symbolic move since the deal was unlikely to pass Congress, was a sign of his desire to implement policies that improve competitiveness and create a boost in U.S. manufacturing.”

He separately criticized Ford, GM and Toyota for plans to build certain cars in Mexico and then sell them in the US. Trump threatened auto companies that build abroad with a 35 % tariff on goods imported for sale. Trump has praised automakers who pledged to invest in the US. This month alone, Ford, Fiat Chrysler, GM, Toyota & Hyundai pledged to spend billions in next several years on U.S. factories, expanded production & hiring.  The president intends to eliminate a majority of regulations and “massively” cut corporate taxes, but that in return those companies must keep production domestic and preserve American jobs. The CEOs were told to devise a “series of actions” that will boost U.S.

A February 1, 2017 article by Elizabeth Shogren in High Country News went further on discussing the topic: “President Trump this week assaulted many government regulations. He mandated that two existing regulations be eliminated for every new regulation issued; he feels costs of any new rule be offset by savings from the regulations that are repealed. These rules are mostly mandated by Congress, intended to safeguard resources like air, water and land. Many argue that regulations have gone too far, and prevent businesses from thriving. Trump’s executive order looks only at costs. It requires that in 2017, the total cost of regulations be “no greater than zero.” Environmental regulations have a large price. A 2011 study by found that many rules issued over ten years by the EPA cost over $20B. But these same EPA rules supposedly had benefits that exceeded the costs by at least three times.” The full story is available here.

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