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Vehicle Related Conspiracy

Vehicle Related Conspiracy

Here at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland, we buy any car that is complete. Are you wondering who buys junk cars in the greater Cleveland, OH area? We buy used cars for scrap, thus allowing you to junk your car for cash. We are among several providers who buys junk cars in the area. Those of us who buy used cars for scrap are experiencing a drop in market scrap prices, which you will encounter if going to sell a car for scrap. The requirements to junk your car for cash are that you possess the title and valid ID; this restriction applies when we buy any car.

In the Feb 1, 2016 edition of Sheepsheadbites.com an article by Alex Ellefson titled ‘Ringleader of Largest No-Fault Auto Insurance Scam Gets 15 Years” with the following information: “One of those responsible for the largest no-fault auto insurance fraud ever recorded was sentenced to 15 years in prison, according to the U.S. Attorney. Mikhail Zemlyansky, ran a criminal conspiracy cheating auto insurers out of millions of dollars. He also engaged in investment frauds that stole from approximately 300 victims, totaling over $17M. Zemlyansky was ordered to pay fines and restitution of over $29M.

Zemlyansky operated a criminal enterprise that preyed on innocent victims. His partner, Michael Danilovich, was also convicted recently. This network was uncovered in 2012 and has led to the convictions of 36 people. A local doctor, Tatyana Gabinskaya, was alleged to receive kickbacks for her to perform non-medically necessary to defraud insurers. In 2013, Zemlyansky’s had a mistrial in this case. Zemlyansky’s lawyer told the judge that prosecutors were out for revenge. Zemlyansky, known by a nickname of Russian Mike at high-stakes poker games he held, is believed to have run an insurance scam in NY State. The state law requires that all vehicles to have ‘no-fault auto coverage’, which provides up to $50K to those injured in a crash, regardless of fault. They recruiting people involved in car accidents & funneled them through medical facilities owned by Zemlyansky & Danilovich, where they were given unnecessarily treated. Zemlyansky’s investment fraud schemes involved workers who were cold-calling victims and asking them to invest in lawsuits in exchange for pending settlements. Apparently there wasn’t an investment fund at all and the money was laundered to companies in Europe.” The full article in its entirety is available at this link.

Shawn Selby composed a report titled ‘Insurance fraudster gets 15-years’, which also shed light on the conviction as follows: “The judge said Zemlyansky spent millions from investors’ on vacations, fancy cars & watches. Judge Oetken called his actions deliberate and premeditated as he carried out frauds. The defense attorney had asked that his client be sentenced to 5 years in prison, saying more would be excessive.” The complete article can be read here.

Sell a car for scrap

Here at Cash 4 Cars Cleveland we buy any car that is complete and insure it is recycled in accordance with the best environmental practices in mind. Those of us who buys junk cars often are viewed as not being eco-friendly; however, we take being a green organization very seriously. When you sell a car for scrap or junk your car for cash, the process of reusing and repurposing of its components begins. We buy used cars for scrap that are wrecked, damaged and unwanted 6 days a week.

We are a scrap car buyer serving the counties of Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga. If you are searching for a ‘buy my junk car’ place – we are available! On our cash for cars website you can receive a fast quote for a junk car. After business hours you can contact us via email or text to obtain a junk car quote price. As seasoned veterans in damaged vehicle removal, we will get your car picked up quickly. Is your old clunker making you look like the Beverly Hillbillies of your neighborhood? Call our scrap vehicle hauler today! Complimentary junk vehicle removal is included with our vehicle scrapping program. Why would you consider anyplace else for junk my car services?