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Vehicle Rental Problems

The auto scrap business rolls on this summer paying cash for scrap cars. Our buyer of junk vehicles wants you to pick up the phone and call us for a junk car quote. We promptly send out a junk car hauler to remove the vehicle. Most people that buy junk cars are experienced prices that are much lower than usual in 2016. Many people do not know that our auto recycling processes help to alleviate problems associated with global warming and its environmental effects.

A recent article by Christopher Elliott on the Chicago Tribune site titled ‘How to avoid rental car rip-offs’ informed us of the following: “When you rent a car, there is the low rate you’re quoted when you’re shopping, then a final and more expensive rate after all taxes & fees are added. When Brian Scios rented a car from Hertz in Fort Lauderdale, FL, he thought his rate would be $150, but after his plane arrived late, the company raised the price to $550. He argued with a representative, showing his confirmation printout. Since it was late, he just paid it and figured he’d fight it later. This is all too common in these businesses, and is now a full-fledged problem in the car-rental industry. The rental rate for a Chevrolet Spark (or similar) is $106 per day, but after all taxes & fees are added, it moves to $140.

A 2015 survey by Canstar Blue found almost 60% of renters are confronted with extra charges when they return a vehicle. ¼ of those surveyed disputed the cost, according to the research. The car-rental business, like the airlines, upsells customers and hits them with additional fees, such as charges for “damage” to the vehicle or find a way to charge more. Carefully review the fine print & recognize the hidden documentation to ensure that you pay exactly what you had expected. Hertz spokeswoman Lauren Luster says the company records showed (2) reservations under Scios’s name, which caused confusion.  After he contacted the company, Hertz adjusted his rate by applying the original rate to the reservation, which generated a refund to him. Scios claims he made only (1) reservation.

Sorab Bhardwaj of New Jersey returned a Hertz car and thought everything was settled. He discovered a charge on his credit card from PlatePass, for a toll on the NJ Turnpike. After some haggling, Hertz offered him a certificate for a future rental if he agreed to pay the $11 charge from PlatePass. You don’t have to be a travel guru to determine what’s happening. Customers seek low car-rental prices, and these companies need to make additional money. They quote a low rate and then increase the price, by adding taxes & other fees, then offering insurance & other extras and finally hitting you with fees & surcharges” The full article is available here.

Who are the people that buy junk cars?

What does a buyer of scrap vehicles do with all that auto scrap? Our goal is to properly recycle and reuse as much material is possible. We pay cash for scrap cars and then send out a junk car hauler to retrieve the car, truck or SUV.

As a recycler in the greater Cleveland area with a firm commitment to environmentally based issues, we try to reduce global warming & many other environmental problems. The protection of our local environment is a key component in our program goals and serves as an effective way to reduce dependence on landfills.