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Vehicles Having a Stick-Shift Seem to Have Been Scrapped

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According to Popular Mechanics, a mere four percent of new automobiles are “stick-shifter” (manual). The decline has continued for years and many people under 40 have probably not ever driven one, unless you work as a valet parking attendant. Learning to change gears without stalling out the car will take a short period time and each car’s system is slightly different. First-time users should remember to keep your foot on the brake when stopping on a hill!

What are some of the benefits from a stick shift? Typically the maintenance requirements are simpler and there are fewer components; therefore, less items that could go wrong. A clutch may go bad after 100,000 miles required replacement. The fluid or oil used for lubrication is fairly stable and does not need changed as regularly as an automatic. Traditionally, when comparing both versions of the same vehicle, the stick shift one will get better gas mileage. Those who prefer stick believe they maintain better control of the vehicle and the cost tends to be lower. Smaller sports car type coupes usually still have a manual offering.

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