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Wrecked Car Scheme

We are a local auto buyer and truck buyer that is on-hand and ready to assist. When we buy used cars for scrap, the vehicles are re-classified as end-of-life vehicles. Even if your car is wrecked or totaled, we can buy it & process the damaged vehicle removal. Don’t leave that old car, truck or van sitting around—get money for junk car scrap!

A recent post on Used Cars News titled ‘Dealer Pays for Selling Wrecked Cars’ reported the following:  “An AZ used-car dealership is ordered to pay $125K in fines and fees after re-selling previously wrecked cars that had been classified as a total loss without proper disclosures.  Eivan Shahara of Discount Auto, admitted to violating The Arizona Consumer Fraud Act and agreed to pay the state imposed amount. Those who have purchased a previously wrecked vehicle from Discount Auto may be eligible for a restitution payment if they properly file a complaint with the AZ Attorney General’s Office. The AZ AG office began an investigation after receiving several complaints from customers about the condition of the vehicles sold. This investigation program indicated that Discount Auto Sales failed to disclose to consumers about the accident, ownership and vehicle repair histories of vehicles sold.

From 2012 until 2014, DAS purchased many vehicles from out of state insurance companies at various wholesale auctions which dispose of such damaged & inoperable vehicles. Many of the vehicles DAS purchased at these auctions had been wrecked and/or declared totaled by their insurance carriers, but weren’t marketed as “salvaged” or “inoperable” due to loopholes within the laws.

After purchasing the vehicles, DAS would bring the vehicles to AZ, perform necessary repairs, and then offer the vehicles for sale without disclosing to the public about the vehicles’ rough histories. Instead, DAS told consumers that it was unaware of the accident or repair histories of the vehicles even though they had performed the repairs themselves.” The full article is available here.

We buy used cars for scrap

Our auto buyer is available by simply calling (216) 359-1010. Damaged vehicle removal is a complimentary service included in the junk car quote. Our processing of junk car scrap is done with a commitment to protecting the environment. The goal of protecting the environment with our vehicle scrap program is an effective way to reduce dependence on the expansion of landfills. To do what is best for the environment, our goal is to recycle, reuse or repurpose the majority of all material.