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New Junk Recycling Program

Cash 4 Cars Cleveland is back with our latest installment from the auto recycling industry. As you know, C4C is a quick means of how to sell a junk car and is among those who buys crashed cars. Are you wondering–what is a junk car worth? Our next topic discusses a new recycling initiative as follows: On April 19, 2016 a story on Business Wire titled ‘Offers Eco-Friendly Services Including Tech Recycling and Green Products to Help Businesses Become More Environmentally Responsible’ delivered the following news: “In efforts to help businesses become sustainable, Staples Business Advantage, the B2B division of Staples announced it is teaming up with Davies Office and the IRN to offer customers the capability to reuse & recycle office furnishings.

Davies Office is a top provider of quality remanufactured office furnishings, using older furniture assets and transforming them to look and perform just like brand new furniture, at a fraction of the new cost. Staples BIZ Advantage customers now can capitalize on product banking & exchange programs to source high quality remanufactured furniture instead of storing their old assets or sending them to a landfill.

Staples BIZ Advantage is also launching a new initiative with IRN to support businesses’ sustainability goals. IRN works with a variety of organizations including universities, schools, healthcare groups and governmental bodies to reuse surplus furniture. Now, Staples is offering services such as Tech Recycling, which can recycle old electronics. The program allows businesses to recycle computers, phones, keyboards, and more.

Staples BIZ Advantage also supports battery & lamp recycling programs and zero-waste initiative. With their new ink & toner recycling program, customers send in or have Staples pick up and dispose of all used ink and toner products.  The complete article is available here.

What is a junk car worth in Euclid?

To discover how to sell a junk car for fast cash, call the home of who buys crashed cars and other unwanted vehicles. Auto recycling naturally reduces the pollution often associated with the manufacturing process. Auto scrap recycling saves millions of oil barrels and other important resources that are normally squandered in the manufacturing of new components and products. As a proud advocate of the “green” movement, we take steps to insure your car becomes a positive resource.